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mttbowerman917 November 2010
This new series is a big improvement from the original two series! New villain for the new series, and new conflicts! One thing I have to say is he uses the same characters over and over again. With a new watch and main plot for things they stopped with the old characters and got new ones! The first episode had me excited for the series! With cliff hangers having to wait a week to find out the end! A conflict is always what this show starts and ends with, unlike the other two series. But this one is a huge improvement from the original two, which were also great shows.But overall great series!! Good Friday night show to watch and a good way to start the weekend! This is probably the most popular Cartoon Network show that's on TV. At the moment.
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Not bad
Bartunek16 November 2010
I was worried about the new season, but have so far seen nothing wrong with it. Not overly obsessed with romance, good mix of action and humor, a bit of drama here and there: the ultimate alien works. Sure, some may argue 'the physics in this show are illogical' blah blah blah. It's a cartoon, made to entice children into watching it. While the children do enjoy the fight scenes that occur often in the show, and no doubt the humor, as well, I believe the show also puts in 'moralistic' type lessons in, as well, to teach the children in the show the difference from right and wrong. Though, thankfully, it's more about the fighting then the learning.

Overall, I am still enjoying the show and would encourage anyone, who wants to simply enjoy a good show, to watch it as well.
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Very Entertaining
ben_gmeiner18 December 2010
I like watching this with my kids. They love the show, the toys, the movies, t-shirts, video games, and any Ben 10 stuff they can get their hands on. I am able to watch and be interested in the Alien Force and Ultimate Alien incarnations. There is good storyline. Not overly mature for kids or too juvenile for teens to enjoy. The characters in the show go through different personal issues with each other as well as working together to fight against a common enemy. They are usually morally correct from my point of view. I DVR every episode and it drove me crazy waiting for my boys to want to watch the finale. It was a lot of fun enjoying it together. I am really looking forward to playing Ben 10 Cosmic Destruction for PS3. Highly recommend the show to dads who want to share something with their sons.
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Not bad at all, in fact it is pretty darn good
TheLittleSongbird8 March 2011
I don't think Ben 10:Ultimate Alien is quite as good as Ben 10:Alien Force, which in my opinion is superb and outdid its predecessor, which I also liked. That said, I wasn't expecting much and I got more than I expected in a good way. Ultimate Alien is not a bad show at all, in fact as I have said already it is pretty darn good.

The stories are perhaps not quite as clever as they are in Alien Force, but they are very well-constructed and interesting. I also love the animation, the colours are bold, with some nice backgrounds and quite unique character designs. The music is also funky and cool, with a good theme tune, and the pacing of the episodes I have little to no problem with either. The romance is sweet, the fight sequences are well-choreographed with moments of eye-popping animation and the moral lessons are intriguing and don't preach.

The writing is really quite good as well, it doesn't fall into the trap of being childish but it does have its funny, thoughtful and endearing moments. The characters are very likable, not just Ben but even the villains maintain interest, and the voice acting like Alien Force is consistent and suitably dynamic.

Overall, not a bad series at all, if there are any illogical elements to it so much compensates. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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And there was a classic ... an ULLtimate classic in the making
aasimonline1 March 2011
Honestly, after classics like VOLTRON, THUNDERCATS i thought cartoons were just dying away ... till i accidentally came across BEN 10 (fault of my remote)...then alien force - which began to restore my faith that classic animated shows are out there!!! Ben 10 ultimate alien shows wonderful creativity, deep meaning. Storyline - amazing,entertaining;and once u get hooked, u have the makings of an ultimate classic. Every transformation has good thought done about its powers .. origin and my my some CRAZY TWISTS and TURNS in the series ... Big Chill,Cannonbolt, Echo Echo are among Ben's ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIONS and you understand a bit about the ULTIMATRIX and the origin of some of Bens' aliens...what Ben can do and struggles to do as well!!! Thank u albedo(and u guys behind the scenes)- this evolution function totally rocks!!!
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Thank you, Dwayne
OleFr-Skj5 March 2013
Much as I like Ben 10 - and I do - Ultimate Alien wasn't really up my alley when I first saw it. I got on board the Ben 10 train around the time when Dwayne McDuffie took over in 2008. I really enjoyed Alien Force (which remains my "nostalgic" favorite), and have since gotten around to watching the original series, after this, I was confident Ben 10 was a series I liked.

This changed dramatically with the beginning of the third, unscheduled and unplanned for, season of Alien Force. I just couldn't stand Ben's arrogant attitude, and some of the episodes seemed rather stupid. I especially hated how they were basically trying to reset the character dynamics to a somewhat intermediate point between Alien Force and the Original series. To me, it felt like a huge step backwards.

Which leads us to the third rendition, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. Like before, Ben's arrogance and cocky attitude annoyed me to no end, though the show got better with time. Ben would occasionally display glimpses of maturity/cleverness, and the Aggregor/Ultimate Kevin arc certainly didn't hurt.

UA got better towards the end of the series, and I ultimately figured it was a "decent" show.

After the abomination known as Ben 10: Omniverse made me want to vomit, I went back and rewatched some older Ben 10, realizing how much stronger they were by comparison, all three of them. Somehow, Ben's character grew on me trough this nostalgia trip, and it allowed me to look at the show (UA) as a whole.

While Ben is admittedly cocky, arrogant and comes off as kind of an idiot, once you actually take a real look at the character you realize this is not the case. As Ben himself quite adequately put it in the season 1 finale, once the situation got serious, so would he. This wasn't a one-time occurrence, it's always there; when there's no real threat, Ben doesn't put himself past gorging himself on his fame or enjoying the attention, but he knows when to switch gears and go about things more seriously.

So, what else is there? Well, there's some great humor, for one: Rath is hysterical, Kevin's got a lot of good lines, as does Gwen. Ben less so, but it's there. A lot of his aliens give the writers good material as well.

The animation has also taken a step up, while in Alien Force almost everything took place at night in a big vacant world where there's usually only three or four people, here there's a nice balance between day and night stuff and at least there's people walking by in the background.

In addition, the show retains the darker, more adult edge to it that it first gained in Alien Force. For example, they repeatedly make it clear when characters are killed, explicitly mentioning it and taking no effort to sugarcoat it for its audience, which shows a level of respect for children's intelligence that you generally don't find in a show of this type. The same goes for some of the more intense fights and several emotionally-laden exchanges.

It's also the most ambitious series Ben 10 has ever done; there are multiple format-breakers, among them some episodes where Ben feels like a guest star in his own series. The creators are trusting that their universe is interesting and complex enough to hold our attention without relying on the cosmetic appeal of the titular character. I was especially impressed with the episode "It's not easy being Gwen".

Ultimate Alien seems to me like it's sort of the "Justice League Unlimited" of the franchise, old villains and aliens return, new characters are introduced en masse, other characters are given focus, and the team seems to be handling threats on a wider scale than before. It's the culmination of the Ben 10 mythos, with almost every loose thread from the previous shows getting wrapped up nicely. The show had finally become what it always wanted to be.

Now, the show has its flaws, which are easily noticeable, but they don't break the show.

First off, Ben can still be annoying at times, there's really not much to do about that, though, and as I said, it's not as bad as I initially thought.

Second, some old aliens are neglected while new aliens are thrown in at their expense, like Fasttrack and Eatle, both of which are completely unnecessary, as Ben already had Upchuck and XLR8 at the ready, the latter of whom I miss dearly from the original series.

Then there's other aliens who have no reason whatsoever to not be used, like Eye Guy, and Ben- Wolf, Mummy and Vicktor, as well as Upgrade. Man do I miss Upgrade.

Thirdly, the show isn't without its low points, every series has its share of bad episodes, and Ultimate Alien is no exception. I especially disliked the episode with Ma Vreedle, just an utterly joyless experience from beginning to end

And finally, why is every "beautiful" girl in this show just a carbon copy of Gwen, it gets pretty tiring after a while.

In the end, however, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is a great show, fantastic for kids and still good enough for older viewers, like me.

All thanks to Man of Action and the late Dwayne McDuffie, you had a great run.
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Awesome My favorite Ben 10 series
syedarshan21 October 2016
Excellent my favorite Ben 10 Series of all time Ben now having Ultimatrix to turn into Ultimate forms so awesome season and crossover with generator Rex was awesome Kevin jokes and darker tune of show was SO great Ben 10 ultimate alien is my favorite Ben 10 series and they should continue the show with same animation which was very similar to action show in the past of cartoon network. Ben 10 ultimate alien not only bring back old alien and give them ultimate form but reveal more and more backstories back character past after original show ended in 2008 show should have continued Ultimate alien was a perfect shot alien force need and Ben 10 ultimate alien in Season 1 whole Agra's story-line was good then the Kevin being mutated and finally Diagon and vilgax they did really good there and i miss Ben AF/UA Animation
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Yeess (:
onlymeandmyguitar27 February 2011
Everyone says the Ben 10 series's are for boys from 7-12. I disagree. I'm a girl who started watching this when I was what, 9? And I've grown up with this show. I've always been worried about the next season not being as good as the last one, but i've never been disappointed. Good action, good plots, great jokes, awesome for kids of all ages. Maybe to lots of people it isn't good but that's mostly because they didn't grow up on the show! Give it a try! Ben can be very cocky sometimes, which can get on my nerves-and the way that Kevin is always turning bad gets really repetitive. Yet the show is growing up, along with the characters. There is drama for the older kids- action for everyone. It's one of the best shows out there, and I can't wait for the next episode. I just hope that the episodes to come will be creative and unique!
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The best
pefre-194023 July 2017
Ben may be a little bit cocky but when there is a situation he stands up to it. Ben 10 ultimate alien had some cooler art styles and better in terms of action sequences. The series introduced much stronger and competing villains that helped make Ben better himself over and over again. The introduction if the ultimate too was good. It made Ben super human. Most of the fight scenes in the series are now superhuman and dirtier.

The only thing I hated was that, there could have been better aliens created instead if Eatle. A rip off of aliens that even isn't needed. Anyway, stronger aliens too were introduced which I liked such as NRG and water hazard . Also I don't know why many old and strong aliens didn't make an appearance including snare oh, Upgrade, Ben Viktor , and X L R 8. Look at diamond head, he only appeared once in the series.

In all the series was great. Better action, art style, aliens and ultimate along with villains. More character introduction and many more which made it fun to watch. I hope Man of action concentrates on this series and makes a live action of it instead of the bad reboot.
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Not bad. In fact, it's pretty damn good Warning: Spoilers
Since I liked the original along with Alien Force, I gotta say that never have I been so impressed when the Ben 10 franchise to make another show. So, I watched some of the episodes and I had a very good time. Looks like Cartoon Network has brought another great TV show made for kids.

The chemistry between Ben, Gwen, and Kevin were plausible and the romance with Ben and Julie (like Alien Force), it was developed quite well. I liked the episode where Ben discovers that Julie joins a cult called the Flame Keepers' Circle where they worship Vilgax, who has survived at the end of Ben 10: Alien Force.

It's great to see the Ultimatrix (a replacement for the now destroyed Omnitrix) that Ben uses to evolve into any original Omnitrix aliens into ultimate forms and the sci-fi action is pretty good. I like the animation, the bold colors, the backgrounds, and the character designs. Ben and the others are still very likable characters with some solid voice acting.

The stories weren't as clever as the ones in Alien Force, but were interesting and well-constructed. The music is pretty good with it's unforgettable theme music.

Although, not on par with Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien would be recommended to fans as Cartoon Network's greatest TV show.
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RIP Dwayne Mcduffie you will be missed
WeAreLive31 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is my second time writing this because when I tried to write it the first my laptop all of a sudden decided to have a reset.

So Ben 10 Ultimate Alien takes place right after where Alien Force left us. Everything pretty is the same except that instead of the Omnitrix, Ben now wildes the Ultimatrix which allows 6 of Ben's aliens which are Humangasour, Swampfire, Spidermonkey, Big Chill, Echo Echo and Cannonbolt to transform into their ultimate forms.

In terms of the Ultimate Forms the concept of what they were going for was interesting but how the executed it was very poor. As I have mentioned above that he only had access to only 6 of his Ultimate Forms and they were rarely used in the series. As result of this by the end of the series he only unlocked two more which were Ultimate Wildmutt and Ultimate Way Big.

However, I don't feel they were a bad thing or anything because some aliens such as Ultimate Echo Echo (who was my favorite by the way) and Ultimate Spidermonkey offered new looks and an expansion of their powers while some like Ultimate Cannonbolt and Ultimate Big Chill just grew spikes or had a diffrent colour scheme.

To be fair Ben had more character development in this version then in any of the other series dealing with apon multiple loses, death, rage, mortality and fame.

As it was created by Dwayne Mcduffie the writer for both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock and Ben 10 Alien Force. Just like Alien Force the animation and character designs were very. I also liked the new designs for the forever knights in season 3 a lot better then the ones which they had in Alien Force. In terms of the bad as I have mentioned this on my Omniverse review this show did change a lot of the franchise as I have mentioned before Ben had a lot more character development in this show but what I didn't like was how they were going with it especially because I found him way too serious for example he nearly killed few characters because of his rage and if need be despite all the obstacle he faced and overcame Ben would slip back into his 10 year old personality. He would also end up using glitch moves such as Echo Echo fly and duplicating an object when holding it. Also what never made sense was Albedo being able to transform without an Ultimatrix's? Seriously?

Another problem which I noticed about this show was that the writing was very week when it came down switch with the story episodes and the filler episodes unwittingly, for example episode 11 season 1 where they are learning about the map of infinity which is season 1's half story arc and in they very next episode they are helping his childhood bullies (J.T and Cash) with their web show. However this was never really a huge problem until it came to the end of Season 1 because when it came to season 2 I feel that the writers already got board with the show and the creativity just dropped.

Creativity is another problem which this show lacked because Ben 10000 doesn't even transform into any aliens, when it came down to Kevin and Gwen transforming into Ben's alien. The alien appearance didn't change at all like how it did in that one episode in the original show when Gwen got the Omnitrix and the aliens had a female look. Anyone remember that? This in my opinion was a hit miss.

However when it came to the Diagon. That is when the writers decided to wake up and give some proper episodes but again the filler episodes weren't a bad thing but the writing and the creativity was very poor for example the episode The Mother of all verdels and The Eggman Combat was very silly and stupid. But episodes like Night of the living nightmares and The Perfect Girlfriend were very dark and scary for kids but still safe to watch. Also the final battle when Ben armors up with the sword Ascalon and when Vilgax merges with Diagon was too short because the fight was less then one minute. Find out the rest in the actual episode.

I wouldn't call this show too violent for kids because I know the next generation of kids will be stuck with garbage like Teen Titans Go! and Unikitty but some episodes might be a bit too much for younger kids.

One problem to mention voice actors. The voice actors were good but what didn't feel right was that they were relying on voice actor Dee Bradley Baker alot because he voiced majority of the aliens personality I didn't mind it but they shouldn't have overused him too much the same problem would have been with John Dimaggo and Yuri Lowanthal.

As my final summary the writing was the weakest of this show but way, way better writing then that horrendous Ben 10 reboot at least this show but care and effort into their writing compared to the reboot and I don't think Dwayne McDuffie aims at people who enjoy awful writing as one person on this site. I just think this is not one of his strongest projects.

Since this is likelihood me reviewing Ben 10 for the last time here is my scores for each of the shows:

1st: Ben 10 Omniverse 10/10

2nd: Ben 10 Alien Force 10/10

3rd: Ben 10 10/10

4th: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 8/10

5th: Ben 10 reboot 3/10

I have reviewed all of them including the movies, if you want to read them they are all on my profile just like the rest of my reviews.

RIP Dwayne Mcduffie this might have not been your strongest show but it's defintly not a failure.
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Boring, repetitive and shallow
mgneyo24 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I had decent expectations for this TV show. I was never a huge fan of Alien Force but I have to admit there were some good arcs. I was expecting the same here but unfortunately the focus is different. Dwayne McDuffie aims for people who enjoy awful writing in this TV show and this is pretty much what dictates the pace here. The show is repetitive, predictable and dumb. Every episode starts and ends with a very predictable result. And the Ultimate Forms, just why? They're the dumbest idea ever and make absolutely no sense whatsoever. When Kevin was mutated again and went insane and started doing awful things and then fixed him, why did they all pretend like everything Kevin did never happened? It's one of the reason why both Alien Force and Ultimate Alien are awful. In Alien Force, Kevin just comes back and starts working with Gwen and Ben and FOR SOME REASON THEY JUST 100% TRUST HIM? Did you just forget everything he did when you guys were younger!? We also have that terrible, forced relationship with Gwen and Kevin. Just stop, please. Last thing, the art style is so bad, boring and generic designs.
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cinemarkocc6 July 2012
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is the worst cartoon what I have ever seen especially on Cartoon Network.It is nothing like the original series: no humor, no logic,no action and almost no alien appearance. Despite that it's made for younger kids,ninety percent of the show is talking. If I were a kid I would like to see cool action scenes with those cool aliens what Ben can turn into, but in this series if a fight scene comes, that is pathetically short and boring.The animation is really weak. The atmosphere is empty, there is no other people on the streets or in the buildings except the main characters.The daytime is night in almost every episode what makes the feeling that the whole season is one day.The series has almost no story. When there is, that's ridiculous. I tried to like this series but its just not watchable or enjoyable.
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love to hate it!
fizzypinnaple_4426 April 2011
My cousins got me into watching this. I would mostly just talk though the ones they had seen an pick out stupid stuff to make them laugh. But now I find myself addicted to it! When I'm watching it on my own I still pick out the stupid bit and mostly yell at the screen when there missing the obvious, or ripping off old horror movies (the cube... watch perplexahedron again... just no!) An even though i mostly give my lungs a workout I still love this show an I don't know why!!!!........................................................ and now i need to make 10 lines apparently, so please enjoy my life story. 4 scores and seven years ago... i forget the rest but basically I'm Abe Lincoln and i doubt i even got that quote right... sigh
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Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is an okay show
bluhmfamily29 December 2010
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is the third series that aired shortly after Ben 10: Alien Force, which was in 2010, this series takes place in 2011 i'm guessing.

When the first episode arried, I had many problems with it, but as the episode went on, they got better.

Ben doesn't have they Omnitrix, he now has the new Ultimatrix, it contains all 19 of the original aliens (Wildmutt-Waybig), three of the future aliens briefly shown (Spitter, Buzzshock, and Articguana), and all 13 of the AF aliens (Goop-Rath). There are also 5 new aliens introduced in the show named: Water Hazard, Terraspin, NRG, Armodrillo, and Ampfibian. The Ultimatrix also allows Ben to evolve the aliens into their "ultimate form".

I give Ben 10: Ultimate Alien a 7 out of 10, because I think it's okay, but not as good as the first two shows. Hopfully there's not fourth show!
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abdullah_zahid9519 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First Of all,After a kid leaks out Ben's Secret Identity to the world,He in a weird way becomes a celebrity!!!He's Distrusted by adults,but loved By kids all over the world,What About The Relationship Between Gwen and Kevin?????,Absolutely nothing!!,I don't know where to start writing the weak points in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien...,The first 9 episodes Are completely boring,There's No taste,No Action,No drama,Just:we gotta Save The world before it get's destroyed by those MONSTERS,You Need To at-least Air an Episode Where You can Focus on their Personal Lives too...,and They're Still Fighting Bad Guys,It's Now like their Dayjob!!,
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Good but The aliens and plot were a little weak at times
james-c-wright58188 September 2012
I've been a fan of Ben 10 for years. And i like the direction it was going. Till Omniverse showed up. The show was better and darker at times than AF. But the aliens were kinda lame. The ultimates were not needed. And the others were shallow and boring. The series finale was also boring along with some of the later episodes. But there were great moments in the show and it's great. Ben matured more and the point of the show is that he has to fight aliens while dealing with his new found fame which he's wanted for years and now realizes it's not as great as he thinks at times. The character is more realistic which helps the story especially in the Kevin 11 arc. Where he is out of control and Ben must make hard choices. I also love the idea of the Omnitrix being a gauntlet. it was too scrawny in Af
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finaldishonored21 May 2017
I hate to be the one to say it but the show kind of went a bit dull after alien force this show had its moments but it wasn't anything special the ultimate form was interesting way big you know but I wasn't entertained enough it was pretty boring a lot of the time that's way I give it a five
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