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4 Feb. 2011
The Transmogrification of Eunice
The team's camping break is interrupted when a pod crashes nearby. The occupant has no memory who she is or where she came from. Sunder soon arrives to retrieve her.
11 Feb. 2011
Eye of the Beholder
Ship runs away to help Baz-El. Julie turns to Ben for help, but after their break up, he's reluctant. Gwen and Kevin accompany Julie on her quest.
18 Feb. 2011
Viktor: The Spoils
The King of Zarkovia asks the team for help with a civil war. The team agrees to help when they find out Dr. Viktor may be involved.
4 Mar. 2011
The Big Story
Jimmy investigates a possible alien sighting. But with no solid evidence, few believe him. As Ben starts acting strangely, the others suspect Jimmy may be right.
11 Mar. 2011
Girl Trouble
Cousin Sunny is supposed to stay with Gwen for the summer. The team learns why her parents sent their child to Gwen when she helps them stop a robot invasion.
18 Mar. 2011
Revenge of the Swarm
Ben is attacked by Victor Validus. The team soon discovers that Validus passed away. The team turns to Ben's friend, Elena, for help to locate the Nanite Queen.
25 Mar. 2011
The Creature from Beyond
The Forever Knights open an ancient vault hoping to find weapons. They unwittingly release a creature.
1 Apr. 2011
Basic Training
The team is required to attend Plumbers Academy to keep their badges.
8 Apr. 2011
It's Not Easy Being Gwen
Gwen Tennyson has a busy schedule. Balancing her family life, school, a friend's recital, and the latest plot by Dr. Animo.
15 Apr. 2011
Ben 10,000 Returns
20 years in the future, Eon attacks Ben 10,000, then disappears. Adult Ben travels back in time fearing Eon will attack his younger self, the present day Ben.
22 Apr. 2011
Grandpa Max tells the team about his first UFO encounter, which led him to meet Verdona.
29 Apr. 2011
Prisoner #775 Is Missing
After a base is attacked, Max is infuriated when they learn it was a secret alien prison facility. While Max argues with the officer in charge, the team tries to locate an escaped prisoner.
16 Sep. 2011
The Purge
Old George, the original Forever Knight, reclaims his position, and orders the Knights to remove all aliens on Earth.
23 Sep. 2011
Simian Says
Simian asks the team for help when a DNAlien takes over his home world.
30 Sep. 2011
Greetings from Techadon
Ben faces Tecadon killer robots that have been programmed to kill him. Each robot is more powerful than the last one. Ben's only chance to survive is for Gwen to find out who commissioned the robots.
7 Oct. 2011
The Flame Keeper's Circle
Julie gets Ben to visit a charity organization who wants to improve the world with alien technology. Ben soon discovers the charity's benefactor is an old enemy.
14 Oct. 2011
Double or Nothing
Ben finds out there's a new show called 'Ben 10: Live." He finds an old enemy running the show and cashing in on his fame.
21 Oct. 2011
The Perfect Girlfriend
Julie suddenly leaves a tennis tournament and spends all her time with Ben.
28 Oct. 2011
Ultimate Sacrifice
Ben's Ultimate transformations have developed their own personalities. Now they want their freedom from Ben.
4 Nov. 2011
The Widening Gyre
Colonel Rozum asks the team to investigate an island of garbage where people have been disappearing.
18 Nov. 2011
The Mother of All Vreedles
Ma Vreedle goes to Earth to expand her family by creating clones and using all the water on Earth.
2 Dec. 2011
A Knight to Remember
The Flame Keepers realize their mistake too late. Vilgax wants the power of Daigon. The Forever Knights are out to destroy Daigon. Ben and the team try to sort things out.
9 Dec. 2011
Solitary Alignment
Azmuth reveals the origin of the sword and how he first encountered Old George. Ben comes to a decision on how to handle the Daigon.
2 Dec. 2011
Inspector #13
A Techadon weapon master comes to Earth and wants the Ultimatrix.

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