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23 Apr. 2010
Ben's secret is out. As Ben deals with his newfound fame, a new threat emerges as a thief steals parts of a new advanced spaceship from NASA.
30 Apr. 2010
Ben is supposed to attend a tournament to support his girlfriend, but the Forever Knights are trying to break into a museum. Ben tries to use the Ultimatrix to handle all his obligations.
7 May 2010
Hit 'Em Where They Live
With Ben's identity known, some of his enemies (such as Zombozo, Rojo, Charmcaster, Vulkanus, and SevenSeven) team up to try to attack his family. Now Ben and friends have to protect them no matter what.
14 May 2010
Video Games
Ben gets an offer to star in his own video game, but the designer's real motives are part of a plan to destroy Ben.
21 May 2010
Escape from Aggregor
The team encounters another alien who escaped from Aggregor and, through him, learns more about Aggregor's goals.
28 May 2010
Too Hot to Handle
P'Andor, escaped from Aggregor, now wants help to escape his encapsulating suit, but Kevin's the first to perceive that that's a fatally bad idea.
4 Jun. 2010
Andreas' Fault
Then team encounters another of Aggregor's escaped prisoners, Andreas, whom Argit is using as part of a scheme against the Forever Knights.
11 Jun. 2010
Ra'ad, the last of Aggregor's escaped prisoners, attacks Ben and informs the team of the true fate of his comrades. He finds a safe hiding place but one that endangers Ben in the process.
18 Jun. 2010
Hero Time
Ben meets his hero, Captain Nemesis, who's become jealous of all the attention Ben attracts.
10 Oct. 2010
Ultimate Aggregor
Aggregor has all five aliens. The Plumbers manage to disable Aggregor's ship, forcing Aggregor to find a new way to absorb their powers. The team makes a last ditch effort to save the alien prisoners.
20 Oct. 2010
Map of Infinity
Aggregor has absorbed all the powers of his captured aliens. Now he's after the Map of Infinity.
15 Oct. 2010
Reflected Glory
Cash and JT convince the team to allow them to take credit for the team's actions so they can earn money for Cash's mother's operation.
Aggregor is after the next piece of the map on a watery planet.
29 Oct. 2010
Where the Magic Happens
Aggregor escapes to a magical dimension. Gwen asks for Charmcaster's help to pursue him. The team learns about Charmcaster's past and why she's willing to help them now.
5 Nov. 2010
The last piece of the map is hidden in an artificial puzzle world.
12 Nov. 2010
The Forge of Creation
As the team makes its final attempt to stop Aggregor, they find an unexpected ally, and one person will make a fateful decision with lasting repercussions.
19 Nov. 2010
...Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Kevin's out for payback on anyone who has ever crossed him. His next stop is a prison in the Null Void. Ben and Gwen try to stop him, where Ben comes to a grim decision.
3 Dec. 2010
The Enemy of My Enemy
Argit asks Ben and Gwen for protection from Kevin, so they take him to the nearest Plumbers Academy, but that won't stop Kevin.
10 Dec. 2010
Absolute Power: Part 1
Kevin starts going after Plumbers kids to gain more power. Ben and Gwen continue to argue about how to handle the situation. Gwen tries to find someone who will help her cure Kevin.
10 Dec. 2010
Absolute Power: Part 2
Final confrontation with Kevin. While Gwen makes a last ditch effort to save Kevin, Ben fights an all out battle with Kevin.

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