Jupiter Ascending (2015) Poster

Eddie Redmayne: Balem Abrasax



  • Balem Abrasax : My mother made me understand that every human society is a pyramid and that some lives will always matter more than others. It is better to accept this than to pretend it isn't true.

  • Balem Abrasax : [sitting on his throne with his back to Jupiter]  You should have stayed dead.

    Jupiter Jones : [angrily]  I am not your mother.

    Balem Abrasax : [scoffing]  No, my mother never cleaned a toilet in her life.

    Jupiter Jones : Maybe that was her problem.

    Balem Abrasax : My mother... My mother taught me what was necessary to rule in this universe.

    Jupiter Jones : By killing people?

    Balem Abrasax : [throws up his hands]  *I create life*! And I destroy it. Life in an act of consumption, Jupiter. To live is to consume. Now, the human beings on your planet are merely a resource waiting to be converted into capital. And this entire enterprise is just a small part in a vast and beautiful machine defined by evolution, designed to a single purpose... To create profit.

  • Balem Abrasax : Understand this, Mr. Night. I will harvest that planet tomorrow... before I let her take it from me.

  • Balem Abrasax : Slow.

    [play back of the scene in the operating room where Caine meets Jupiter slows as Balem moves around in it] 

    Balem Abrasax : There... you... are...

    [he stoops down to look at Jupiter as she is floating in the operating room] 

    Balem Abrasax : You know there are moments when I actually miss you. Because no one understands this universe like you did. No one understands me...

    [his voice breaks] 

    Balem Abrasax : ...like you did.

  • Balem Abrasax : [to Titus on the recently-harvested planet of Zalintyre]  The House of Abrasax continues to thrive, despite the squandering of your inheritance, brother.

  • [from trailer] 

    Balem Abrasax : Bring her to me... *Now*!

  • Balem Abrasax : Double our security deployment. Destroy any ship that comes near the planet.


    Balem Abrasax : Go!

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