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Season 6

6 Jan. 2016
Cops on the Rocks
Mike and Carl break up. Molly does an interview for NPR.
13 Jan. 2016
One Small Step for Mike
Molly hopes that a fitness device will encourage Mike to be more active and take better care of himself, but Mike has other plans for it.
20 Jan. 2016
Peg O' My Heart Attack
Mike blames Molly for his mom's heart attack following a heated argument, and now Molly wants to make amends.
27 Jan. 2016
Super Cop
Mike becomes hyper-vigilant after his wallet is stolen from the squad car while taking a nap.
3 Feb. 2016
Joyce's Will Be Done
Molly is shocked when Joyce revels that she's leaving the house to Victoria in her will.
10 Feb. 2016
The Good Wife
Molly's leisure activities between novels become an issue with Mike, as he wants her to be the perfect homemaker.
25 Apr. 2016
Weekend with Birdie
Mike arrests two women with a bulldog named Birdie, their warrants keep them in jail for a few days and Mike brings the dog home with him, 'Birdie' cuddles with everyone except Molly, who gets a real complex about being 'canine-rejected'.
2 May 2016
The Wreck of the Vincent Moranto
Mike is upset and disappointed when Vince bails on finishing a do-it-yourself project they started together.
2 May 2016
Baby, Please Don't Go
Molly meets up with a former student who is pregnant and living on the street, so she invited her home.
9 May 2016
Baby Bump
A determined Molly decides to help Frannie connect her with her estranged sister after she and Mike discover that there are no plans in store for the baby.
9 May 2016
The Adoption Option
Mike and Molly need everyone to be on their best behavior when the adoption agency schedules a home visit.
16 May 2016
Curse of the Bambino
Mike and Molly drive the family crazy while anxiously awaiting word from the adoption agency on whether or not they'll receive a baby.
16 May 2016
I See Love
Mike and Molly gather with family and friends for a momentous occasion and reminisce about everything that led to this point.

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