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21 Jul. 2012
Sleepy River Wild/Power Play
Kick and Gunther have a crazy adventure at a water park.
18 Feb. 2012
Trash Talk/Nerves of Steal
Kick must keep a stretch of highway litter free.
3 Nov. 2012
Goodbye, Gully/Bad Car-ma
When Dad's prized car is sold, Kick and Dad must work together to save it.
7 Apr. 2012
Bwar and Peace
Kick and Gunther travel to the Old Country.
5 May 2012
Bad Table Manners/Petrified!
Dad uses ping pong to win control of the TV until Kick picks up the paddle.
13 May 2012
Say Cheese/Pinch Sitter
Kick, Brad and Brianna ruin Mom's favorite photo and must replace it.
23 Jun. 2012
Brad's Diary/Sew What
Kick finds Brad's diary and debates whether or not to read it.
14 Jul. 2012
Big Mouth/Last Fan Standing
Kick and Gunther must become sidekicks to their scheming classmate Mouth.
4 Nov. 2012
Crumbs!/Stay Cool
Kick must keep Mom's cookies away from Dad, a relentless cookie-fiend.
27 Oct. 2012
Only the Loan-ly/Roll Reversal
Kick borrows money from Brianna, and he can't pay it back.
4 Aug. 2012
Meathead Justice/Bwar-Mart
Kick saves the DiPazzi's lives, and they repay him by becoming his goons.
22 Sep. 2012
Kyle E. Coyote/Locked Out/Rocked
Kick must catch Cousin Kyle before attending the Gnarly Games.
28 Jan. 2012
Attic-a/Free Gunther
Kick, Dad and Brad get trapped in the attic overnight.
11 Feb. 2012
Swap Meet/Bee Awesome!
Kick must track down Dad's gift to Mom, which is lost at a swap meet.
19 Feb. 2012
Kick bonds with a dog that turns out to be an anti-stunt 'safety dog.'
10 Mar. 2012
Poll Position/Jock Wilder's Nature Camp
Kick tries to get Wacky Jackie elected as class president.
24 Mar. 2012
Exposed/Stumped Again
Kick loses his helmet during a stunt.

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