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  • C.I.A. operatives wage an epic battle on each other when they discover they are dating the same woman.

  • CIA agents and best friends Tuck and FDR have been benched because someone's after them. Tuck is divorced and not close to his son; FDR is a ladies' man. Tuck places his profile on a dating site; Lauren sees it and goes out with him. She later bumps into FDR; he hits on her and she goes out with him. She's intrigued by both of them. When they learn they're both dating her, they agree to let her choose, but they can't help using their skills to keep tabs on her and each other, and sabotage each other's dates with her.

  • In Los Angeles, Franklin Foster--FDR to his friends--and Tuck Hansen are best friends and partners as undercover CIA agents, recently reassigned to desk jobs after a covert operation gone wrong, which resulted in the death of criminal Jonas Heinrich; his brother Karl, who escaped, vowed revenge on them. Their loved ones don't know what the undercover pair do; they believe that FDR is a cruise-ship captain and Tuck is a travel agent. FDR is a party boy and serial womanizer; Tuck is recently divorced and still yearning for the traditional family life. Through different channels both meet Lauren, relatively new to L.A., reentering the dating scene after her last relationship soured. FDR and Tuck eventually learn that both are dating Lauren, whom each believes is the true love of his life. As neither will give her up, they set some ground rules: neither will tell her they know each other or that she's dating "someone else"; neither will sleep with her; and they won't let her get in the way of their friendship or partnership. But as their feelings for her grow, they disregard the rules, even at the expense of their friendship.



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  • Best friends FDR and Tuck are CIA agents working together. They are assigned to prevent an international criminal, Heinrich, from acquiring a weapon of mass destruction. But the mission goes wrong when Heinrich's brother is killed - making the agents a target for Heinrich. As a consequence, the agents are assigned to desk duty.

    FDR and Tuck have very different attitudes when it comes to women. FDR is a womanizer, whereas Tuck is looking for love. Tuck has been unable to get back together with his son's mother, Katie, who is dating someone new. So he decides it's to get back in the game and signs up for online dating. He ends up on a date with Lauren, who has been registered on the dating site by her friend after a failed engagement. They meet at a bar for a drink and it goes well. At the end of the date, Lauren goes to the DVD store where she encounters FDR, who is looking to hook-up. FDR attempts to flirt with her, not knowing she was Tuck's date. When she rejects him, he begins to pursue her by turning up to a product testing session at her work. In an effort to get rid of him, she agrees to go on a date. The date doesn't go well, until Lauren bumps into her ex-fiance with his new girlfriend. She proceeds to pretend that FDR is her new boyfriend and that they are very much in love. She is impressed that he goes along with it. As a result, Lauren ends up dating both men - unable to decide which one she likes better.

    FDR and Tuck discover that they are dating the same girl - but neither one is willing to back down. They make an agreement to carry on dating her (without her knowing that they know each other) but neither must sleep with her - it is then up to her to decide who she wants to date. However, they soon begin underhand tactics to scupper the other, using all the resources of the CIA surveillance at their disposal.

    As Heinrich catches up with the agents. They are in a car chase, which Lauren is caught up in having gone to lunch with Tuck. On Lauren's advice, they shoot the headlights on Heinrich's car, deploying the airbags and sending Heinrich's car spiraling out of control. Lauren must suddenly choose which side of the road to jump to for protection - Tucks or FDRs. She chooses FDR. Tuck is gracious and declares that he is happy for them both as Lauren confesses that she wants to be with FDR. Later, Tuck reconciles with Katie.

    When FDR and Tuck are about out to jump out of a Chinook helicopter, FDR tells Tuck that he is going to marry Lauren. He also reveals that he had sex with Katie before she met Tuck, and no longer feels guilty about it because Tuck had sex with Lauren. Tuck, however, reveals that they didn't go all the way and angrily tackles FDR out of the plane.

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