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Not perfect, but still a fun ride.
nkozminski10 January 2011
This show has received a lot of bad reviews thus far, and I find that uncalled for. Sure, many people may not see the appeal in this show, what with it being a superhero story that we have seen before, but I think this is a great show. If you did not enjoy the first episode, DO NOT GIVE UP, as the show gains a firmer footing even as soon as the second episode. The story gets deeper, the characters more pronounced, and the plot thickens. I am somewhat disappointed that they introduced Cape's sidekick so soon, as seeing Vince struggle through the trials of becoming a superhero would have been more believable.

This show attempts to capture the grandiose story of a hero such as Batman, but without our hero having the benefits of unending cash and gadgets. It also keeps the storytelling style gritty and dark, but without going completely film noir.

While this show's debut has many in doubt, I have throughly enjoyed it so far, and I look forward to the continued adventures of the Cape.
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Trouble Defining an Audience
F_Hugh_Seekay10 January 2011
If The Cape were aimed at children or as a program to be watched by the whole family, it's campiness and cheese would be appropriate. It would be a GREAT show to enjoy as a family and in that enjoyment I could get past some of the overly clichéd acting, directing, and dialogue. However, some of the language, some of the violence, and the current time slot seem to indicate that the producers aren't interested in a preteen audience... and the silliness, plot holes, and overall feel presented in the Pilot lead me to believe they won't be able to develop a loyal audience of mature viewers. I can't imagine The Cape lasting much beyond an initial order of episodes. For all of the potential the show has, it misses on too many levels and fails to properly reach any defined audience.
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A real fun ride !
self_indulgent10 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I read with astonishment some of the criticisms of this new series ! Some are so highbrow as not to be believed...

It seems that some "connoisseurs" feel free to measure everything new up against whatever they feel to be their most incredible movie viewing experience...given this, most other movies will fall short.

It seems senseless to criticize a hamburger for not being a prime filet mignon .. a hamburger is a hamburger... the only question should be.. "Is this a good hamburger".

The acting seems tight considering it is meant to be comic book based. The characters are fun to watch.. Other than the whole situation being unbelievable (this is where we have to suspend belief) it is a fun ride.... and YES this is a wonderful hamburger !

There could have been more time spent on developing the characters but perhaps this will be dealt with in upcoming episodes.

I am hesitant to admit that I have very much enjoyed this show so far...after all , I also very much enjoyed Firefly(13 episodes),Raines (7 episodes) and several others that were axed by the networks before they had a chance to gather a fan base.

If we as viewers cannot rally behind new (and possibly quirky) programming then we have ourselves to blame when we are fed nothing but "reality shows" and the sixth season of "My dog dances better than your dog"

I sincerely hope that "The Cape" is given time to attract fans.

I am already one of them.
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Just Fun
sororoma1 March 2011
Every Monday I look forward to watching "The Cape". I liked it at first and as the season progressed it became even more interesting. Episodes build on one another with clues as to where the story is taking you and keeps unfolding each week.

It took a few episodes to get going but it really needed this to lay the groundwork of the storyline and characters.

This show is relatively mindless but still keeps you interested with twists and new villains. The villains have been the key to its success. It is easy to understand so it is good for the whole family.

Although the violence can be a bit much for the younger ones and sometimes me, who is looking for shows with less violence, it is still a far cry from most TV shows.

It is basically sexless which again makes it good for families.
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Liked it despite some of it's rough edges.
johnnymacbest9 January 2011
ABC's new show "The Cape" has a lot of good things going for it; especially with it's 1940's pulp-inspired superhero atmosphere, suspense, and hints at the mystical, which I really liked and hope in the near future, gets further explored. However, I felt the plot went by WAY too quickly. It would've been nice to see the plot unfold at a reasonably slower pace and get the audience to become more accustomed to the characters and proceedings. But there are some decent plot twists that made me smile though there are few between as the premiere episode was two hours long so even at that length, not everything can be fully explained.

I must say that it was a good start to a series that's hopefully getting better and better at the moment but I won't get my hopes up too soon as NBC's more recent superhero show, which had so much potential in which to build on(as evidenced by it's stellar first season) but with writer's strikes and the realization that Tim Kring and co really had no foundation for the subsequent seasons, the show died a tragic death. I'm hoping that with more polish and sophistication that this series will be a hit unless NBC and those on board learn their lessons and not screw it up.
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Batman meets The Fugitive
DarkVulcan2912 January 2011
Vince(David Lyons) is an honest cop, and is happily married with a son. But Vince's good life is quickly taken away from him, when he is framed for crimes by a certain criminal, and is believed to be killed in an explosion. But Vince is quickly taken in by a circus act led by Max(Keith David). Once Vince gets his strength back, he is eager to taken down the people that framed him. He finds a cape with awesome abilities, Max trains Vince on how to use it. Now crime has a new enemy, a superhero known as "The Cape".

A good show, a little flawed, but still entertaining. I hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as M.A.N.T.I.S.(1994) and Birds Of Prey(2002). The actors do well, and the action scenes are alright. I hope it will last a while, but if it doesn't, can't say they didn't try.
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The Cape _ Finally, a show worth watching on NBC
tekwyzrd10 January 2011
The first two episodes of The Cape are an example of what to do to interest viewers. The show had a "feature film" feel as opposed to the low budget hack feel of most modern television programming. I can only hope that future episodes continue to meet viewer expectations.

While not a "fan", I'll admit I enjoyed seeing Summer Glau in another television series. I was disappointed by the untimely demise of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse.

To summarize, with most networks spewing a continuous stream of cop, lawyer, and medical shows, NBC has created a show that stands above the rest.
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Pretty Good (After 3 Episodes)
stevenscaleb9817 January 2011
I'm not a fan of comics or superheroes at all. However, I really like well made Batman things. I don't watch NBC too often so I didn't see any advertising for this. I was lucky to stumble upon it when I was chatting with a guy and his cousin (Eric Micheal Cole) is going to be in the episode "Scales on a Train" on January 24th. So, I watched the premiere and was pleasantly surprised. However, you have to be paying attention during this TV show because it moves very fast and has no unnecessary scenes. Some of the dialog can be very cheesy which gets really annoying. I love the creative idea of The Carnival of Crime and it adds a whole new element to the story. This is something that you'll have to watch from the start so you know why he has the cape and how he got the cape. Fortunately, the "Pilot" is available as a free download on iTunes. You don't have to like superheroes/comics to like this. Not everybody will enjoy this series but it has loads of potential. Just try to ignore the cheesy dialog and this series can be very enjoyable.
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Composed entirely of cheese...
thisisneworleans10 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Make no mistake about it. The Cape is the cheesiest thing you can find on TV. I watched this despite my distaste for the rather obvious moniker the protagonist goes by because of the high budget and production values that were being flaunted around during every one of it's advertisements. But that isn't enough to save this...terrible, terrible show.

Note, this review will be harsh. So I'll get the one "redeemable" quality out of the way first. The acting...isn't all too terrible. Especially considering it's a TV show. It's astonishing how much David Lyons actually buys into his character. He does a nice job with the relatively poor writing.

However, his acting doesn't disguise the horrible cliché-ridden show that is The Cape. Let me start out by saying after I watched the show, I honestly believed a 13 year old watched The Dark Knight and impulsively decided to write his own superhero tale about a corrupted government and the symbol the town needs to rally behind. I've noticed that comparisons to Batman are seemingly encouraged. That does not make it OK to basically airlift the concepts from Batman into your own show. I mean seriously, I recall a line that was something like "Your the symbol this town needs." That isn't JUST in Batman, it's a recurring theme in a lot of comics. However, the comparisons to Batman don't end there with the seemingly mirror city of Gotham and the cape that can be used as a weapon.

It should also be noted that the main villains name is Chess. OK... Does he have a sidekick named Checkers? The basic idea is this guy sees his life like a game of Chess (yeah, haven't heard that one before) so he decides to call himself Chess. The thing is, for a guy who is supposed to calculate every attack with pinpoint accuracy, he sure is stupid. And when he gets into a little fist fight with the protagonist, he goes from chess player to brutish fist fighter. Continuity is nice, yes? There are seemingly limitless areas of problems here. Poor storytelling, NO character development whatsoever, horrible quick pacing that doesn't clue you in on what's going on (who is this guy, what is he doing, WHY should I care?). It's as if you're supposed to care about The Cape's family because the show seems to want to assert that these people ARE indeed his family for 2 scenes in the least subtle way possible. How about the 15 seconds where his best friend is introduced, give the protagonist some lip service about how he's a good cop and proceed to stab him in the back a total of 4 scenes later. Then he gave perhaps the most lazy, half witted evil glare at the audience as if to say "yes, I am evil." But why should I care? You've only given me a few seconds to even get to know the character. I have no idea if he's a good guy or why he's best friends with the protagonist. As far as I know, he's always been a conniving douchebag and that whole scene shouldn't have been a surprise anyways.

There's even a scene where the guy who teaches The Cape to fight (Keith David) is about to die. And he gives The Cape some sort of cliché, I'm-about-to-die speech. But this is the same guy that robs banks at gunpoint and was seriously about to behead and chop off the limbs of the main protagonist not 30 minutes beforehand. What the heck? How are you supposed to empathize with him? These are BASIC storytelling flaws. BASIC. I cannot emphasize that enough.

In any case, this show is bad. Very, very bad. It is so unprofessional and so terribly written that I am surprised NBC would pick it up. It actually has me missing Heroes even though I wasn't a big fan of that. You give ME the money and the time slot this thing got and I will churn something 1000x better. And that's not me thinking highly of myself, that's me thinking very, very poorly of this utter garbage.

The Cape is riddled with clichés, poor storytelling and horrible character development. This isn't a show I can watch every week and care about the characters. The characters are boring and fill out whatever necessary archetype needed in the show. Except they're not needed because nobody cares about them. The Cape's useless sidekick (Summer Glau) should be the most evident reason not to watch this show. Any show that feels the need to validate itself by including a sexy useless sidekick who literally does nothing but sit behind a desk the entire time and provide awkward sexual tension is BAD news. Especially when it's trying to take itself seriously.
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Should be called "Plot too fast"
skippy58014 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This show has several good ideas that were thrown out and replaced with what was shown. The plot was lightning fast. First he's a cop, commercial, then he works for ARK, Orwell tells him about L-9, commercial, Faraday is Chess and he dies, not really. That should have been the first show with the introduction to The Crime Circus in episode 2.

So Faraday is trained and fights 12 rounds with Marty from Pirates of the Caribbean. I can't see that a "superhero" couldn't pin a little person down for that long. Then Faraday fights Scales and thrown in the river then it takes Rollo 2 seconds with a pipe wrench to take out Scales. The real hero is Rollo and he kicks major ass! I hope they can slow down and then find some ground to work with. This show has some potential, but not for the uninspired naming of villains and heroes, except for Orwell, that was good, and she is hot.
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Alas, the Cape. We hardly knew ye.
DarthBill12 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
PLOT: When nice guy family man cop Vince Faraday (David Lyons) is framed for crimes and murders he didn't commit by the criminal known only as Chess, he is forced to go underground, where he joins a rag tag group of circus criminals led by Max Malini (Keith David), who bestows upon him the cape, a mysterious object forged from a time long ago, endowed with magical properties. Determined to bring down the real Chess, Peter Fleming, the evil, corrupt businessman who tore his life apart and get back to his wife and son, Vince becomes the Cape (which incidentally was also the name of his son's favorite comic book superhero), and joins forces with the mysterious computer hacker Orwell (Summer Glau).

This series had a lot of potential that was still untapped at the time of its all too early cancellation. True, there were flaws in the execution, which is sometimes to be expected in a debut season. As the lead, David Lyons was good despite not always having the best material to work with (the episodes that aired often had him going on about trying to get back to his family before going off to fight someone - and then talking about his family again afterwards), but he was often upstaged by the supporting cast; in particular veteran character actor Keith David, that burly, baritone voiced force of nature that he is, often devoured Lyons in their scenes together as his mentor. Another problem was some uneven casting in the Faraday family. Lyons definitely had solid chemistry with Jennifer Ferrin, who played his wife Dana, but Ryan Wynott, the child actor chosen to play their son Trip, was a blank. Surely there must have been better child actors who auditioned, because Wynott is incapable of expressing any genuine emotion, which hurt the storyline of Vince trying to get home because his son comes across as so devoid of emotion that he might as well be made of cardboard. That neither the son or wife could recognize Vince as the Cape despite not really changing his voice was also laughable.

The introduction of Orwell having feelings for the Cape also came a bit late in the game and, honestly, one has to wonder how it could have gone anywhere when Vince was so steadfastly devoted to his wife.

The series did have bright spots though. James Frain was appropriately slimy and chilling as the villain. Summer Glau offered strong support as Orwell the computer whiz. Why this poor woman seems cursed to appear in TV series that don't last is mind boggling. And, as already stated, Keith David brought a much needed breath of zest and panache to his role as Max. The action scenes were generally well done.

What's all the more unfortunate is that the series was discontinued just when it was starting to find its groove. The two-part episode "The Lich" in which the Cape must rescue Orwell from a disfigured serial killer was genuinely creepy and kept you on the edge of your seat and showcased Vince's skills as a policeman while giving the 'family is strength' speech a rest. The last aired episode was an engaging undercover story with Vince impersonating an Australian criminal in order to access crucial information from the villains.

Alas, it was too little too late, for the series is gone now. An unfortunate waste of a potentially good premise.
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The exact kind of show this genre doesn't need.
alanrayford11 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Some people are alcoholics. Others are addicted to drugs or gambling. From 1981 to 2008, my vice of choice were comics. Even though I haven't read one in over two years, I can always get my fix from movies like "Spiderman" and "The Dark Knight" as well as on television thanks to "Smallville".

This is why when I first heard about "The Cape" I was intrigued. Then I saw the first promo and felt that initial enthusiasm fade. Still, I figured it couldn't hurt to watch the pilot. Well, after enduring 47 minutes of something not unlike being socked in the nethers, I'm prepared to admit I was wrong. I was so wrong that I couldn't bring myself to watch the second episode of the premiere.

First I'll mention the only part of this train wreck which connected with me. Some of the acting was surprisingly good. Vince Faraday's (David Lyons) anguish over having to abandon his family felt authentic. Dana Faraday's (Jennifer Ferrin) agony over believing her husband to be dead felt so raw and real, I was stunned. As for the carnival folk, they each felt like they were actually pulled away from working in a circus (take that however ya' want). Aside from this, the rest of the acting really isn't worth mentioning except to say just that. Now it's time for the bad.

Visually, "The Cape" is FUBAR. I know that most of the action takes place at night, but we should still be able to clearly see what's happening. I could tolerate having to guess what was going on in "Batman Begins". Here, I can't help but feel it's to hide deficiencies. Also, Faraday's costume looks as stupid as the day is long. He's wearing a chest plate over a black onesie, with a hooded cloak. Yet he has no mask? Isn't he supposed to be worried about endangering the safety of his family? Even if he dons a mask, this drab costume does nothing to grab your attention or appear even vaguely dynamic. As for Peter Fleming's (James Frain) alter ego, he looks like a reject from "Eyes Wide Shut". At least Scales (Vinnie Jones) gave me hope for one day seeing a live action Killer Croc.

The action/special effects are abysmal. When in use, the cape looks like a CGI afterthought from 1992. How is a cape supposed to be wielded as a whip? I could get using it to confuse someone in close quarters, but definitely not to throw them around from a distance. The disappearing into a plume of smoke f/x is used too frequently, and isn't impressive. And based on what I could see of the fight scenes, the actors and stuntmen don't appear to know how to stage an engaging fight. Check out the fight between the Cape and Scales and then the fight between the Cape and Fleming to see what I mean. But this isn't the worst part.

The biggest offender on "The Cape" is the writing. How in the world is anyone supposed to be able to follow the events of the pilot and not roll their eyes straight out their heads? A family man/cop could becomes a private security officer, then is framed for a crime, then almost killed, then falls in with carnies, then learns advanced combat techniques/escapism/lookin' like an idjit', becomes a superhero, and, finally, foils the villain's nefarious plan within an hour. I'm winded just thinking about it. The lead character is tied to a circus, despite his concerns being in Palm City. This would only make sense, and barely at that, if circuses never traveled. Keith David playing Max Malini is nonsensical, if for no other reason than the name. Couldn't the writers have rethought the character to fit the actor at all? And real escape artists cannot disappear right in front of your eyes and in full light, by turning into smoke. That would be hard magic, not escapism or illusionism. Why would a hardened criminal choose to tie up an attacker, wearing a hooded cloak, in chains and throw him off a boat instead of using a gun to shoot him dead—and then throw him overboard? These are many, but not all of the problems with the script.

"The Cape" needs to be cancelled now. If it doesn't make it to four episodes, then it may be realized as a dud and forgotten about. But, should it reach six before the plug is pulled, and it will be, people may remember it and superheroes might carry a prime time stigma. Seeing as how this is the first true superhero show since "Lois & Clark", it would be a shame for this drivel to ruin the possibilities of other, more deserving properties getting some face time.

Imagine a live action Daredevil show. If done properly, it could merge the legal thrills of "The Defenders" with the high octane action of a Jet Li film. What about a primetime show focusing on Robin (Tim Drake, not Dick Grayson)? It could marry the teen drama of "One Tree Hill" to the kind of excitement found in "The Dark Knight". You can't tell me shows like this wouldn't be good for anywhere from a 60 to 80 share in primetime. However, should "The Cape" be allowed to run long enough to sour the public and the studio heads on this specific type of property, this could very well be the last time a show like this airs for another ten plus years.
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The Cape after 2 shows
BadabingNL11 January 2011
The Cape has been either a very good comicbook or an even greater recast of the book(if there is any :) Well yes i think this has the potential to attract the best actors (if it hasn't already: Summer Glau ftw) and directors. But what i like about this TV show is that its just very easy to watch and with the right actors in place. I can't say it's absolutely a TO_WATCH show, cause i've only seen 2 shows. But i will say again it's has the potential to be very good. So the 5.9 is not correct in my opion. It will go to 6-7 at the very best. So i hope this show won't get cancelled like all the others good shows.

Until then i'm praying this show won't. So for all u action/thriller fans, The Cape is an definitely TO WATCH show!
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An interesting and fun show
lowdefinition12 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
OK, much is written negatively about this show but I say, give it a chance to develop and define it's characters so you can get into the thick of things. It is not a movie, so being a TV series, it has the opportunity for growth and disclose more details and background to the storyline. I want to find out how our hero lets his family know he is still alive and what kind of military training did he have to help him survive in dangerous situations; how he will unmask the villain and what made him become evil; who this girl Orwell is and why she is helping him; will he have some communication with the jail director character; who are these circus people. There are many questions that need answers and that takes time, these characters and storyline need to develop. That it has a similarity with Batman and many other comic book heroes, so it does. That is the nature of all these heroes. Too many shows on television are basically dead on arrival because of negative critical reviews which cause sponsors to take away their backing before viewers have a chance to enjoy them. One thing to remember is that it is television entertainment for the people and as one of those people, I feel we so often watch a new TV series and get interested in it only to see it pulled out because networks or sponsors or who knows who or what feels it is not deemed "good enough". Those involved in the production of some really good shows (and there are many defunct ones) that have not made it, have to remember not everyone likes to watch the so called "reality shows", medical or lawyer dramas, vampire shows, adult comedies and adult cartoons. This is the time slot "The Cape" falls into. This show embodies the type of entertainment some or many of us find more interesting, creative,fun and different. When you watch television, it is all about being taken away from the here and now and transported into a world where you are not physically involved in. It has always been called entertainment and in this day and age, we really need to be taken into the world of fantasy - Hey, "The Cape" is a comic book character, watch it, enjoy the adventure and have fun. I really hope this show stays on the air and is given a fair chance. I definitely look forward to watch it. It is a well made show with excellent actors who are giving it their all. Good luck to "The Cape".
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Action Filled & Emotion Filled
shawnhyphenray10 January 2011
First off, I have no idea why this show got that one terrible review...someone must just not like a good story.

The Cape is probably going to be one of the best shows starting up this season on television. It is filled with actions that was pulled off very well, along with a lot of emotion between the main character and his family.

Even though it may not to a completely original idea, there isn't really another show on television like it.

The show also has good acting, good plot, likable/unlikeable characters, and David Lyons pulls off the "superhero" look very well.

Overall, this is a show I'm going to continue watching and hope will not be cancels, although I don't see it being canceled mid-season.
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This Show is Terrible
synther-956-33724821 January 2011
Of the last ten years, this show would have to be ranked number one on the worst list. It's just awful. The writing is bad, the acting is bad, the SFX are bad...there is literally nothing good about it. Everyone involved on this project, including those at NBC that approved it, should be ashamed of themselves.

The lead character suffers from the standard over-the-top do-gooder syndrome that every television cop and D.A. suffers from. Though he pulls it off in a really bad and campy kind of way, rather than the "I want to puke your so GOOD," kind of way that you see of Eliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU. Likewise, The Cape's wife...err...widow?...whatever, suffers from the same standard overworked D.A. "oh my god, I can't protect them all" syndrome. The actual cape itself is shaping up to be it's own character and the writers have already gone back on what they originally said. Originally, the cape was stated to be weighted, able to stretch and flex, and was spun from spider silk making it stronger than Kevlar. OK. That's a little far fetched but it is somewhat in the realm of believability. With the episode titled "Kosmo," the cape suddenly grants superhuman strength and is able to rip a closed door off a truck. When was that ability added in? Oh, right...never. It just looked good and the writers suck horribly.

Believe this: If you watch this show it will be an hour of your life you will never get back and you are most likely going to miss that hour.
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Great cast in a dark comic book crime drama
comedyshorts-112 January 2011
Family man Vince Faraday(David Lyons) is a cop framed for a murder by master criminal Chess(James Frain). With the law in pursuit, he is believed dead after an explosion.

A group of Carnival people find and train him to become his son's favorite super hero. As THE CAPE, he tries to reclaim his identity and his world.

Great casting down to the smallest part.

Bear McCreary's excellent music score reminds me of the 90's series "The Flash".

"The Cape" is a great show with future potential in up coming episodes.

I hope the network gives it a full season to prove it.
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The Cape, Loved IT!
brietsch10 January 2011
Just Watched the Cape, Gong to be a fun show! The story Line was cool.I did like the way the Cop was first introduced to the Cape the way it blow slightly in the wind as if it was calling him, That was cool. MY Favort is the way he dose his disappear act in a cloud of black smoke, his gone!Can wait to see more.The action is fast pace and cool to watch that cape do its magic. The humor is done will too, I laughed when the store manager asked his name, He said back " the cape!" Store guy looked a little confused then said, "The Cape?, you will work on it." I Love It, Hope to see more Fun stuff like that and its nice to see fun Popcorn show on TV once again! Keep up the Good work NBC!
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Summed up in one word, horrible
Placiddragon10 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was very interested in this, not because it was a superhero type of show, but because it had Keith David and Summer Glau in it, both actors i really like.

After torturing myself through the pilot episodes (yes, i had to fight the (at times overwhelming) urge to turn it off), i can easily say that i wont be returning to see the next episode.

To avoid spoiling any specifics for people who are planning on watching the show, i'll keep it to very general terms.

I found the acting of the entire cast (with the exception of Keith David, but he is far from a show saver) horrible.. beyond abysmal really. When you on top of that add corny dialog chock full of clichés, it gets unbearable.

There are some fun moments, but overall the entire thing was a huge letdown. How on earth could the TV execs green light this thing, was that the best they had ?
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The Cape
zonker110 January 2011
I collected Comic Books for over twenty years. I love the genre and am happy to see new TV shows and films on the subject getting better all the time. The Cape had some decent acting. Everything else about it made me feel physically nauseated. The story felt amateurish and easily predictable. It was slow and had little content. It seemed that the actors directed themselves instead of following anyone's vision. There was obviously a decent budget but the story is painfully weak. My 'supension of disbelief' is high, but could not begin to believe this drivel or empathize with the characters. I actually started this account because I felt such disappointment in this show.
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Put the Cape back on the rack
austinights10 January 2011
I love great TV and this is simply not it. I always give a pilot a fair shake, because I want to be entertained, particularly these type of shows. For example, I really enjoyed HEROES when it came out on NBC, then went back in its second season. This show shouldn't even make it to January 17th 3rd episode, because its just bad all the way around. I have no vested interest in any of the characters, the plot is dumb and poor copycat and the editing is at best 'troubled.' The only thing I liked in the show is the music used in various scenes. I don't need to write anymore, because the numbers from viewers will hang this cape out to dry!
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Brimming with potential if given a shot.
thoughtsintime24 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
To be clear, I've only watched episodes 1 and 2 thus far. (hey with only four out and living across the globe where it doesn't air..)

Honestly? There are some things I still have reservations about that they will need to fill in - but overall I really enjoyed watching it.

The main character (while I still think the hero name is a bit too close to lame) was pretty well put together. The actor did a good job and the set up while stretched was really not all that far off from some comics I've read over the years with uber-trained average humans doing beyond unthinkable. And here he got his ass-kicked a bit too so he's not exactly batman yet. Summer's character is obviously in need of more exposure to judge but she was alright.

*Potential spoilers ahead*

The biggest plus points for me in the show were:

1) the sense of humour, which was mixed in brilliantly with the action and the seriousness without really taking away from them and making it an out and out comedy. 2) the circus of crime thing, well handled and interesting setup idea - love the leader and the little guy. The little guy is hands down the coolest character on the show so far! Cheesy loved how he kicked Vinnie's a*se!

Shows like this show a genuine desire to make it great - I feel about this the way I did about Birds of Prey, a show that comes so close to the world that thus far only comics have been able to create but not entirely there.

I hope this gets a chance to finish out the first season at the very least because I think there is definitely potential here.

BoP came damn close but never got the chance to better itself. With any luck this show will be allowed to carry on and as is I think its learnt from some of its predecessors.
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Ridiculous nonsense
PhatDog11 January 2011
After a masked super-villain sets up a cop as a killer, he goes underground and joins another gang of criminals, so he can become a masked super-hero, with the help of a female "techie". As a super-hero, he fights the super-villain (who now controls the city) and other villains, while trying to clear his name and avoid his family. The first two episodes are full of ridiculous plot points. It has much more in common with the 1960s Adam West "Batman" than the 2000s Christian Bale "Batman". "Willing suspension of disbelief" is largely impossible for anyone over the age of 13. It is very unclear why NBC would put out this product. The tone seems aimed at adults, but with this verisimilitude, it will only appeal to children.
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gray1937-117 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Someone noted the reason to watch this pap was Keith David. I can't disagree that he is good -- and, hey, they fixed that gap between his teeth! (Wonder why that took so long.) Actually, the only reason I can see to watch past episode 2 is the exquisite Summer Glau, and her role is no way as pithy as the emotionless cyborg in "Sarah Conner." The problems with this show are that it is dumb, stupid and boring. The plot is right out of "Robocop," but infinitely slower, and David Lyons is definitely not Peter Weller. I can't imagine an audience big enough to keep this on the air until the beginning of summer -- unless they give us a lot more Summer. Where, oh where, did NBC go?
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Started out mediocre, but seems to be heading in the right direction.
yiNXs12 March 2011
A show about a well trained, but ordinary man who get's an extraordinary cape, which turns him into a superhero. So, that said, I want to add that while watching this, you might want to take it easy with your suspension of disbelief. Expect a super hero series and don't expect it to obey all the laws of physics all the time. If you can do that, this show is definitely fun to watch.

The first few episodes might not be all to convincing though. They were good enough for me to keep following the series, but they weren't great. The show didn't seem to have any direction at first, the overall plot was clear, but not much was done with it. It seemed to struggle between being a modular show, or being a true serial and the story turned in to some awkward mix. I figured it wouldn't last beyond the first season and considering all the things I read about it, I wasn't the only one with that opinion.

Perhaps all that early negative feedback was what this show needed, because the last few episodes have clearly gotten better. It still doesn't seem to be sure what it is, but that's alright now because they've seemed to make it work. I'm actually looking forward to new episodes now.

8/10 + 1 because I have faith this will keep getting better.
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