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1 Oct. 2009
Jonny Smith travels to Transylvania to watch one of Europe's biggest motorway projects.
8 Oct. 2009
Presenter Jonny Smith, Fifth Gear [CH 5], gets personal with Europe's biggest Industries. In this episode we explore Rubber. Jonny gets a hands-on insight into the world of high performance rubber production. From creating the sticky mix at Michelin HQ in France to hand building a tyre for the largest commercial aircraft in the world, the A380. Jonny travels to Toulouse to install his pride and joy on an A380 aircraft before both the rubber and Jonny's workmanship are put to the test, on the runway.
15 Oct. 2009
Jonny Smith heads to Stockholm, the birth place of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, to see explosives being produced.
22 Oct. 2009
Jonny Smith goes off to Poland to visit one of the deepest mines in the world. Also to check out the amazing 100kmpf conveyor belt that brings coal from the face to the surface.
29 Oct. 2009
Jonny Smith heads to Sweden where he gets to construct a truck from scratch and then test drive it in the snow and ice.
5 Nov. 2009
Oil Rigs
Jonny Smith goes to one of the most dangerous environments on earth - an oil rig. He sees how oil is turned into petrol.
19 Nov. 2009
Jonny Smith finds out how super-slippery paint is made to protect ships hulls from barnacles.
26 Nov. 2009
Jonny Smith follows the process of how trees are turned into cardboard boxes.

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