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17 Feb. 2012
In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated
Chased from his bigot home, Sammy has already worked all summer as dishwasher to save up for the second year at the academy, yet he now denies being gay. He also took the job of dorm monitor supervising the new girls. Christian spent the last part of summer on the Webster ranch, nursing a baby kangaroo with Tara, now his partner. Everyone is excited that Sydney may at last host the Fonteyn cup, the world's most prestigious dance competition. Tara wastes her shot at a solo by failing to rehearse properly under scorned ex Ethan's supervision. Miss Raine's super-talented...
18 Feb. 2012
Dream Life
Principal Raine not only refuses to reconsider including hip-hop in the Academy's classical program, but even opposes the students learning some in their spare time. Encoraged by Sammy, who still washes dishes, Christian, who trails for all courses at the start of the new term, nevertheless accepts to teach an after hours class on the premises. Career-obsessed Tara meets young test-ever professional graduate Saskia and goes all the way 'networking early', but Christian doesn't want to be dragged along and fate gives her a grim warning. Abbie is her evil old self again...
19 Feb. 2012
Faux Pas De Deux
Super-talented Ben Tickle joins straight into the second year and expects to be called the Benster. Socially, however, he's stunningly naive, bluntly outspoken, initially alienates even Sam and Christian, but they soon realize his party invitation is sincere. Kat meanwhile gets one chance to win over her new schoolmates by acting as team choreographer, so she commandeers the Academy gang to train her clueless classmates.
20 Feb. 2012
Sammy gets a shot at waitering, but bumbles terribly until he tries doing it musically. Ethan is frustrated being ignored as assistant choreographer, enough to risk that job for a project about frustration, for which he enlist Abby on account of her wicked attitude. Injured diva Saskia starts teaching but allows everyone a day off to prepare a bid for the Fonteyn prize. Tara fails utterly, having ignored Christian's warning ambition must be tempered on account of lack of time.
21 Feb. 2012
The Academy kids divide in groups to perform at the showcase. Benster has a great idea, starring himself and Sammy in a form of Tapdance. Christian's ex Kayla is back and joins his hip-hop act. Sebastian accepted a choreographer job in Berlin, so he'll move overseas. Ethan can keep his Academy job and Kat may move in with him after turning down a 'normal family' suggested by ma Natasha, who plans to retire.
21 Feb. 2012
Like No One's Watching
Sammy gets an unsettling visit from his kid brother, bruised by a bully, but after phoning home gets the full story. Since Sam left home, father Ari turned all the pressure on his last-born to become the next doctor Lieberman, and a ballet brother is a reason for ridicule. Benster decides to enjoy life by ditching a whole day on account o doctor's appointment. Hearing Kat got an dance agent's card, he makes her turn up there and for the first audition offered. It's for rugby cheer-leading, she passes the first test but Ethan challenging her motives wrecks her ...
22 Feb. 2012
A Choreographed Life
Sammy asked Benster to come up with a choreography, but he really wants to impress Kat. So Ben devises a flash-mob tap-dance routine. Because of a ferry strike, he must improvise a version inside the Sydney subway. Christian is hurt when Tara, who always 'corrects him, puts them 'on pause' to concentrate on the exams after a scholarship sneer from the principal. She apologizes after Sammy explains Christian was let down by everyone he ever cared for, but really infuriates him by sneakily finding out his absent father's Facebook identity. Grace convinces Abi to break ...
22 Feb. 2012
It's term exams, notably the pas-de-deux. Sammy flees in his restaurant job, but gets overworked with worrisome marks. Christian is fed-up after his break-up with Tara, but the mates pretend he's sick to cover his absence. Abi, thus without a partner, wings it with Sammy, but makes a pratfall. Only Benster, who sees no reason to practice, shines, Tara is told her overall level is in free fall. Kat fails at math exams, but drags truant Christian along to perform at a children's birthday party.
23 Feb. 2012
The Break
The Bensta uses his "new tattoo" as a tool to impress Kat. Sammy insists they all get one and he convinces a reluctant Christian. Ben finally admits that his tattoo was a fake.
22 Feb. 2012
Good Life
After the term exams and party, most pupils buckle down to prepare a Fonteyn prize entry. Sammy however isn't even allowed to join, as he can't pay the entrance fee and isn't eligible for a scholarship while a legal minor. Christian tells Tara she played too hard to get, it's over. Abi is ordered to apologize and resume therapy after other girls' dancing shoes have been ruined, despite her protestation of innocence and accusation toward Grace. Sammy's option to file for emancipation goes on hold when he's called home for grandpa's funeral. The low-key but grim ...
22 Feb. 2012
Self Sabotage
Sammy is assigned a big-shot tutor, Oliver, but has a hard time convincing the arrogant guy they both need to deliver. Inviting Ben and Christian to her last training is Kat's first error preparing for the Paris Moulin Rouge, when she fails to abstain for partying all night the contract prospect is canceled. Grace gets Tara to record on camera Saskia's utterly nonconstructive criticism and post it on the Internet, to the principal's fury.
22 Feb. 2012
Breaking Pointe
Benster witnesses how vindictive Saskia resorts to physically hurting Tara by forcing her at the barre. Christian volunteers to help her tend to the strains and lend moral support when she seeks outside medical advice, but is kept in the dark when the diagnosis is spine risk. Sammy helps Kat beleaguer the principal until she's given permission to audition, albeit only to repeat year one, while she hoped to rejoin the gang.
26 Feb. 2012
Benster and Christian 'spice' the audition by adding a bet and cocky talk by walkie-talkie. Those accidentally reveal that Christian and Kat, whom he secretly gave a cuddly toy as moral support, aren't quite over each-other. Abigail discovers Saskia, who convinced her to dance Red Shoes, really sabotaged Tara out of envy and kisses Ethan before performing his original piece instead. Kat is readmitted despite a dubious audition. Tara ignores medical advice and collapses during her audition as the drugs wear out. Found out having consulted an external doctor, she's ...
27 Feb. 2012
Rescue Mission
Benster does a better job than Tara's father, farmer Neil Webster, attempting to get her interested in moving on. Still she soon reneges on her promise to help him with the annual benefit production at the children's hospital where he once was long-term patient himself. Ethan's Academy post isn't prolonged so he considers an offer in Spain. First year students refuse to make friend with Kat, believing she's the seniors' worst schemer and looking up to Abi, while Sammy and Benster avoid Kat since discovering she's not over Christian.
28 Feb. 2012
Moving On
Actually still unsure about his prospects in Europe, Ethan looks for a job in Sydney. After several failures, Abi's friend Fin instantly wants them after an audition for his musical project, even invites them into his jury. The gang celebrates on a yacht, but after a tough love-push from Abi Ethan decides to leave for Barcelona anyhow. Tara's spinal injury heals well enough to apply for returning to the Academy. She's allowed but refuses until Saskia apologizes, which is refused. Although the gang convinces the principal, she can't prove abuse, but ultimately the ...
29 Feb. 2012
An assignment to devise and perform a piece expressing what made them to themselves causes the student to ponder, soul-search and change their minds. Benster first takes Tara's cue by performing how he handle cancer as a child, then decides hating still being treated differently after remission requires his trademark cheerful approach. Sam gets a shot to qualify for the Fonteyn prize in his home state's regional final. He gets tutor Oliver to drive him, but they take offense at different attitudes to outing. Christian came along, allegedly to get a custom-made ...
29 Feb. 2012
Love and War
Hostile acts from the first year, which submits the gang to inverse hazing such as a nightly food fight raid, leads to a hip-hop dance battle dare. The gang appeals to Oliver as coach, but Sammy rather shamelessly exploits the senior's crush on him without reward, not even a bonding party invitation. The newbies have a better party, with jacuzzi. Kat seizes her chance to be a 'real first year', Abi just enjoys coaching the enemy. Grace tempts Tara to abuse her protected status after Saskia by ditching (together) and drinking spiked juice, which bring out Tara's nasty ...
29 Feb. 2012
Catch Me If I Fall
Teacher Zach commandeers the gang to spend the weekend learning body-control in his wife's circus. Christian happily escapes when biological father Ron arrives in Sydney unannounced, is disappointed again but finds the courage to fight for the prize as Zach's favorite. Sammy insists to face his acrophobia, but can only really deal with his outing-insecurity-caused rift with Oli.
1 Mar. 2012
The Naturals
Zach is not amused with natural talent Grace's nonchalance, while she feels ignored, but that changes when he agrees to give her a real challenge in private lessons to his own staggering standard. Striving musical producer Finn wants Abi to star in his dream project 'Review', but she refuses, claiming she's not a singer, however good at it according to Ethan. She gradually changes her mind seeing her inept replacement, jumps in to correct her and ultimately accepts the lead.
1 Mar. 2012
Tick, Question Mark, Cross
A bad cold is going round. Only Christian learns that Ben's uncharacteristic, almost hostile attitude stems from worse: his cancer may be returning. The gang and principal are shocked when a staff e-mail is leaked concerning their Fonteyn prize prospects. Top-rated Grace takes the blame although doubt-marked Abi did it. Being scolded insensitive and un-encouraging, Oli's attempt to sooth Sammy's inferiority complex backfires. Abi's ma and childhood-coach arrives, insisting to overrule Zach's professional instructions. She also drags Abi away from the musical, just now...
2 Mar. 2012
Ladder Theory
It's the national Fonteyn prize final. Ben and Christian rival in friendly psychological warfare, but get steep competition from Tasmanian Slate and Tara feels the meat in the sandwich, so she sabotages the one chance Ben gives her to become a couple. Sammy hears his pa and kid brother will finally attend and know he has a partner, so to Ollie's horror he asks Abi to play his girlfriend over dinner, which he still ruins. Abi's mother excessive meddling drives her back to Finn's musical, bowing out of the final. Despite sabotage from Slade, Sammy triumphs.
3 Mar. 2012
Win or Lose
After the national final, the non-winners must concentrate on the end of year performance auditions, now for Peter Pan. Christian blames Zach for giving him 'false hope' but is told he didn't go all the way. He seeks comfort in a motorbike lesson, but takes crazy risks and injures a leg. Jealousy makes Sammy and Oli break up again. Manipulative Grace expects Tara to lie 'witnessing' Zach supposedly stole a kiss from her, while it was the other way around, but is found out and shipped back to London.
4 Mar. 2012
Love It or Fight It
The Peter Pan leads go to timely recovered Christian, Ben, Kat and Abi. Ben spares no effort to win Tara, ultimately overcoming her insecure claim he's just chasing what he can't have any more. Fin convinces Abi she should have a life beside show-business, so she accepts a date in an aquarium and calls 'markers' on Sammy to coach her, amazed by his general knowledge. In her absence, supposedly sick, Tara can train for her part.
5 Mar. 2012
The Prix De Fonteyn
Sammy decides to dedicate his Fonteyn prize modern piece to ballet friendship, so brilliantly even Abi applauds. Ben now coaches Tara. Christian is persuaded by Kat the declare his feelings in case she wins and transfers to Moscow. Grace arrives, surprisingly on the British team, taunting Tara who makes a fool of herself reporting what turns out another fib. The gang is crushed when Christian is told Sammy was killed in a car accident, just before his great day.
6 Mar. 2012
The Second
Memories of quaint, cute, smart Sammy abound during and after his funeral. Oli holds the eulogy, but his cardigan is denied as keepsake by Christian, who blames his blunt break-up while feeling somehow guilty he might have prevented Sammy's death if he accepted jogging together. Ben gratefully accepts to take over a Fonteyn prize participant, despite 'disrepect' cries from Tara, who even intends bowing out herself from the competition, which is delayed for a week. Even Ethan returns to partake in the gang's own, beach memorial, which Kate plants meticulously. Abi ...
7 Mar. 2012
The Red Shoes
Christian celebrates his 18th birthday, receives a biker suit from the gang and is invited to join father Raf on a Tasmanian road-trip during the summer holiday. Ben steps in for Sammy as Fonteyn contestant, but instead of a personal showpiece performs the ode to dancers friendship Sammy created, inviting the whole gang on stage. Grace taunts Tara, who is coaches by Abi, who pushes her to perform another version of Red Shoes, which calls for expression of girlish emotions and real grief.

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