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  • When their wedding plans become too much of a hassle, Jonah and Riley decide to drive to Las Vegas to elope. But it doesn't quite go as planned because Ella tells Jonah that she has arranged a pitch meeting for him with an important producer who is interested in buying his film that very day. Meanwhile, Lauren calls David after she gets in trouble with one of her male clients who slips her a roofie. Elsewhere, the imprisoned Michael gives David information about Sydney' killer which leads David to suspect Michael's wife, Vanessa, of orchestrating the whole thing. Auggie confesses his true feelings for Riley, when she has a falling out with Jonah. Also, Amanda bonds with Violet over Sydney. But naturally, the evil Amanda has an ulterior motive in getting to know Violet in order to find a stolen painting that the late Sydney has been hiding from her. In a climatic confrontation, Auggie falls off the wagon and starts drinking again, and Violet has a confrontation with Sydney's killer.

  • Jonah and Riley plans to have a quickie marriage in Vegas, Amanda hunts her stolen $19 million painting, Lauren gets slipped a Roofie, Ella fixes Jonah up with a pitch to the top director, Sydney's killer is finally revealed, and yet another deadly confrontation takes place in the swimming pool.


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  • Loving couples embrace passionately. In bed, Jonah and Riley. Playfully chasing after each other, David and Lauren. And Auggie is holding Violet close, their shadows soon indicating intercourse. Morning, and Riley shakes her head staging at the advance copy of her wedding invitation going out to 400 guests. Her Mom's doing, she was divorced, and now at least wants it done right for her daughter. Jonah suggests that there is a way to pre-empt this big fuss. Elope to Vegas for a quickie marriage. Riley says that this would seriously upset her mother. Jonah explains how they could be married, no fuss, no bother, just the two of them. And Riley excitedly agrees to it. They'll leave at 4 PM.

    Ella (hot blonde Katie Cassidy) was pacing about, yawning, unable to sleep, keeping Lauren awake as well, and she is now asked knowingly if Jonah has contacted her yet. But, no, the radio silence has been deafening. She misses the friendship. Lauren doesn't quite understand the unlikely connection, but Ella explains that Jonah just gets her. When Lauren reminds her that Jonah is engaged, Ella pooh-poohs her 'wild imagination spiralling out of control' but does find the idea 'cute'. Former client Rick phones Lauren, he wants another bout, but she is not into dating. He only has to mention 'same business arrangement' for her to agree to a meeting at the Doheny hotel.

    Amanda is in her taxi on her way to the airport, perusing building plans of Melrose Place. She remembers a meeting she had with Sydney, catching up with her in a church. The object of desire Amanda's been tracking down turns out to be a $19 million painting, which she accused Sydney of having stolen. Sydney said Amanda betrayed her, but Amanda countered they were business partners, not friends. She warned Sydney that she would go to any lengths to retrieve the painting.

    Ella meets up with Jonah, with an Ungaro white scarf serving as a flag of truce. She tells him that she can't stand this cold shoulder she is getting from him, and offers him the incentive of a meeting with Curtis Heller, a hugely successful producer, with no less than five nominations for Best Picture. Of course, Jonah is hooked. Ella progams her social profile onto his phone so that she can track him down instantly. He tells her it all has to happen before 4 PM because of him and Riley's roadtrip, and when she raises her eyes, adds that their destination is Vegas, and that they are running off to get married. She wishes him the very best, adding a little joke about getting hitched by Elvis before sauntering away happily with the scarf around her neck. For appearances.

    Vanessa visits Michael in jail, shocked that he had to murder Sydney rather than confide in her that he had an affair. She wants a divorce. Michael says he was there that night, came over to Sydney's to stop her from carrying out her threat to expose him to his wife, but it was too late. He saw the corpse floating in the pool and Vanessa running away, fleeing the crime scene, picked up that bloodied necklace, and hid it to protect Noah, who would have been traumatized if the police came to take away his mother. Vanessa indicates that it is a ludicrous story told by a desperate man who needs a psychiatrist. Michael tells her that the forensic analysis of the necklace will show her prints.

    Riley comes to visit Auggie, who is cooking, and apologize. He invites her to hang out with him after they've jogged, but that's going to interfere with her schedule, so she tells him about the elopement plans. Auggie advises her that she is not the same person since getting engaged, and she should seriously reconsider, decide what she really wants. Riley angrily tells him that all she wants is Jonah, and off she goes.

    Michael calls David and tells him what happened on the night of the murder. David doesn't believe him, but listens. Requests of him to go get Noah, because Vanessa is obviously going to take him and skip the country.

    Rick meets Lauren at the hotel. A la Pretty Woman (1990) she refrains from kissing him on the mouth, turning her head away. Says it is best to keep it professional.He wants to introduce her to a new drug called Nexus which would enhance sex, but she declines, as even aspirin upsets her tummy. Unperturbed, he offers her a glass of champagne. She starts getting undressed and moves over towards the bed.

    Jonah is packed and ready, but dismayed to find that Riley is dallying. She assures him she'll start packing next thing. Ella phones. Jonah is to meet up with her at the London hotel. Here (to the tune of Kesha's song 'Blah Blah Blah', and leggy girls sunning themselves) Curtis's interview schedule grants him a breather, and Ella, in her sexy black dress with black leather boots, wangles fitting in a quick meeting with the bright new talent, which she assures him is sought after by others, including the likes of Harvey Weinstein. Jonah pitches his screenplay of 'Living in Reverse' with cue cards in a less than stellar way, immediately boring the busy man, and Ella takes them away from him. He should simply tell it as he told her. But Jonah still clearly fails to impress. The director has heard it all before...

    Lauren experiences dizziness. She stumbles and falls. Lies weakened on the floor. Rick has obviously slipped her something in her drink. Rick offers to call in help, but she just wants him out of there. He shrugs and leaves.

    Lying dazed on the floor, Lauren hears her phone ring, but is almost too weak to answer it. It is David, cancelling their dinner date. She begs him to come help her, barely able to relay the room number, 452.

    Jonah could swear the director sat there sleeping with his eyes open, like a lizard. Ella admits she wanted to take his pulse. But she reassures Jonah that he pitched brilliantly. So at least he entertained her, he quips. Oh well... Jonah accepts being an underemployed videographer, and excuses himself to go get hitched.

    Love-sick Violet paints an Andy Warhol-styled rendering of Auggie. David takes Noah back to Melrose Place, and in a bind, leaves him in the care of Violet. Noah recognizes her as the young girl who tried out to be his nanny. David divulges to Violet his suspicion that it was Vanessa who killed Sydney. He then rushes off after Lauren. Arriving at Melrose Place, it's Vanessa, looking for David. The place brings back a recent memory. Sydney phoned, and the two of them had a confrontation at her place. Vanessa called Sydney a bitch. The redhead responded that Michael wouldn't have strayed had she been more attentive. Spotting David asleep in the bedroom, Vanessa called Sydney a whore, to which Sydney responded that it takes one to know one. After all, Michael talked. Vanessa had slept with David, before she had a relationship with Michael. That was five years ago. And what is Noah's age? Five. Truth out and on the table, Vanessa attacked Sydney, knocking her over a table. There was a struggle for that knife. Sydney got stabbed. Grabbing a high-heeled shoe, Sydney had something with which to ward off Vanessa. She leaves blood-smears as she exits her apartment, staggering down the stairs. Vengeful Vanessa comes after her, knocking her over the head, murder in her eyes. Sydney's body falls into the pool. Covering up her part in the crime, Vanessa puts the knife in still-sleeping David's hand. Back in the present, Vanessa hears Noah's voice.

    At a gas station, Jonah and Riley are refueling their hatchback. Thanks to that bit of technology, Ella locates Jonah easily, parking her sporty vamped-up Porsche-like Mini Cooper behind them.. Brings the news that Jonah has struck it successful at last, Heller has changed his mind, he wishes to buy the script! Ella says Jonah must just come do some further pitchwork on Thursday. Riley says Jonah should act immediately, the wedding can wait. But Jonah wants to get married tonight, the movie can wait. Consulting her phone and muttering something about Amanda returning on her broomstick, Ella hastily excuses herself. Jonah senses that Riley has cold feet about the wedding, and she admits to her uncertainties, and that they are fueled by her sense of being lost being unemployed, and her fear of hurting Jonah. But he has the obvious answer: Call off the wedding. And with that, the relationship. He heads off blindly into the city, leaving a dismayed Riley with the car. He'll find his way...

    David finds Lauren unconscious in the hotel room. At the hospital, he is told it was an overdose.

    Vanessa is knocking on Violet's door. She recognizes Violet as the girl who auditioned to be Noah's nanny. She wants to know if Noah is in there with Violet because she is certain she heard his voice. Violet denies. Then asks a momentarily stunned Vanessa how she could have killed Sydney. Remembering how Sydney came back to her, accepting her, makes the moment all the more intense for Violet. Vanessa insists on seeing Noah, and pulls out a gun. Violet is actually much smaller, but she lunges at Vanessa, and drives her back, and they hurtle into the pool. Struggling. Vanessa's head gets knocked against the side of the pool, and it is all downhill for her from there on, with Violet holding her underneath the water till she drowns. In the closing stages of this fight, Amanda appears, and sees Violet emerging from the water in a shocked state. VIolet explains to her that Vanessa killed her Mom. She comforts her. When questioned by Detective Rodriguez a while later, Violet testifies that Vanessa pulled a gun out of her purse, and Amanda, as the sole witness on the scene, backs her up. Violet thanks Amanda profusely, and Amanda assures her that the day will come when she could do something for her in return.

    Riley tells Auggie she did not get married to Jonah, that their relationship is over, and Auggie feels there is a flickering of hope for him. He tells her better that it should happen now than later. He tries kissing her to see if there is any chance for him, but she backs off. They do get seen by Violet watching them wistfully.

    Jonah meets up with Ella, tracking her as she tracked him. He informs her of his breakup, and laments that Riley just never got him after all. She reminds him of his big success, and, yes, this is the best day of his life, and he feels he should celebrate with someone who gets him. Ella. She just warns him that she doesn't want a one-night stand, only the real thing will suffice, and he is totally up to it.

    Violet burns the painting she has made of Auggie. Auggie, in turn, rejected, turns to the bottle. Riley weeps over mementos of lost love. David waits forlornly by Lauren's bedside, she remains unconscious. Spying on Violet, Amanda has big plans hunting for her $19 million quest. Jonah is passionately embracing a black lingerie-clad Ella. They move towards the bed.

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