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With her wonderfully expressive face, Clarke carries the picture, navigating her character’s gradual transformation with grace and conviction.
Washington Post
The film looks handsome and expensive, building up a nice head of suspense before sputtering to a less than wholly satisfying conclusion.
The best thing here is the muted cinematography, which caresses the wet leaves and cloudy purple Tuscan skies like an old Italian master oil painting that comes to life. In the desultory Voice From the Stone, it’s the only thing that does.
Village Voice
As evocative as the production design and cinematography are, multiple cheesy scenes with one-dimensional characters undermine Howell’s efforts to spook, let alone redefine a genre.
For far too long, nothing especially creepy or unsettling happens on screen.
Howell’s inept pileup of would-be signifiers — a misty quarry, a family crypt, a philosophical beekeeper — gives way to frisson-free horror and unconvincing romance.
Slant Magazine
In none of its manifestations is grief as tidy and meticulously arranged as in Eric D. Howell's film.

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