"Heroes" Chapter Fifteen 'Pass/Fail' (TV Episode 2010) Poster

(TV Series)

(II) (2010)

Hayden Panettiere: Claire Bennet


  • Claire Bennet : You're gonna slice my head open again?

    Sylar : I've evolved way beyond that. My friend Lydia gave me a much more precise instrument. She could read someone, just by touching them - see into the very depths of their soul. Of course, her methods were a little hyper-erotic but... Oh, what the hell. It is college, isn't it?

  • Sylar : I don't wanna be alone. And somehow, you're supposed to help me.

    Claire Bennet : I wouldn't help you if my life depended on it.

    Sylar : It's not your life you should be concerned about.

  • [Sylar is listing several commonalities between himself and Claire] 

    Claire Bennet : I get it. Okay, we have a few arbitrary things in common. What is your point?

    Sylar : My point is, they're not arbitrary. They're formative. The basic building blocks of our lives; and we have the same blocks. Yet here we are - content college co-ed... and me. How did we end up so different?

    Claire Bennet : You want to know what the difference is? You're a psychopath! Mystery solved.

  • Gretchen Berg : So, Sylar, huh? *The* Sylar?

    Claire Bennet : Yes. Well, no. Kind of the EMO-apologist version. He's had me trying to figure out what his issues are.

    Gretchen Berg : Seriously? How'd that go?

    Claire Bennet : Pencil in the eye.

  • Claire Bennet : I wanna hold your hand.

    [she clasps her hand with Gretchen's] 

    Gretchen Berg : People are gonna start to talk.

    Claire Bennet : Let 'em talk. Talking's good. In fact, I could use some talking if you still have a sympathetic ear.

    Gretchen Berg : I, in fact, have two ears.

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