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  • The team takes on the case of an ailing groom-to-be who harbors undisclosed secrets from a previous relationship. As his fiancée tries to get answers to her many questions, a frustrated team winnows down the possibilities. Meanwhile, House spends extra-curricular time with his Princeton Plainsboro colleagues, performing a karaoke rendition of a Gladys Knight & The Pips classic with Foreman and Chase.


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  • Open at a wedding. We get to the vows and the groom awkwardly clams up. He then grabs his throat and falls over.

    Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and Sam (Cynthia Watros) are in bed together and Wilson wants to "get some." She references House (Hugh Laurie) being in the other room and we cut to House lying on what appears to be a child's bed. A child walks into the room. The doorbell rings and two officers are with House. He tells Wilson "I met the neighbors."

    House tells Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) he got pretty drunk the night before and ended up in the wrong apartment. Cuddy is worried and House sneaks away when Chase (Jesse Spencer) tells him about Ted (Adam Garcia), the groom who cannot speak. House ends up rolling the guy on his side and jabbing him with a needle. When Ted says "ow," House is convinced he was faking.

    House leaves with Taub (Peter Jacobson), who doesn't think Ted was faking. Taub asks House to dinner so he can avoid going home. House says he won't go unless Taub brings Rachel (Jennifer Crystal Foley) and Taub agrees.

    Outside the hospital Ted tells Nicole (Eva Amurri Martino), his fiancé, he feels fine and wants them to get married. He then starts coughing and falls over.

    The team finds fluid in Ted's lungs and they're not sure why the other symptoms went away. House thinks the guy is lying about something and wants them to look at his home to look for possible causes of toxic exposure.

    Taub and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) break into Ted's last apartment. While they're looking around, Cotter (Jonathan Murphy), who owns the place, comes home. He tells them he dated Ted for three years.

    Ted tells the team he's not gay and Cotter just had a crush on him. When they tell him they're going to have to test Nicole for HIV, he fesses up. He did engage in some activity with Cotter but he has now "turned his life around."

    The fact Ted asked the docs not to tell Nicole about Cotter bothers Thirteen. The tests reveal Ted does not have HIV.

    Thirteen asks Ted about how he became straight. Ted went though "conversion" therapy which involved being injected with different medication while he watched gay porn. That didn't work, so Ted was given male hormones and electrotherapy. House orders an EEG.

    Taub shows up without Rachel and makes up the excuse she was at a pottery class. House anticipated this line of BS and called Rachel himself. Just then she walks into the restaurant. House excuses himself and tells Rachel that Taub is taking a pottery class and she should join with him.

    Nicole asks Thirteen about why Ted is getting a test for neurological trauma. Thirteen tells her to ask her fiancé. Following the test, Ted has a heart attack.

    House has the team check for possible blockages or bleeding which could have caused the attack.

    After Thirteen asks House if he wants to join her at a lesbian bar that night, House goes to Wilson's office. He gets Wilson to admit he's been paying team members to hang out with House.

    Ted wakes up and lies to Nicole about what caused the head trauma. Twice in a row Ted sits up and flops over into the bed unconscious.

    House thinks Ted must have Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), which causes heart rate issues when a person moves from a seated to upright position.

    While Ted sleeps, Cotter comes into the room. He tells Nicole that he and Ted were roommates, but she can see Cotter obviously has more significant feelings. Nicole asks Cotter to leave.

    When a more stable Ted wakes up, Nicole confronts him about Cotter. He confesses. He had a brief physical relationship with Cotter, but he is not gay. He says he thought at one point he was, even to the point of considering coming out to his family. At that point he decided to get treatment and was "cured." He starts having massive headaches.

    House wants Taub to give Ted a spinal tap.

    House hangs out with Thirteen at the gay bar. The discuss the similarities and differences between Ted and Taub. Taub and Chase call House to tell him the test reveals Ted does not have POTS and his headaches are now worse. House thinks he has a leak at the tap site and they must fix it.

    They fix Ted's leak and he begins to exhibit symptoms of a stroke. Chase and Taub have no idea what the issue could be. Taub has purchased pottery online to keep of the ruse with Rachel. House thinks they should compare notes with Cotter and Nicole in the same room. Chase and Foreman ask House to have drinks with them.

    During questioning, Ted admits to have some ED issues with Nicole that he didn't have with Cotter. They run a test and determine Ted's penis is normal.

    House seems to have a grand old time with Chase and Foreman but makes a face as they clink glasses.

    Ted has begun lactating. None of the usual causes for male lactation make sense. House asks them to MRI his pituitary.

    House tells Wilson he had fun with Chase and Foreman until he sobered up. This leads House rushing to Ted's room and adjusting his head. When House lifts Ted's head upright, the pain is immediately gone. House tells Ted he has a congenital narrowing of the base of his skull, but that it didn't become a problem until his ECT at therapy. He will be fine with surgery.

    After surgery, Cotter stops by with a gift. Cotter tells Ted he shouldn't go through with the marriage because it isn't fair to Nicole. Nicole comes into the room a few moments later and tells Ted she doesn't want to get married.

    Taub calls off his affair and buys House napkins rings as a thank you.

    Cuddy asks House if he wants to go for a bit to eat. He turns her down. She says she wants to be friends and he responds with "funny, that's the last thing I want us to be." Cuddy walks out of the room and House opens a bottle of liquor and pours it into his coffee cup.

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