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  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It is based on Elmore Leonard's short story "Fire in the Hole" as stated before each episode in opening credits. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season 1

    Thomas Buckley: Gunned down by Raylan Givens after pulling out a gun.

    Dupree: Shot down by Tim Gutterson.

    Curtis Mims: Shot dead by Travis Travers.

    Travis Travers: Gunned down by Raylan Givens.

    Roland Pike: Shot dead by a Mob Sniper.

    Owen Carnes: Shot in the head by Greg Davis, who then made it look like a suicide.

    Mr. Duke: Shot dead by Hunter Mosley.

    Gil: Torched with a Molotov cocktail in his meth lab by Boyd Crowder.

    Mickey: Gunned down along with his friend by Bo Crowder and his crew.

    Bo Crowder: Shot down by the Miami drug runners from outside the cabin.

    Ernesto: Shot down by Raylan Givens.

    Season 2

    Walt McCready: Poisoned from drinking the apple pie moonshine served by Mags Bennett.

    Jess Timmons: Shot in the head by Tim Gutterson.

    Elrod: Shot down by Doyle Bennett.

    Cutter: Shot down by Doyle Bennett.

    Flex: Gunned down by Rachel Brooks.

    Kyle Easterly: Blew himself up along with his crew, not realizing Boyd didn't have the explosives.

    Coover Bennett: Shot by Raylan Givens and fell to his death down a mine shaft.

    Helen Givens: Shot in her own home by Dickie Bennett.

    Doyle Bennett: Took a bullet to the back of the head from the Feds (possibly Tim Gutterson).

    Mags Bennett: Poisoned herself from drinking her apple pie moonshine.

    Season 3

    Delmar Coates: Shot down in a home invasion by Fletcher Nix.

    Fletcher Nix: Shot in the shoulder by Raylan Givens after failing to Impale his Ice-Pick on Givens's hand (not a confirmed death)

    Emmitt Arnett: Shot by Robert Quarles.

    Yvette: Shot by Robert Quarles.

    Bill Nichols: Gunned down by Terry Powe.

    J.T.: Shot in the head by Glen Fogle after being tricked into playing Harlan Roulette.

    Glen Fogle: Killed in a shootout with Wally Beckett.

    Wally Beckett: Killed in a shootout with Glen Fogle.

    Edward Fowler: Shot in his van by Ash Murphy.

    Combs: Blown away along with his son with a shotgun by Ellstin Limehouse.

    Devil: Gunned down by Boyd Crowder.

    Ash Murphy: Passed away in the hospital after being run over by Raylan Givens.

    Lance: Shot dead by Layla.

    Layla: Shot down by Raylan Givens using Lances gun.

    Trixie: Blown away with a shotgun by Tanner Dodd.

    Doc Stern: Blown away with a shotgun by Tanner Dodd.

    Gus: Shot with a gun Raylan and Dodd were fighting for.

    Gary Hawkins: Murdered by Wynn Duffy and Robert Quarles in an attempt to frame Raylan Givens.

    Krystal: Shot during a robbery attempt and died in Delroy's van.

    J.J. Corliss: Gunned down by Delroy Baker.

    Lemuel Briggs: Shot from behind by Errol.

    Delroy Baker: Blown away with a shotgun by Ava Crowder.

    Tanner Dodd: Activated a bomb trigger and blown up in Briggs garage.

    Parker: Shot in the head by Robert Quarles.

    Longbaugh: Bashed in the head with a blunt weapon by Robert Quarles.

    Tom Bergen: Gunned down outside Johnny's bar. Arlo Givens takes credit for his murder.

    Robert Quarles: Had his arm cut clean off with a cleaver by Ellstin Limehouse - Quarles's last appearence (not confirmed death according to showrunner Graham Yost and Neal McDonough)

    Season 4

    Hiram: Executed by Colt, who was suppose to free him.

    Sam Porter: Shanked in the neck by Arlo Givens.

    Danny: Executed by Wynn Duffy.

    Agent Alex Barnes: Shot himself in front of Raylan Givens.

    Pastor Billy St. Cyr: Bit by a rattlesnake that Boyd Crowder brought to his church.

    Max: Beaten to death by Colt.

    Mitch: Strangled by Jody Adair with his cuffed wrists.

    Sharon Edmunds: Killed in a gunfights by Jody Adair.

    Jody Adair: Shot by Raylan Givens after reaching for his gun.

    Frank Browning: Killed by a hitman disguised as a deputy.

    Dave: Disarmed and shot with his own gun by Colt.

    Mark: Shot in the head by Colt.

    Sam Keener: Killed by a hitman disguised as a deputy.

    Arlo Givens: Died in the hospital after being shanked by Hunter Mosley.

    Yolo: Slashed in the leg by Bob Sweeney and bled out from a cut artery.

    Colton Rhodes: Gunned down by Tim Gutterson after raising his weapon.

    Lex: Shot with his own pistol by Raylan Givens.

    Cobb: Shot in the head by Raylan Givens.

    Dominic: Shot in the crotch by Winona Hawkins, they gunned down by her and Raylan Givens

    Nicky Augustine: Gunned down in his limousine by Tonin's firing squad.

    Season 5

    Simon Lee: Shot dead by Dilly Crowe after not paying him in full.

    Dilly Crowe: Stabbed to death by Danny Crowe.

    Elvis Machado: Gunned down by Raylan Givens and Greg Sutter after drawing his weapon.

    Charles Monroe: Shot down by Rachel Brooks.

    Wade Messer: Left to die in the woods after being shot and beaten by Dewey Crowe.

    Lee Paxton: Shot dead by Boyd Crowder.

    Al Sura: Shot in the head by Elias Marcos.

    Sheriff Nick Mooney: Shot at point-blank range by a local Harlan citizen associated with Boyd Crowder

    Elias Marcos: Killed in a gunfight by Raylan Givens.

    Jean Baptiste: Blasted with a shotgun by Danny Crowe.

    Johnny Crowder: Shot in the head by Boyd Crowder.

    Ali: Stabbed in the throat with a pencil by Hot Rod.

    Hot Rod: Died of a gunshot wound from Ali after stabbing him.

    Roscoe: Shot dead by Agent Miller.

    Elmont Swain: Garroted by Jimmy.

    Danny Crowe: Fell in a hole and impaled by his own knife during a standoff with Raylan Givens.

    Judith: Shanked in the prison chapel by Ava Crowder.

    Picker: Blown up with a carton of cigarettes rigged with explosives by Boyd Crowder.

    Penny: Shanked in the prison bathroom by Genny.

    Jimmy: Gunned down by Manolo.

    Manuel: Shot down in a gunfight with the U.S. Marshals

    Alberto Ruiz: Killed during a gunfight by Tim Gutterson

    Manolo: Shot in the back during a gunfight by Boyd Crowder.

    Daryl Crowe Jr.: Gunned down by Wendy Crowe.

    Season 6

    Dewey Crowe: Shot in the head by Boyd Crowder.

    Lewis Mago: Blown up in the foundry while working on a practice safe after his phone went off.

    Calhoun Schreier: Hit with a heavy haymaker during an interrogation by Choo Choo.

    The Pig: Pushed down a mine pit by Zachariah.

    Choo Choo: Wounded in a gunfight by Raylan and Tim, died later from his wounds on the train tracks.

    Ty Walker: Gunned down by Raylan Givens after attempting to make a run for it.

    Seabass: Shot with a gun concealed in a purse by Katherine Hale, and received a coup de grace to the head.

    Carl: Shot through the heart by Boyd Crowder to cover his escape.

    Katherine Hale: Had her neck broken by a mortally wounded Mike while attempting to kill Duffy.

    Mike: Shot multiple times by Katherine Hale and bled out, but not before killing her first.

    Hagan: Shot in the head in his own truck by Boyd Crowder.

    Derrick Waters: Shot in a quick draw by Boon, later shot dead by Avery Markham.

    Zachariah: Blew himself up in an attempt to kill Boyd Crowder.

    Birch: Gunned down by Avery Markham while being used as a human shield for Boyd Crowder.

    Avery Markham: Shot in the eye during a shootout by Boyd Crowder.

    Crosley: Wounded in the gunfight and given a coup de grace by Boyd Crowder.

    Boon: Killed in a quick draw by Raylan Givens. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season 1 - Bo Crowder and Gio Reyes.

    Season 2 - Bennett Family (lead by Mags Bennett).

    Season 3 - Robert Quarles.

    Season 4 - Boyd Crowder, The Dixie Mafia (lead by Theo Tonin represented by Nicky Augustine) and Drew Thompson.

    Season 5 - Crowe Family (lead by Daryl Crowe Jr).

    Season 6 - Avery Markham and Boyd Crowder. Edit (Coming Soon)


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