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Season 6

20 Jan. 2015
Fate's Right Hand
Raylan turns to Dewey Crowe to help make a new federal case against Boyd Crowder, but he is not interested. Meanwhile, Boyd begins launching new plans that will take him beyond Harlan.
27 Jan. 2015
Cash Game
Raylan sets out to find out more about the mysterious group buying up land in Harlan, Boyd tries to make a profit off the ledger from the bank heist, and Ava is stuck in the middle of everything.
3 Feb. 2015
Noblesse Oblige
Boyd makes the uncomfortable discovery that the man he is trying to rob is very dangerous, and Raylan tries to put the squeeze on Boyd's explosives supplier.
10 Feb. 2015
The Trash and the Snake
Raylan and Boyd separately find out why Avery Markham is buying up all the land in Harlan, as well as the consequences if you don't cooperate. Meanwhile, Katherine Hale pays an unexpected visit to Ava.
17 Feb. 2015
Ava tries to find a way to escape from everything, Boyd decides to stay in Harlan and compete with Avery Markham, and Katherine Hale and Wynn Duffy come up with a plan to see if Ava is an informant.
24 Feb. 2015
Alive Day
Boyd finds a way to keep tabs on Ava while he works in the mine with Ava's Uncle Zachariah, and Ty orders a reluctant Choo-Choo to tie up loose ends after he kills Calhoun Schreier.
3 Mar. 2015
The Hunt
Raylan takes a break from the case to take a visit from Winona and their daughter, Boyd takes Ava to his cabin to confront her about her loyalty, and Ty is on the run without any help after the shootout with the marshals.
10 Mar. 2015
Dark as a Dungeon
Raylan begins to break his ties to Harlan as he pursues a new lead and makes a new alliance to take down Boyd. Meanwhile, a desperate Ty comes to Boyd and Ava with a proposition.
17 Mar. 2015
With Ava burned as an informant, Raylan turns to the informant who got Katherine Hale's husband killed to bring down Boyd, who suddenly gets an unexpected ally in the fight against Avery Markham.
24 Mar. 2015
With Avery Markham and Wynn Duffy's help, Raylan sets up a trap for Boyd. But Ava informs Raylan that he didn't take the bait and offers up a new route to put Boyd away for good.
31 Mar. 2015
Fugitive Number One
Raylan goes after Ava after she shoots Boyd and steals the ten million dollars, but Art calls him off the chase. Meanwhile, Avery sets out to kill Boyd, and Katherine sets out to kill Wynn.
7 Apr. 2015
Raylan and Boyd head for the mountains to find Ava, whose plan to escape with Uncle Zachariah has hit a dead end. But will Avery Markham get to her first?
14 Apr. 2015
The Promise
Raylan is captured by the authorities, but Art reluctantly lets him go and puts him back on the case. Avery gets to Ava and questions her about his missing money, but she winds up leading Boyd straight to them.

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