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16 Mar. 2010
Fire in the Hole
Marshal Givens returns home and is assigned a case involving an old friend from his coal mining days who has become a white supremacist and blew up an African American church.
23 Mar. 2010
Raylan hunts an escaped prisoner who is determined to reunite with his ex-wife...and his stashed fortune.
30 Mar. 2010
Raylan comes to the aid of a bookie informant, who has been kidnapped by one of his collectors and one of his delinquent clients.
6 Apr. 2010
Long in the Tooth
Raylan and the mob compete to capture a fugitive, Roland Pike, racing to the Mexican border.
13 Apr. 2010
The Lord of War and Thunder
Raylan's surveillance job on a fugitive is interrupted when he is forced to deal with his troubled father, who is causing mischief for a drug dealer who is renting from him.
20 Apr. 2010
The Collection
Raylen turns to an art collector to help bring a criminal to justice, but the case soon turns to a murder investigation. Meanwhile, Raylen's ex-wife turns to him for help, and he turns to Boyd Crowder to gather dirt on his father.
27 Apr. 2010
Blind Spot
Raylan and Ava survive a hitman's attack, and Raylan suspects that the Crowder family is trying to get revenge on Ava. But are his own biases clouding his judgment?
4 May 2010
Raylan tries to defuse a hostage situation in the Marshals' office without any casualties, and later discovers that his relationship with Ava could have repercussions on Boyd Crowder's prison sentence.
11 May 2010
While away from the Marshall's office because of a forced "vacation," Raylan comes to the aid of his ex-wife after she is threatened by dangerous loan collectors who are looking for her husband.
18 May 2010
The Hammer
Fresh out of prison, Boyd Crowder begins his mission to bring "religion" to the backwoods. Meanwhile Raylan starts trying to make a new case against Boyd while working as a bodyguard for a judge whose life has been threatened.
25 May 2010
Raylan learns that his dad's life is in danger because he ran Bo Crowder's business while Bo was in prison and ran it into the ground. Raylan turns to an unlikely source to pin a meth lab killing on Boyd Crowder.
1 Jun. 2010
Fathers and Sons
The marshals are forced to turn to Arlo for help in making a case against Bo Crowder, but will he go along? Meanwhile, Bo is having problems of his own with Boyd, who continues to wage a religious war against his drug business.
8 Jun. 2010
Bo gets revenge on Boyd for blowing up his ephedrine shipment, asks Arlo to help him kill Raylan at the request of the Miami cartel, and kidnaps Ava for bait and insurance against Raylan.

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