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Oka! is a fascinating movie with many free-form charms.
Village Voice
Oka!, a loose-limbed tapestry of cultural nuances, atmosphere, and song, is a tuneful tribute to the Bayakan spirit.
If movies were subject to sanity tests, Oka! would be a crazy old man with a three-day beard and a sock full of kruggerrands under his mattress.
Boxoffice Magazine
OKA!, like the mysterious horn the characters hunt, is a real find.
That the filmmaker at least makes a concerted effort to tweak what in most hands would be an offensively whitewashed dark-continent parable is worth some measure of praise.
If only for its portrait of a land and a fascinating culture, Oka! is worth the journey.
Yearning for an exciting African adventure? Oka! isn't it.
Slant Magazine
As a film stupefied by its exotic setting, Oka! almost drops its walking stick of a plot as it wanders through the Central African Republic's jungle, getting blissed out on the sensuous delights of the surrounding wildlife and local Bayaka music.
The plot is somewhat pedestrian and the dialogue needs more zip. But it's amusing to watch the Bayaka poke good-natured fun at the gangly Larry, who has only their best interests at heart.

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