Ctrl Poster

(2009– )

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Season 1

14 Jul. 2009
Stuart (Tony Hale), an office loner, discovers he can manipulate the reality of his office from a magical computer. He tries to use these powers to tell the girl he loves his true feelings but his immature boss Ben (Steve Howey) gets in the way.
14 Jul. 2009
Ctrl B
Stuart discovers that his computer has other magical functions. He presses Ctrl B and is empowered to confront his immature boss. But Stuart takes things too far and after being fired he tells all his co-workers what he really thinks about them. A security guard prevents Stuart from getting back to his keyboard and being able to rewind time.
14 Jul. 2009
Ctrl Z
Stuart finds his keyboard discarded in the trash after being kicked out of the office. By clicking CTRL Z, he's taken right back to the beginning of the day and summons the courage to tell Elizabeth how he feels about her.
21 Jul. 2009
Stuart shares his keyboard secret with Elizabeth. They have a lot of fun at the expense of Ben but begin to wonder what other powers the computer holds. Stuart takes it too far and copies and pastes different versions of himself around the office.
28 Jul. 2009
Ctrl C, Ctrl V
There are three copies of Stuart wandering around the office. How will he keep it from his boss Ben? Stuart begins to realize the full power of the keyboard.
4 Aug. 2009
Ctrl Home
The multiple Stuarts continue to cause problems for Stuart and Elizabeth. Things only get worse when CTRL Home sends Elizabeth back to the Philippines.
11 Aug. 2009
Ctrl X
Ben is now fully aware of the keyboard's magic powers. Ben and Stuart have a confrontation while Elizabeth remains stuck in the Philippines. Stuart manages to get the keyboard from Ben and sends him to the recycle bin.
25 Aug. 2009
Ctrl Y
Stuart gives young Ben a life lesson in the past but when he returns to the present everything has changed. He is now the boss, but unfortunately Ben is engaged to Elizabeth.
2 Sep. 2009
Ctrl Alt Delete
Stuart finally tells Elizabeth how he feels about her and wins her back from Ben.

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