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Smallville and Zombies?
brussel_sprout-110 October 2009
Okay, I think this was a good episode. It had a lot of moments involving development of the relationship between Lois and Clark, which we know to be inevitable. What was interesting is the previous comments noted by Metallo aka John Corben that The Blur lives apart from the 'rest of us'. It seemed to have an effect on the way Kal El just jumped back into Clark's life. As for Oliver's dark spiral, it only serves as a reminder that somehow Clark is set apart from the world. Jimmy's death inspired him to move on and fight harder, while Oliver struggled with his feelings. The only part I didn't like is the 'cure' part...how does it help Tess?
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Colcatron27 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Here's a great example of the episode writing being much stronger than the story material. It seems like such a waste to have great dialogue wasted on a recycled horror movie plot. You can always expect a couple of dopey genre episodes each year, and "Rabid" is better than previous ones such as Spell, Thirst or Tomb, but that's like comparing mold to rat poison. A zombie themed episode is going to fail in Smallville on concept alone. What makes this worse is the sad attempt to tie the zombie plague to Zod. While trying to build a menacing and serious threat, the last thing you should do is write the main villain into a cheesy horror plot. All this episode did was weaken Zod's threat as a character. Had this aired later in the season, without any connection to Zod, it could have been brushed off as a stand alone filler episode. Instead it nearly derails Zod's story only 3 episodes into the season.
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Dumb action driven story, B movie production but sweet Clois moments and inspiring Oliver's quest
igoatabase10 October 2009
An homage to George A. Romero's work ? It could have been if Jordan Hawley, the writer, thought of Zombies films as society metaphors instead of stupid horror fictions. The production quality didn't help as at times it look liked a bad B movie. The creatures make-up and dynamic filming were acceptable but the lighting was really bad. Dark rooms illuminated by random green and bright white lights with no rational explanation. Of course the idea was to make some scenes scary but I think the director miserably failed to render the appropriate ambiance. Even the reference to 28 Days Later right at the beginning was disappointing because they chose to copy and paste a scene instead of simply using it as an inspiration. The plane caught in a storm visual effects were also really poor. But from time to time I have to admit that it was decent entertainment. First there were some nice Clois moments and beside the action characters were developed. A scene with Lois was specially interesting as she told someone how she felt about the Blur. However I think this time it's Oliver who deserves our attention because his scenes with Clark were fascinating. In fact I think what he said about the Blur had never been covered before and his words should appeal to viewers fond of religion and symbols. The dark path is on also reminds me of Jimmy in season 8 and the issues he had to deal with. I can't wait for him to get better because I think other characters have a lot to learn from him. But again I question the morality behind the show because when one character has a problem it seems others just give up on it instead of helping it. Is it to bring more drama ? Probably but I wish the relationships were less superficial, specially considering their history and deep connections. But as first mentioned I think the biggest issue was the story itself. When Metallo injected some emotions to the Zod arc, Rabid mostly brought confusion and irrational elements. But somehow even if the cure to the disease wasn't original it was at least an excuse for an other great Clois scene.
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There is not much we can let slide when one of our favorite series turns into a slight remake of another film, series be it.
maine_31022 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I was actually intrigued by 'Metallo' even though there were the 'blah' moments it was still a part of consistency embedded into the Season 9 approach. I actually expected to see a bit more of Zod and get some questions answered about Lois' dream, but when this episode opened with a shirtless Clark running out into a deserted town and a drooling Lois, I remember turning away from the television and letting off a deep sigh saying 'They didn't just do that'.

Maybe this sci-fi-horror-action filled episode was placed in the third episode slot for a reason. They needed to develop Zod's plot since he's barely getting enough screen time. The writers probably wanted us to shiver at the thought that this is what Zod is capable of to bring the Krptonion to front view. The writers possibly believed that they could use the hype from '28 Days Later' and maybe a dose of 'Resident Evil' to draw out the intensity in the plot, that 'Smallville' could pull it off, but I really couldn't tolerate it. I didn't like Lois' zombie-like side and I surely didn't want to have that image lasting in mind.

The only thing commendable for the writers would be their take on Lois and Clark and bringing them closer together, what better than a horror movie shaped into a series format, to get them working together.

As much as I appreciate their moments, there cannot be lapses like this again. There is only so much I tolerate, especially with the shows I admire.

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