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First Look: R. Shanea Williams' Horror Short, 'Paralysis'

In September we reported on the casting updates for writer/director R. Shanea Williams’ horror short “Paralysis.” Not wasting any time, Williams shortly thereafter went into production and has now graciously shared with S&A an exclusive first look at the trailer. “Paralysis” stars Nia Fairweather ("The Roe Effect") as an emotionally fragile photographer with a sleep disorder, who moves into a new apartment and fears she may be haunted by a supernatural entity. The film also stars Antoinette Lavecchia (“The Sopranos”), veteran actor Dk Bowser (“30 Rock”), and the always memorable Nedra McClyde, who recently appeared on the new Netflix series “Jessica...
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Short Horror Film ‘Paralysis’ Sets Talented Cast Into Place; Nia Fairweather to Star

Good news coming out of the horror realm from one of the African-American led production companies already established in the genre. The psychological horror film “Paralysis” has recently completed its casting, presenting a mix of rising stars and familiar faces. Leading the cast is Nia Fairweather, star of the award-winning short film “The Roe Effect,” in addition to her roles in “The Girls of Summer,” and “Oordeel,” the latter of which she wrote and produced. Fairweather takes the lead role of an emotionally fragile woman who moves into a new apartment. As she is plagued by a sleep disorder, she fears that she may be haunted by a supernatural entity. ...
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Killer Talent: A David Fincher Profile (Part 3)

With his latest film The Social Network in cinemas this month, Trevor Hogg profiles the career of director David Fincher in the third of a three part feature... read parts one and two.

“When it became apparent that I wasn't going to be involved in Black Dahlia [2006],” stated director David Fincher, “I didn't go, ‘All right, find me another obsession tale.’ I wasn't looking to make another serial-killer movie. But when I read Zodiac [2007], I just thought I'd hate to see this and not have been involved.” Based on the book by former San Francisco Chronicle political cartoonist Robert Graysmith, the movie centres around the police and the author (Jake Gyllenhaal) trying to unravel the identity of the multiple murderer who during the late 1960s and early 1970s sent taunting letters and ciphers to newspapers. “Growing up in [the Bay Area's] Marin [County] in this time, there were a lot of questions that had never been answered for me,
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