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  • Although it's never explained in the film, it's presumable that when Blu (still a baby) and other captured birds were smuggled from Rio and imported to the United States, the company usually responsible for sending exotic birds to local pet shops would have records of every bird species in their inventory. Tulio supposedly had done his research and called every company that distributes specified birds to local U.S. pet shops, narrowing the possible locations down to Moose Lake, Minnesota. Another possibility is that Linda posted Blu's picture on the Internet with the caption reading Blue Macaw or, while Tulio was researching blue macaws, the book store's blue macaw books came up as a suggestion so he searched its location. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, Rio 2 (2014) (2014). According to representatives of 20th Century Fox, the studio wanted to turn Rio into a new franchise, succeeding Ice Age. Director Carlos Saldanha was interested in a sequel, with fellow screenplay co-writer Don Rhymer help write a script (before his tragic passing of cancer in November 2012). 20th Century Fox has had Rio 2 become officially licensed, where in turn, Saldanha had signed for a five-year deal (which would allow him to helm animated or live-action films) with the animated sequel as part of that contractual agreement. Blue Sky Studio representatives had also confirmed that the sequel was under pre-production at the same time that they were working on its early concepts simultaneously with their 2013 film Epic. In light of the movie's 2012 Academy Awards nomination for "Best Original Song", music producer Sergio Mendes returned to provide new music alongside composer John Powell with additional music by Janelle Monáe. Stars Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway reprised their roles as Macaws Blu and Jewel respectively. When Rodrigo Santoro revealed his return as ornithologist/bird expert Tulio Montiero, he hinted that the sequel's setting mostly takes place in the Amazon (albeit still retaining the suburban areas previously shown in Rio). In addition the remainder of the original cast, Leslie Mann, George Lopez, Jamie Foxx,, and Jake T. Austin returned to voice Linda Gunderson, Rafael, Nico, Pedro, and Fernando respectively. At some point, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky unveiled the first teaser trailer that premiered exclusively at the annual CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The film is broken down through the following percentiles (each corresponding to the minutes of screen time each setting is shown and excluding the run time of the closing credits): 11% takes place in the U.S.A., 17% takes place in the Rio rainforest/jungle, and 72% takes place in the suburban/urban areas of Rio. Edit (Coming Soon)


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