Love, Wedding, Marriage (2011) Poster

Mandy Moore: Ava



  • Ava : Hi... what was all the yelling about?

    Bradley : Just your mother's normal kvetching.

    Betty : Ohhhh... would you stop talking like that! This isn't a production of Fiddler on the Roof!

    Bradley : Would you just relax and stop acting like some kind of meshuggeneh in front of our daughters!

    Betty : What does that even mean? Jesus!

    Bradley : Jewish!

    Ava : Okay, can we just take this into my office... please? Right into my office... thank you... come on.

  • Ava : Okay... okay Betty, we're making some, some progress. I want you both to close your eyes... take a deep breath, and let's try and reconnect... with some of those feelings you had when you first decided to get married.

    Betty : Ava, this Berkeley bullshit isn't going to work on me.

    Ava : Mom!

    Betty : I'm sorry darling... but I'm not going to take marital advice from my twenty-eight year old newlywed daughter!

    Ava : I'm a professional!

    Betty : And you're a hopeless romantic. You've been watching Gone With the Wind every Thanksgiving for the last twenty-five years.

    Ava : It's a very long weekend!

    Bradley : Yeh... and I would give it up honey, Rhett Butler's never going to stick around.

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