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  • Pete's goofing around with Lewis Carroll's mirror creates a mishap in the warehouse with bad consequences for Myka, but there's no time to learn of it as Artie has to send his agents out right away to discover how two small-time crooks are suddenly able to rake in millions at the casinos without raising any eyebrows.


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  • "Warehouse 13" - "Duped" - August 25, 2009

    Pete and Myka fight viciously over an artifact, until Myka knocks Pete out.

    We get an onscreen title 14 Hours Earlier

    Artie and Leena are arguing over him going after MacPherson since he ran Artie through with a sword and it' s making him neglect his real job at W13. Leena seems really worried. Artie says he's hard to kill.

    Pete and Myka meet up in the warehouse. He's playing ping pong with himself with Lewis Carroll's mirror. She tells him the mirror is dangerous. They then argue about her being mad at Artie. She says she's not, he says she is. She says Artie lied to them about his treasonous past, the evil MacPherson and his designs on the warehouse and the danger that puts them in. As they argue, Myka shoves Pete & he bumps the ping pong table causing the mirror to tilt and bump the shelf the Studio 54 disco ball is on which causes the Ball to fall to the ground and starts shimmering and throwing off "I Will Survive" into the warehouse. Claudia loves it and starts dancing. Myka seems to freak out looking in the mirror as she holds it up. Artie runs down, the disco ball is disabled, and the mirror righted. He asks Myka if she's okay. She tells him to ask Pete.

    At the B&B at breakfast Leena tries to counsel Myka about worrying about Artie's past and MacPherson. Myka says she's actually feeling pretty clear and will try to avoid past angst.

    Pete, Claudia, and Artie enter. Artie tries to get Claudia to leave. He gives Myka and Pete their assignment: Gary and Julia, small time thieves who have inexplicably hit the big time. Pete and Claudia fool around. Myka yells at Claudia, which settles them down. Claudia is not impressed with Myka yelling at her. Artie's not sure what the artifact is but it's allowing the couple to win just enough money in casinos without tripping the alarms of the casino bosses. So they need to go to Vegas and track them down. They're all acting goofy. Artie gives them a list of potential artifacts and 10k to gamble with. As Myka leaves, Artie asks if Myka is mad at him. Pete admits she is but that a fun trip to Vegas will cure her. Artie tells them not to have fun. Claudia wants to know what she can do to help track down MacPherson. Artie yells at her to back off because the man will kill her.

    In Vegas, Myka and Pete get all dressed up to gamble. He's impressed. They talk about the potential artifact and deduce it's one item and they have to have it on them for it to work. They decide to each track one part of the couple. They hook up communication with in-ear monitors.

    Back at the W13 Artie and Claudia hoist the disco ball which has been imbued with all the trapped desires, yearnings and cravings of the Studio 54 inhabitants. Artie's not sure how but it doesn't reflect but projects. He says in the warehouse it's just a round, shiny object. Artie apologizes about yelling at her about MacPherson, she says she just wants to pay him back for the help he gave her. As they discuss the evil that is MacPherson, they notice Myka's image in the Lewis Carroll mirror and she's silently yelling "Artie!"

    We see the couple gambling and she tells him it's time to back off, but he's deciding to push it. Myka stays to watch them as Pete tosses the room.

    Artie and Claudia bring the mirror to his office. Leena enters and they show her the mirror. He thinks the flash from the Studio 54 disco ball into the Carroll mirror caused a major "freak out!" and trapped Myka's psyche. Leena tries to lean into the mirror and see if the Myka is alive but she can't tell. Claudia says they should talk to it. Artie thinks that's too dangerous. ("Have you heard of Lizzie Borden?").

    Artie calls Pete on the Farnsworth and asks if he has any vibe about Myka. (Myka listens in through her ear piece). He says he has none. Artie turns to Lena and says "she's fine."

    Pete goes into the gamblers' room and looks as Myka walks around them trying to pick up a sense of the artifact. She thinks it may be a shiny chip he holds. Pete says he's got nothing and Myka lies that she's got nothing either, the couple is winning and she doesn't know how.

    Artie and Leena argue as Claudia enters with a crazy contraption she just whipped up having to do with laser microphones that will allow them to hear what the mirror Myka is saying. Artie doesn't like the idea. Claudia insists that it's really Myka and reminds Artie that they both know the look of someone who's trapped. (reference to the eps Claudia & her brother)

    Pete re-enters the casino. Myka tells him to get some rest. He thinks they should stay together. Seems like he's finally getting a vibe.

    Artie, Claudia, and Leena talk to mirror Myka who says when she gets out of the mirror she's hugging Claudia and kicking Artie's ass. Artie claims the reflection is just that, an evil entity that will say anything and he's not letting "it" out. He shuts off the communicator. Mirror Myka is not amused.

    Leena and Artie do Lewis Carroll research, apparently "Alice in Wonderland" aren't stories but the chronicle of a woman descending into madness that Carroll knew. Apparently the crazy lady's essence was trapped in the mirror, but not before she killed some W13 agents. Artie thinks the crazy lady's essence has melded with Myka and that's what's in the mirror.

    The female thief Julia wants to stop gambling, the male thief Gary wants to keep going. She says he needs to see a doctor. He says since they're paying out of pocket they should win enough to offset that. He says he doesn't care if his hand rots off, he's not going to the doctor. Pete and Myka approach as the pair reach their hotel room door. She wants to take the artifact now. The couple kisses and the man drops the artifact in her purse.

    The pair split up and as the woman turns back Myka kisses Pete as a distraction and takes the Farnsworth. She tells him to follow the girl and she'll stay and watch the guy.

    Leena tells Artie she knows he's not as sure as he thinks. She wonders if there was some weird artifact interaction. He says he knows what happened. They ask if reflections can take the place of real people. Artie realizes that Myka pulls her head to the right when she's mad at him. She is. He goes to the mirror.

    Pete follows the woman sees how she waves her hand over a gold chip and then wins the next turn of the roulette wheel.

    They uncover mirror Myka again. He realizes it's her. She tells him about how she's mad, that she doesn't trust him, and to not treat her like a chess piece on a board only he can see, and to tell her everything she needs to know about this crazy world so she can have a fighting chance. Despite all that she says she thinks he's great and wants him to think the same of her. He leans down and puts his hand on the mirror, she reaches up to touch it.

    Back in the hotel room, what we now know is evil Myka pretends to be a drunk lady knocking on the wrong room door. He calls her on BS. She punches him out and tells him he had his chance to walk away and he won't get another.

    Artie calls Myka who pretends to be too busy to talk. He says her ferret escaped and wonders if she named it so they can call for it. She says she never did. She gets back to the man in the room.

    Pete goes up to Julia and tries to tell her that the chip is an addictive object and is giving her a contact wound on her hand. He tells her she has to quit while she's ahead. She hands it to him. As he grasps it he gets a flash of the next few seconds of the future, he sees how it could be addictive but he says he's going to put it on a shelf and forget about it. (The couple stole it from another man). He tells her to get her husband and get gone and puts the chip in a W13 bag.

    Myka continues to taunt the male half of the couple. She wants the chip not to gamble but to see when "they're coming" for her. She blasts him with the Tesla. Pete busts in and claims that Gary is dead. (Gary plays dead). Pete draws down on Myka and lets her know that he knows she's Alice. The tip-off? The real Myka never would've kissed him. He says they'll figure out a way to get her back into the mirror and the real Myka out. She says no way and then we see the fight from earlier. She Tesla's him, grabs the bag with the chip and takes off.

    Evil Myka/Alice arrives at W13. The chip tells her that she enters safely and grabs a hammer. She goes to destroy the mirror and Artie sneaks after her as Leena and Claudia set up a contraption on the deck outside the office. As she reaches it, Pete distracts evil Alice, Artie sets off a flair,signally Claudia to set off her contraption, which causes the Studio 54 disco ball to go off, Evil Myka screams and is sucked into the mirror and real Myka is transported back out. She hugs Pete. She hugs Artie. Artie says they need to move the mirror to the dark vault. But they can do it tomorrow. Everyone is happy. As they walk away, the disco ball throws off a little shimmer.

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