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MPAA Rated R for language throughout, strong sexuality/nudity, violence, and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Women wear a ton of skimpy outfits throughout the movie.
  • On a band bus, shirtless men kiss women wearing bikini tops (revealing cleavage) and short shorts while they bump and rub rear ends together to music and the scene ends (sex is implied).
  • Two topless women wearing skimpy bikini bottoms are shown swimming underwater in a pool and the camera provides a close-up of their buttocks and the side of one breast.
  • Many semi-nude women lean against clothed men's shoulders as the males sit at parties and the women's bare breasts are shown close to the men's faces.
  • An album cover shows four shirtless men with their privates covered with instruments.
  • At an apartment party, men push a woman wearing only tight panties out into the hall and lock their door and the scene ends and a woman standing inside the door nude (we see full frontal nudity, including pubic hair).
  • A woman wearing only skimpy panties is kneeling beside Dr. Dre trying to get his attention; we see her bare breasts. Dr. Dre is shown grabbing her buttocks
  • At pool parties topless women and women wearing skimpy bikini tops and short shorts dance and writhe. A scene features a row of six women's buttocks (in bikini bottoms) twerking toward the camera, while a man holds his face close to a set of jiggling buttocks and smiles.
  • In an apartment party scene, several men are shirtless and many women are nude or topless and wearing skimpy panties (we see breasts and buttocks). DJ Yella has sex with a woman named Valaria (on a hotel bed) as the party rages around them. (We see explicit movements under the covers and brief full frontal nudity when she gets up.) Eazy-E later is briefly shown having oral sex
  • While on the tour bus, DJ Yella is watching pornography (briefly seen, graphic) beside MC Ren and the other members are annoyed by the audio and then joke around.

Violence & Gore

  • N.W.A member fight with each other due to money issues. Tyron Woodley (UFC Fighter) beats up people.
  • Dr.Dre sees Suge Knight torture a Black guy, half naked with a pit bull.
  • Suge Knight and his goons tricks Eazy-E into meeting Dre at the studio. When Eazy-E arrives Suge Knight and his goons beat up Eazy-E and force him to sign Dr.Dre out of his contract. Close ups of Eazy-E's bloodied face after getting beaten up.
  • Eazy-E pulls a machine gun at some guys. They run away in fear.
  • The opening scene involves Eazy-E being involved in a drug deal and he escapes the house where the deal is. Guns are involved.
  • A performance of "Fuck tha Police" is interrupted by police officers and the members of N.W.A. are arrested. During this scene, the audience of the concert incites a riot.
  • When Ice Cube doesn't get his money from Bryan Turner, he smashes up his office with a baseball bat
  • Dr. Dre witnesses Suge Knight and his goons beat up a man in underwear, as well as Suge beating up an employee after he parked his car at Suge's parking lot.
  • We see the aftermath of the Rodney King riots.


  • The members of N.W.A are known for swearing.
  • Strong profanity and racial slurs throughout, 392 uses of "fuck", 59 uses of "ass", 113 uses of "nigger", 230 uses of "shit", 10 uses of "dick", 6 uses of "pussy", 18 uses of "bitch", 31 uses of "damn", 18 uses of "God", 5 uses of "Jesus", 24 uses of "hell", and 2 uses of "fag"/"faggot".
  • Also, at a concert, Ice Cube tells the crowd to raise their middle fingers.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is consumed almost religiously by one character and is used a lot by others.
  • There is drug use, but not a hefty amount.
  • The opening scene of this movie is Eazy E in a trap house. Weed and coke are on the table. People are smoking weed. Eazy-E smokes weed again with his bandmates in a later scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scary Black thug waits in the shadow for a man. The man is scared and the Black thugs stares at him before walking away.
  • There may be one or two frightening scenes in this film, especially the scenes involving the police and another where a group of gang members intentionally intimidate kids on a school bus. Ice Cube using a bat to smash his label executive's office with frustration can be intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Eazy-E dies due to AIDS.

Violence & Gore

  • Ice Cube starts a fight in a hotel lobby after someone mentions "Ruthless".

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are some emotional scenes, including (but may not be limited to) a scene where Dr. Dre cries strongly following the death of his brother, and when Eazy-E collapses during a recording session and is eventually diagnosed with AIDS. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube visit him in the hospital where he is treated. Eazy-E eventually dies. There is a lot of crying in this scene.

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