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9 Mar. 2010
Amanda puts Ella in charge of a lavish party at her new Bel Air house to celebrate the arrival of her billionaire boyfriend Ben Brinkley, whom buys Amanda's affection with expensive gifts. However, after Amanda sees Ben hitting on Ella, she lashes out at Ella. Meanwhile, Riley asks Jonah if they can start over, but it leads to a guilt-ridden Jonah confessing that he seduced Ella the night before. While Amanda has her henchmen continuing to search the Melrose apartment complex for her smuggled painting, Violet sees that Augie has fallen off the wagon over being ...
16 Mar. 2010
Stoner Canyon
The sexy and catty Drew Pragin arrives in Los Angeles and moves into Auggie's old apartment and immediately clashes with Lauren over his love of high volume rock music. She becomes even more upset when he shows up at the hospital as the newest medical resident in which the brash Drew tries to undermine Lauren's seniority. After Lauren covers for a still-distraught Dr. Michael Mancini over a botched case, he pays off her entire student loan as a reward which leads to her deciding to quit her call-girl profession. But Wendi forbids it out of greed due to Lauren being ...
23 Mar. 2010
Ella is a little overwhelmed by Jonah's constant attention and she eventually decides that couple hood might not be for her. Having accidentally discovered Lauren's secret call-girl job, Michael threatens to tell the authorities and the entire medical board if she doesn't break up with David in which Michael is hell-bent on destroying his life. Lauren easily succumbs to the merciless Dr. Mancini's threat, but David tries to find out why Lauren ended their romance for no reason. In the meantime, David decides to buy the restaurant Coal, but the price turns out to be a ...
30 Mar. 2010
Santa Fe
Ella discovers that someone is embezzling money from WPK and framing her for it. Panicked that she could go to jail, Ella secretly investigates and starts by talking with Jo Reynolds, who realizes Amanda is up to her old tricks again to destroy her career. Meanwhile, Jonah decides to throw a party in the Melrose courtyard to celebrate his newfound success over landing a directing job, as well as to further flaunt his success to Riley. Elsewhere, Jane shows up to confront Amanda for not firing Ella and it's finally revealed that the vindictive and psychotic Jane is the...
6 Apr. 2010
Having confessed about her secret call-girl profession, Lauren begs David for forgiveness, but David refuses since Lauren put her job and career first (as she always does). Meanwhile, Ella schemes to save her job by wanting to hack into the WPK computer files to erase the fake evidence against her that Amanda planted, but Jonah strongly disagrees with her underhanded tactics, so Ella looks to David for help. David's new role as a restaurant owner is put to the test after he loses some of his staff on the day an important food critic has come to review Coal. In an ...
13 Apr. 2010
In the season finale, Amanda officially fires Ella from WPK and cuts off all Ella's severance pay and referrals. However, Ella will not go down with out a fight and she soon finds the stolen painting that Amanda has been looking for and blackmails her for it. Meanwhile, Drew tries to stop Michael from performing a dangerous heart surgery, but Michael sets Drew up to get caught with drugs, causing Drew to be thrown in jail, and out of UCLA. Eventually, Drew confesses to Riley that he had a surgery five months ago by Dr. Mancini which results now that he may die anytime...

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