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No reason to seek out Cop Out
Simon_Says_Movies19 March 2010
What was Kevin Smith thinking? An audacious critic of society and film in particular, and no stranger to poking fun at himself I can foresee, a few years down the road, a sheepish Smith laughing off his involvement in this torturously unfunny genre film. What he may lack in compelling direction skills, he more than makes up for in witty screenplays with equal balance raunch and insight having crafted classics such as Clerks and Chasing Amy. With Smith absent from the writing role there is absolutely no reason to seek out Cop Out.

Calling Cop Out a 'buddy cop' film would be a gross misnomer. To qualify as such, we would actually have to witness some aspect of 'buddy'. Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, who co-star, have absolutely no chemistry and I did not believe for a single second they would ever be friends, or even be able to tolerate one another for that matter. Furthermore, I did not believe for a single second that Tracy Morgan could ever be a cop. I am willing to suspend some disbelief in movies like this but c'mon. This role would have been kin to casting Betty White in Taken. Morgan is a very funny man in supporting situations, with 30 Rock being an apt example (Although that show benefits from Tina Fey's screenplay. If she had penned Cop Out this review could be reading far differently) but as with actors like Chris Rock and Chris Tucker, a little goes a long way.

Then we have Bruce Willis who just seems eager to leave. I have never seen Willis mope his way through a movie like this; all of his roguish charms seemed drained by the horrific writing and familiarity of the gags. To make matter worse yet, we get a horrendous performance from Sean William Scott, also a very funny man, whose character is as annoying as it is perfunctory. Many have been calling this a familiar rehash of buddy cop flicks of years past; I wish. I would have begged for a Beverly Hills Cop XXII over this near abomination.

The plot, in case you care, centers on Willis' and Morgan's Jimmie and Paul, two NYPD detectives who stumble into a drug ring after Jimmie's prized baseball card is stolen in front of his eyes during a robbery. He needs the card to pay for his daughters wedding and as he searches with the help of the criminal by which it was stolen (William Scott) uncovers more than he had in mind.

In summation, this film fails as a comedy, fails as an action film, fails as a breakout role for Tracy Morgan, fails as a return to the cop genre for Willis and mars Kevin's Smith's mostly unblemished track record. Originally titled A Couple of Dicks, the title was then changed to what you now see on the marquee. I can only assume this was a backhanded reference to the state of Smith's creative integrity.

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Cheaply done buddy film
Samiam39 January 2011
Cop Out has a few laughs, but otherwise it's a surprisingly bland experience. It suffers from a generic storyline, questionable performances and the simple fact that almost none of the intended sources of humour achieve the desired effect.

Bruce Willis (an old timer) and Tracy Morgan (a new timer) are an odd couple indeed, but they had potential. The problem is that their levels of commitment to the film are polarized. Willis seems lazy and uninterested never putting much effort into it. Morgan on the other hand, tries way too hard. His larger than life style of crudeness is more clumsy than funny, and he upstages pretty much everyone else in the cast.

After about ten minutes, we have a pretty good idea of how this film is gonna play out, but we go with it in the hope that the trip is worth while. Unfortunately there are more silly contrivances and poorly written lines than there are laughs. The only time when Cop Out is funny (and remotely clever) is over a Good Cop Bad Cop routine that Willis and Morgan have. There are enough action movie jokes to make it clear to the audience that at least Kevin Smith has the self-awareness necessary for satire. But from what I saw, Cop Out isn't really a satire at all. It no better or worse than any other failed cop/comedy. I'm not sure if it's laziness or lack of thinking behind it, but Cop Out hasn't got the goods
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Just awful
frode-le2 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Movies in this genre usually do the trick for me. They are not meant to make a huge impact on you, just give you some good laughs for an hour and a half or so. This movie however, fails in every way possible. The plot is bad and not even remotely interesting. A valuable baseball card that Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) is selling to pay for his daughters wedding, gets stolen from him, and he and his partner, Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan), gets themselves into a big mess trying to get it back.

I don't know what Bruce Willis was thinking when he agreed to do this movie, and watching him on screen makes me believe he had some regrets. He actually looks bored during most scenes, and there is no chemistry between him and Tracy. As if it's not bad enough that Bruce puts on the worst performance I have ever seen from him, Tracy Morgan managed to make me hate his character so much, that I actually hoped he was hurt in the scene where a kid kicks him in the nuts.

To top things off, there are two other "buddy-cops" in the movie, played by Adam Brody and Kevin Pollak. They add nothing to the story except for 20 minutes extra run time.

Looking for a nice buddy-cop movie to get some quick laughs? Then keep looking. Cop Out is nothing more than 1 hour and 47 minutes of your life that you can never get back.
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mildly amusing but not very good
SloberDon17 March 2010
I guess you could call a few scenes mildly amusing but this movie never delivered any laugh out loud moments. It certainly never rings true as an action film. I don't know if they were mocking or paying homage to movies like Lethal Weapon and that's precisely the problem. Bruce Willis was solid but Tracy Morgan was severely out of place. While I find Morgan funny, his act wears thin fast. Also, Kevin Smith experimenting with the hand-held shaky camera craze has to be considered a colossal failure. Maybe it wasn't even intentional but I had to look away from the screen on some simple shots because of the motion. What was he thinking? Doesn't anyone screen the final cut and let him know what was wrong?
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Cop Out : BeatDown Reviews
jwchoo110 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Do you want to know the reason why some people did not like this movie? I'll tell you why. They take this movie too seriously. I mean yeah there are some problems in the movie but then again, nothings perfect.I watched this film and within 10 mins into the movie, I was laughing my butt off. I believe that more people will enjoy this film if they just relax and unwind while watching this film, and to not take it so seriously.

The story is about two cops Jimmy Monroe(Bruce Willis) and Paul Hodgens(Tracy Morgan). Jimmy has to pay for his daughters wedding in order to not look like a fool in front of his ex-wife's new husband Roy(Jason Lee) who is much richer than him. So he decides to sell off his prized possession, a 1952 Andy Pafko card. However, Jimmy was robbed halfway through the transaction by Dave(Sean William Scott). Now he and his partner have to go across the city causing mayhem an violence just to find his card.

Now I bought this film on DVD so there are special features . Just deleted scenes. This film may have a clichéd storyline but it has great lines to make you laugh out loud and Kevin smith does a pretty good job at directing the duo. Although not his best, surely one of the funniest. Bruce and Tracy just have excellent chemistry and that is also what makes this movie shine.
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Much Better Than Expected
tjdurant27 February 2010
I saw this with my 15-year-old son, and we both laughed a lot, as did the nearly-full mid- afternoon theater audience. I have rarely seen such a stark disconnect between some scathing reviews and actual audience reaction.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan have excellent chemistry. Morgan is consistently funny, and Willis goofs nicely on his own image. Sean William Scott is a hoot! You have to see his one- of-a-kind performance to believe it, and don't miss the credits!

Yes, it's no masterpiece, plot, action, or comedy-wise. The primacy of Beverly Hills Cop and Die Hard in the action-comedy pantheon is undisturbed. No new creative ground is broken here. Kevin Pollack, unfortunately, is given little to do. Adam Brody was 10 times better in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, in a far smaller role. But on the whole, the movie does what one asks of an action-comedy: it makes you laugh many times, and it does not bore you.

Ana de la Reguera is also an unexpected treat. Bonita y deliciosa.

Me and my son give it two thumbs up!
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Is this a joke?
mattbaxter721 February 2011
This is supposed to be a comedy, allegedly. I only know that because it's advertised as a comedy, though - you certainly wouldn't know because of any funny moments in the film. It's a buddy cop movie, where Bruce Willis looks as though he's overdosed on Valium and Tracy Morgan makes up for that by doing what I can only describe as a minstrel show routine.

I don't want to get on my high horse about what's supposed to be a light-hearted action cop movie, but then again I didn't want to get angry after a light-hearted action cop movie, either. Angry about Morgan's performance, a gibbering, cavorting, screeching act that wouldn't have been out of place in the days of Stepin Fetchit. Angry about the fact that no one involved seemed to give a toss - in fact they might as well have spent the whole movie just standing there, holding up two middle fingers at the audience.

But I'm angry most of all at Kevin Smith, the director of this piece of utter garbage. He used to be talented. He used to make great movies like Clerks, Dogma, even Mallrats. Yeah, that's right, I'm the guy who liked Mallrats. These days he churns out lazy rubbish and then goes on Twitter and whines at anyone who dares to criticise it. He's thrown his talent away, and he's so wrapped up in the bubble of his own self-importance that he doesn't seem to realise it. By making a film like this, and clearly not caring at all about how it turned out, he's shown his complete contempt for movie-goers, fans and the smoking wreckage of his own career. Well done, Kevin. Well done.
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Crapped Out
Chrysanthepop12 July 2011
'Cop Out' is perhaps Kevin Smith's most 'un-Kevin Smith' film. It lacks the brand of humour his previous works had. Even though he has made his share of bad films next to a few great ones, the jokes usually work. In 'Cop Out' most of them fall flat. The story (if there is one) has no direction at all. The characters are annoying. Supporting characters appear and disappear randomly. In Smith's defence, he wasn't part of the writing department (though he was involved in the editing) and the script is just one big mess. I still wonder why he decided to make this? Even the actors seem to lack interest. Tracy Morgan is completely miscast and he has no chemistry with any of his costars. Actually none of the actors have chemistry. Bruce Willis too is unimpressive. Perhaps he's finally tired of playing the same kind of role over and over again. The title is somewhat right for the movie although I don't think it ever had potential.
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I'll take your badge and gun, Kevin Smith
curren-waters28 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I went into Cop-Out expecting the hatred to be overblown. I'm usually a fan of these cliché action movies as long as they're entertaining, even on a mindless level. But as it turns out, the hatred was not only positively correct, but even though it gets 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, I consider it overrated. It's that bad.

The characters were annoying and uninteresting, and the performances are just terrible. Bruce Willis is dull and uninteresting, Tracy Morgan is like a mumbling Bill Cosby wannabe, Sean William Scott is like a mix between Ashton Kutcher and Jar Jar Binks, and the rest of the characters were just..... there. The back stories behind all these characters are cliché and uninteresting, which just makes the film even more boring.

The humor in the film is just a bunch of obnoxious ramblings and pop culture references, with some unfunny sexual humor thrown in. There's actually one scene where Tracy Morgan is purposely using a bunch of lines taken from movies for no reason whatsoever. They tried to be clever by adding in the famous "YIPPE KAY YAY, MOTHER F*****!!" line, and have Bruce Willis say "I haven't seen that movie!", but it's poorly executed and just comes off as dry.

The cinematography in the film is just lazy. The camera is always moving in circles, there's one or two moments where the directed object is out of focus, and it's especially shaky in the action scenes. It makes the film seem like an incredibly cheap cash-in, which I suppose it is.

Do yourself a favor; imagine yellow "Do Not Cross" banners running around this film.
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Everything you expect it to be, for better or worse
valis6664 March 2010
Saw this film as the first part of a double feature with the far more anticipated Shutter Island following, so my attention was only half there. That's about all the attention I needed, though, as it's a typical buddy cop movie through and through. Not that I expected anything different, mind you.

The whole reason I and likely 90% of the audience were there was for Tracy Morgan. And it was a "classic" Tracy Morgan performance, by which I mean he's his usual off-kilter self, some of his scenes work well and some of them fall flat on their face in awkward silence.

A 50% success rate is more than I can say for Bruce Willis, though, who looked so disinterested I was half expecting him to break character at any moment and announce he had to leave the set because he had a plane to catch for another movie he was filming.

The supporting cast of the underrated Sean William Scott and Jason Lee were their usually amusing selves, while the Latino gang villains, led by Guillermo Díaz of The Shield and Weeds fame, are absurdly over the top and clichéd, almost to the point of offensiveness.

It's a movie you'll probably see on cable while nursing a hangover one morning, or something you watch on a plane because it's light and there aren't many better choices. Hard to recommend it past that.
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kxok63016 March 2010
Toxic waste. As funny as hearing bad news from your doctor.

It's a retro visit to those old buddy cop films, but who is this for? Frat guys passed out on the floor from booze? Stoned nematodes? Middle schooler kids sneaking in through the exit? This is dumbed down so far, that even middle schoolers would roll their eyes.

Bruce Willis just sits around looking bored. He's got some peculiar grin on his face, like some jerk who's pulling a practical joke on a blind person. Tracy Morgan does an annoyingly cheap rip off of Murphy/Pryor/Lawrence, (take your pick). Whining, moaning, stereotyped gibberish, manic babbling delivery. He points at himself and says "look how funny." They're carting around some idiot prisoner who mumbles stupidly with childish taunts, even doing the "repeat what you said" bit. Remember that from kindergarten? It wasn't funny then, either; but at least nobody charged you ten bucks to listen to it for two hours.

Painful. Almost as bad as being seated next to Kevin Smith on a crowded airplane for a 14-hour flight. This one's a wash-out.
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jaketpajor16 June 2011
Smith has yet again gone out of his way to make this movie truly awful. Even for the 80's cop movie "homage" this is trying to be, it really is disappointing. The dialogue is slow, unfunny, and just flat out dumb most of the time. Smith seems to have put little to no effort into doing anything original with the buddy cop movie and it really shows.

If i could un-watch this movie I certainly would. This was a huge disappointment and waste of time! Tracy Morgan plays the "dumb" guy terribly. Well, he actually plays it too well and it becomes very annoying very quickly.

Bruce Willis is of course playing the same role he has played in almost all of his movies. The straight stern tough guy. It is nothing new, nothing original, and certainly nothing fun to watch.
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Anything but a Cop Out.
Mr_Censored26 February 2010
Kevin Smith's first directing gig that he didn't write himself, "Cop Out," finds the director re-teaming with his "Live Free or Die Hard" co-star, Bruce Willis, as well as Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott, who both starred in his 2001 film and quite possibly the biggest inside-joke put to film, "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back."

More than that, though, the film is a brilliant throwback to the glory days of such 80's buddy cop franchises as "Lethal Weapon" and "Beverly Hills Cop." You'll recognize key dialog from the former while the composer for the latter, Harold Faltermeyer, makes a glorious return to the genre with a quirky retro score that sets the mood just right. Bruce Willis plays the straight-man to Tracy Morgan's...well...Tracy Morgan is really just playing every character he's ever played here, but the way in which he bounces off of Willis (who himself seems to be trying hard to keep a straight face in many scenes) keeps it from feeling tired or stale. While this odd-couple/cop formula has been done to death in the past, it works for this film and is done in a loving way that pays tribute rather than re-hashes.

Smith, whose films are mostly talk, proves himself to be a competent action director at times throughout the film. It's funny to think that the man who made "Clerks" made a polished studio film such as this, but it's a sign of maturity more than selling-out, so rest easy fanboys. The script by Mark & Robb Cullen is whip-smart, witty and never leaves you longing for a laugh. Even if you don't gel with the story about a rare baseball card landing into the lap of a high-powered drug-lord, you'll always find yourself laughing along with the film. It also helps, too, that each and every player seems to have had a good time making the film, and that translates into the final result.

One could make the argument that Smith himself could have re-written the film and made it all the funnier, but much of the humor in the film comes from the on-screen chemistry. It's about as good of an 80's buddy cop throwback as you'll get, and is rounded out with a brilliant cast that also includes Guillermo Diaz, Kevin Pollak, Adam Brody and Jason Lee, among others. Go into expecting a simple yet effective way of just how fun an action movie can be. As for Smith, he's shown significant range, and hopefully the film will help break him out from just being the guy who directed those Jay & Silent Bob flicks. Thankfully, "Cop Out" is anything but.
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Laugh Out Loud!!
naman-avastol23 February 2010
What can you expect in a Bruce Willis movie?? Action? Suspense? Thriller? Hadn't Cop Out been made you could never have said a comedy! At least I couldn't believe Bruce Willis in laugh out loud comedy! Hats off to Director Kevin Smith for handling the veteran Bruce Willis superbly! His first directorial venture in which the script has not been penned by himself!

The film also stars Tracey Morgan who with his great comic timing and hilarious sense of humor blew me away!! LOL His best part is while interrogating suspects he recites dialogues from great movies in humorous ways!Bruce Willis again shows that age doesn't affect him in selecting great roles and performing them in a superb manner!

Take my advice: you must try this movie as it will keep you tickling all the time! A must watch!
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A funny homage to the action-humored films of the 1980's
Rodrigo_Amaro10 April 2011
When did we become so uptight about comedies and about things that makes us laugh? When did we become so demanding about jokes and humor? It's a mystery to me that viewers didn't get a clue about what was so funny in "Cop Out", an homage to action-humored flicks of the 1980's but brought into a new decade. This film is light, well intentioned, hilariously funny and with good performances by the unusual team made by Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

Willis and Morgan play two suspended detectives with some personal goals to achieve. Willis wants to pay for his daughter's wedding and he needs money for it, and he would get the money by selling a rare baseball card but it was stolen from him and he needs to get back; Morgan's character doesn't trust his wife so much believing that she has an affair with the neighbor, so he keeps investigating possible affairs. But both of these cops are on the run trying to find Willis card that end up on the hands of some bad guys.

The plot is silly but that's what is funny about "Cop Out". Not only the team made by Willis & Morgan were cool but the team made by Kevin Pollak and Adam Brody as the serious detectives were responsible for the most interesting and funny moments of the film; Seann William Scott goes very well with his usual comedy style, here playing a thief. The only problem with this film is the villain played by Guillermo Diaz, because this guy is so dangerous that there's no sense of comedy about him, it's not funny, and when director Kevin Smith tries to make of him a funny guy it is just too forced, weird.

The 1980's references and the film references (mentioned by the film buff detective played by Morgan) are the best. Harold Faltermeyer's musical score in a moment taken from "Beverly Hills Cop" was a nice and funny reference (you watch the scene and you instantly remember where did they took from). And the references of "Die Hard", "Beetlejuice", "In the Heat of the Night" and many other classics, used in a comic and interesting way but it only works if you know the mentioned titles.

An easy entertainment, simple and very funny. 10/10
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Nothing spectacular...
paul_haakonsen14 July 2010
This movie was alright, but it failed to become something spectacular and memorable.

First of all, I am going to comment on the cast and the acting. As for Bruce Willis, well his acting is great, as usual, and he was good for this role. Now, for me, what really carried this movie was the character that Seann William Scott played, it was hilarious, even though it was just a supporting role. He was so cool in this role and I loved every moment of it. Now, on to Tracy Morgan, well I have to say that I found him amazingly annoying in this role, and I just wanted to reach in there and .... oh well, never the less, I think a guy like Chris Rock or Chris Tucker might have been better for this particular role.

Moving on to the story. Well, the plot and story was good, and constantly moving, so you weren't really bored at any point in the movie. And there were lots of hilarious scenes and moments as well. And there were also just enough twists and turns in the story to make it interesting.

The music in this movie sort of made me feel like I was watching a re-make of the old Eddie Murphy movies "Beverly Hills Cop". At times it was like the music was a remix or a homage to the music from those movies. That was kind of a bit too much for me.

I hadn't actually heard anything about this movie, prior to picking it up for the first time. But of course, by that way I had no expectations to the movie, which I think worked well in favor of the movie. The movie does provide good entertainment, but there isn't much in it that you haven't already seen in other movies. And for me, personally, this is not the type of movie that I would watch a second time around.
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Comedies do not get much worse.
mpg7824 March 2010
You ever watch a movie that contains characters who don't in any way, shape, or form resemble real people? Well, this is one of those movies. It's blatantly obvious that the screenwriters drew no inspiration from real life, and instead cut and pasted elements of other films. You know, like any lazy screenwriter.

I despised this film from the get-go. It opens with an interrogation scene, where Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan play (surprise, surprise!) Good Cop, Bad Cop. Morgan rushes into the interrogation room, spouting a multitude of famous one-liners to the suspect. Now, why in God's name, would a detective who served nine years on the force do something like that? There's no method to his madness. After he runs out of quotes from action movies, he starts quoting movies like "Jaws." How does that make any sense? I know what you're thinking. "It's a comedy!" Still, every joke has to contain an element of truth. Just watch Eddie Murphy's portrayal of Axel Foley in the "Beverly Hills Cop" movies. Though his character is over-the-top and exaggerated, he's still believable as a cop. Because you're able to buy into the reality, you're able to laugh.

Kevin Smith's films all have their imperfections. However, one word you can never use to describe his films is "unoriginal." "Cop Out" is an exception to that rule. I don't think I can name a single moment that wasn't ripped off from other films, mainly buddy cop flicks. It's bad enough that it contains the excruciatingly stale premise of a stuck-up white cop and his loudmouthed black partner teaming up to crack a case. No, we also have the smug rival detectives (played by Kevin Pollak and Adam Brody), who constantly bust their chops. The villains are stereotypical Latin gang members. There's even a scene in which the main villain guns one of his henchmen down in a church, praying to God before he commits the evil deed. Seann William Scott plays an obnoxious suspect, who tags along with the two detectives and ultimately assists them in nabbing the villains. Willis plays a divorced dad, and his daughter's new stepfather (Jason Lee) is a pretentious tool. Stop me when you spot anything, and I mean ANYTHING, original.

Morgan is obviously a talented comedian, as we've gathered from his work on "Saturday Night Live." However, like many in-your-face stand-up comedians, he needs to be kept on a leash. There were way too many moments, where Smith allowed Morgan too much freedom. There's one scene, where he jabbers on for about three minutes about his resistance to take a dump anywhere outside of his home. Wow. Hilarious.

Willis is convincing in his role, because...well...he plays a cop in every other movie! Unfortunately, he's not given much to do, as Morgan constantly upstages him with his unfunny shtick. If the screenwriters had any brain cells, they'd realize that it's just as important to give the straight man some funny moments. Just watch "48 Hours"! Nick Nolte had almost as many amusing moments as Eddie Murphy. On account of that, Willis appears bored throughout the film. Who knows? Maybe he signed on for the gig simply to return the favor to Kevin Smith, who did a cameo in "Live Free or Die Hard." I can't stress how unbelievably awful this movie is. This movie proves that Smith should definitely stick to directing his own scripts. As much as I like the guy, directing is not his strong suit. You watch a Martin Scorcese flick that wasn't written by him, and you can still tell it's a Scorcese flick. Without Smith's sharp and witty dialog, the film may as well have been made by some hack TV director.
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I don't know what theater some people were in.
Elderwillw2 March 2010
I went into this movie knowing what type of movie it was. A comedy. I didn't have some kind of false premise of what this was going to be, it's KEvin Smith. As the movie opens the music tells you right now this isn't serious and it starts playing off possibly every "cop buddy" movie possible.

As it opens Tracy Morgan shines in my opinion, he is energetic and a "perfect match" for Bruce Willis in this movie. Morgan lights up the screen with energy, practically bouncing everywhere. I loved him, as I do from all of his SNL skits and 30 Rock.

If you go into this movie go into it knowing the actors - It will pay off in the end. In the theater I was in there were about 30 people and everyone was laughing, including myself.

Go out and have some fun - nit picking at minor details and going into the movie with that in mind it is actually quite funny and enjoyable.
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Extremely unenjoyable
Chromwagner2 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The fact that the only one smile this film could put on my face - unlike ANY other Kevin Smith film - is the scene with a little kid getting punched in the nuts by a fat cop, makes me sad.

For kids it has way too much swearing in it and for adults, well, it has a weak plot, sh.t music, and very bad acting.

I really tried hard but they didn't.

And BTW people going on about how this is an 80's buddy cop movie, well I agree but they were crap too, especially their music. At least those Beverly hills cop/48hrs/lethal weapon films had some good lines, interesting criminal characters and some sort of plot.

It's way too forced and chaotic, I can't even imagine it being fun making it.

Why all good people go main-stream lose their edges and originality? Yeah, I know the answer, just can't deal with losing my favourites very well.
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Who Needs Jay and Silent Bob?
gryffindor2494 March 2010
I have to echo another reviewer who stated, "I have rarely seen such a stark disconnect between some scathing reviews and actual audience reaction." I just saw this film because I really like Tracey Morgan, Bruce Willis and SWS and figured that for a $5 matinée it would be diverting. It was far, far more-easily one of the most entertaining movies I have seen this year. A great throwback to the 80's cop buddy comedies with great characters, humor and action. I wish Kevin Smith would do more projects like this...he really proved here that he is as gifted as a director as he is as a writer/ director (Mallrats excepted of course...) and it was really cool to see his style and flourishes on a project that did not take place in his Jersey Universe.

If ever there was a flick that made me want to say, "screw the critics" this is it. Go see it and have a great time. I hope word-of-mouth builds this into a box office hit, because they left things open for a sequel and I would love to see these characters again
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Absolutely hilarious!
gansvv1 March 2010
Awesome movie to watch. Hilarious to the core! Easy and light movie with good, cool acting from Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan and Seann W. Scott! I have not seen any of Tracy Morgan's roles before, but after this I am a fan. Bruce Willis brings in the usual tough cop feel but in a light and easy-to-digest role. The part where the cops entire a house and the owner lady comes in to grab the guns from the thief is awesome! The entire theater was down with laughter. Overall the direction was good and the things fell into place nicely in sequence. If you would like to see a comedy and enjoy, this is it. We were all choking with laughter by the end. Even at the very end there is a comical scene thrown in! Must watch movie!
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Really really funny
the_Poppuns26 February 2010
I don't know what everyone else is on, but this movie was one of the best comedies I've seen in years. It's a HOMage to 80s buddy cop movies. But this actually improves upon them, imo. It didn't have that serious section that those did. This was wall to wall laughs. It wasn't just me. Everyone in my theater was laughing beginning to end.

The cast was sooooo perfect. He chose really funny people to fill out his cast all the way down to a pretty small role for Adam Brody who I didn't realize was hilarious until I saw him in 'Thank You for Smoking' where he was just great. I didn't like Tracy Morgan for a long time. I don't know maybe I got used to him. But he's seemed okay on "30 Rock". He's hilarious in this. But the funniest of the funny is Seann William Scott. You should see it just for his role. Susie Essman, Guillermo Diaz, the 11 year old kid, everyone really makes it work. In the beginning Willis looked a little bored, he works as often as anyone so maybe that should be expected, but eventually he got with it and then it was all smooth sailing.

I've seen some bad reviews and I don't know why. Maybe you have to be a movie fan, or Gen X or something to get all the references. And there is a doozy that references a cult favorite that I truly and loudly LOL'd at. I'm sure I missed some jokes because I was laughing at other ones. But I'll catch it when I watch this one again. And I know this movie is going to be super rewatchable. Even the songs they used were perfect. I would only not recommend this to people who have a problem with bad language. But why would they even be considering it anyway?
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this is a satire of buddy-cop films
maxrael10 March 2011
There's a sad truth that the closer you get to satire the less people will get the joke. Reading the reviews on here it's horribly painful that too many people took this seriously. This is supposed to be a satire on the comedy buddy cop scenario! Willis doesn't do too much comedy, painfully aware how much of a Hollywood audience is going to be too slow to get the jokes. This is a decent Willis comedy role as per Moonlighting. It's not a great film. It's an interesting curio in the careers of K Smith and B Willis. At times laugh out loud funny. More often than not, a bit odd. Do yourselves a favour and stream a Stewart Lee routine ask yourself what really makes comedy?
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Kicked off the plane.
Quietb-12 March 2010
There are plenty of heavy people flying. The pilot kicked Kevin Smith off the plane because he paid good money to see "Cop Out".

Not much original in this one. Everything feels rehashed even the bad title. Worse then the title is the tag line "Rock with you glock out in your hand." It's not the band instrument. If that doesn't win it's sure to be nominated for worst tag line of the year.

The writers must have written this on a computer infected with a Tourette's virus. Everyone swore, including the eleven year old kid. There was swearing in three languages: English, Spanish and sub-titles. When the movie has the profanity removed for network television it will be a silent movie.

The homage sequence comes off so poorly that Bruce Willis has to recite the references like plagues at a Passover Seder. Given the option any movie mentioned would be a better choice over this one.

The subplot about Morgan's beautiful wife having an affair felt like filler. If she were smart she would leave him for a better movie.

There's a major problem with tone. It's hard to meld executions style murders with attempted jokes. There was a sweet moment at end when Bruce's daughter mouths, "I love you" to her father. The short sequence during the credits had to come fast because they knew the audience would rush out of the theater.

It's a stretch to call it a film because it looks like it was shot on video with most scenes lit by flashlights. There were a few unnecessary dissolves that looked like they were done in the camera because it could.

Tracy Morgan worked hard. Bruce Willis phoned in his performance. He actually looked bored during the stupid banter scene in the car with Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott. Bruce you are at the stage in your career where you need to be careful. Soon instead of the Paul Newman roles you'll get the Lloyd Bridges or Wilfred Brimley gigs.

The best thing about this movie were the other movie trailers before it.
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No laughs, really bad
mikehzz21 March 2010
I'm a Bruce Willis fan....what was he thinking? The only time my wife and I laughed was when we turned and looked at each other wondering why we were still sitting there watching this rubbish. The supposed funny stuff came directly from the infant's school comedy handbook, all naughty words, repeat everything I say and toilet jokes. Its highbrow stuff and a little scary to me that people in the audience were laughing at it. Tracey Morgan couldn't be more annoying or unfunny. The movie had a lot of close ups of him drooling from his bottom lip or spitting as he talked. Is this one of his specialties? It seems that excess saliva is hilarious to some people. Bruce, usually entertaining, just phoned his performance in I'm afraid. What a waste of time.
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