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I Liked Leno on The Tonight Show but the new show is LAME.
KoshNaranek2 December 2009
Jay's monologue seems to have suffered in the transition from "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to this new show. The jokes aren't as funny and there are a lot more duds. Did he lose a lot of writers? Also, it seems like he doesn't have enough material to fill five hours per week anymore, and he can't get the guests he used to get. I've been a fan of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" since the very beginning when he took over from Johnny Carson, but this new show seems so padded and unfunny that I finally dropped it from my recording schedule a few days ago.

It wouldn't be so bad if he just did one hour per week, because then he'd have enough good material to fill the hour.
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A brand new Jay Leno..... Without his desk
PinnokkioX16 September 2009
Seriously, that may be the only radical change in his new show. Everything else is pretty much the same as when he was on The Tonight Show.

For his first show, he had the same politically-themed monologue, used the old familiar Headlines bit and brought a segment featuring a comedian nobody heard of before but I doubt Leno fans will like it. As for the guests, he had Jerry Seinfeld on as his 1st guest and also a music performance by Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West, who also apologized for his infamous interruption during Taylor Swift's VMA award acceptance speech.

Jay Leno continues to do what he had been doing for the last 17 years which is rely on everything and everyone around him to provide the funny for his show while he goes on through the motions, as if his main concern is to finish tonight's show so he can immediately start tomorrow's show.

I wish Jay Leno would try harder at being funny himself than depending on everyone else to be funny for him. The 1st show attracted 18 million viewers so he has a fan base, nobody can deny that but the true abilities of The Jay Leno Show will be revealed when the show goes head- to-head against NBC's dramas. And even if it wins the ratings battle, it wouldn't matter much anyway cause people's standards have been lowered to the point where they will believe anything they see on TV is "great". It won't change the fact that Jay Leno stopped being funny a long time ago.

In conclusion, if you liked the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you will like the Jay Leno Show. If you didn't like the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you're probably still waiting on Conan to be himself again.
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No Point At All
A_Minor_Blip20 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Steer of Mediocrity returns with HIS OWN show. I guess he felt THE TONIGHT SHOW wasn't good enough. After all, it was one of the most popular franchises in television history, and Jay, when he took over, continually beat Letterman in the ratings (after Hugh Grant's appearance post-blow). Leno announced his "retirement" a few years back... but it was for a 2008 exit. Conan O'Brien was the next in line as Tonight Show host and now has taken over the 11:30 slot: his college slackers grew up, got jobs and can't do those late-nighters so these are "assured" ratings. Then NBC does what I still can't believe... gives Jay Leno a show EVERY NIGHT at 10 pm, a slot usually reserved for a different hour-long-drama. Jay's new vehicle is much like the old one except the set looks more like an airport lobby than... whatever it was before (big blue city motif, or something). Kevin Eubanks, the bandleader with an awesome looking guitar, still laughs at Jay's monologues (shortened stand-up routines) more than Ed ever laughed at Johnny's (if you can believe it) and instead of live skits happening before the interviews, the interviews sort of happen between pre-taped bits, all which suddenly appear without much of a segway as this is supposedly a "comedy show" as opposed to a "talk show". The desk is gone and Jay now sits with his celebs on easy chairs. His interview style remains as dull as ever (Jay always seems like he's merely waiting to meet each celeb at a local bar afterwards for a REAL CONVERSATION). I always felt he was more at home/comfortable when subbing for Johnny. Anyways, we'll see how long this turkey gobbles. And my theory as to why NBC would want to knock-off its own Tonight Show by having ANOTHER ONE happening an hour and a half earlier is... they want Leno to "die off" on his own accord. "He built this ship himself so if it sinks, we'll have no guilt about it" they MIGHT be heard to say. Iceberg anyone?
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Not Worth It
racerdex18 October 2009
I believe that Jay has talent, but I do not believe that there is a valuable tradeoff for taking, at least, five potentially great shows out of contention, just to redo the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, during primetime - and yes, I realize that this show is somewhat different, yet essentially, to this viewer, the same.

Truth be told, we have gone to other stations (including cable stations), as a result of NBC's decision to force Jay on us, during a valuable prime time slot. I think that this exacerbates the traditional networks' problem; driving away valuable viewers - losing further market share to the cable stations.

My advice: Stick with the formula of innovation, through a variety of programming. The early years of TV invoked the fewer choices rule, but that was not damaging because there were no other video entertainment choices. Today, this is a dangerous, and heavy handed, approach, which has bottom-line consequences for the networks.

If NBC has some creative challenges, do not give up shows that can bring new viewers, like "Southland", and delay others like "Chuck" but also, consider picking up unwanted gems from other networks, like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
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Old, Tired Leno Can't Let It Go
ladymoonpictures7 October 2009
Even a train stops. Not Leno. His perpetual-hangin' on...just keeps going... Reminds me of an old, withered, washed up, wrinkled starlet that's in her 70's still thinking she can act. Act like a beautiful, young woman -- in high school -- but she ain't the teacher! Let it go, Leno. Go drive your cars; schaleb with your Hollywood 'fans' know, the other schalebs you gave their first big break. What your doing, pretending to be the 'other' Tonight Show, even though contractually, you can't say the word 'tonight' in a sentence is a major dis-service to Conan, who by the way...IS the Tonight Show! H e l l o, Jay. You're looking like you've been branded and your sword has been broken in two. I suggest you do something else. This thing is failing. Badly.
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the same as the tonight show-which is good
mattkratz15 September 2009
I watched this in its debut last night expecting the same thing as when he hosted the Tonight Show-and I was right. He did his same jokes, such as headlines, and his same style with the monologues and interviews and skits, which was a good thing. I liked his interview with Jerry Seinfeld, who was quite possibly the perfect first guest. This could be a good sign of things to come. I missed him while he was gone this summer. NBC did the right thing in keeping Leno after he decided to leave The Tonight Show. This seems like a good prime-time talk show, and I hope it lasts for a while. It is basically Leno's Tonight Show with a different set. Yes, Kevin Eubanks is back with him. The band is now called the Prime Time band.

*** out of ****
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YAY is my vote
poverbaugh-541-2644727 September 2009
I think that Jay is the Best thing since sliced bread !! I missed him and am glad to see him back. The big controversy in my circle of friends, is not whether Jay's show is a success, there is no question about that, We want to know, What have you done to your hair Jay? Part it on the right side, like you did before, It just looks a lot better. And for those of us that are keeping track of that slowly disappearing bit of black hair that you have left, it shows up better when you part it your hair on the right. A big Hey, to Kev, He is pretty neat !! The idea of having just one guest seems to give more time to talk. Keep up the good work, I love the show.
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He's back!
Sylviastel22 September 2009
Jay Leno admits that he will never retire from his job as a stand-up comic. A vacation would be torture to him as he admitted on the View. Jay likes to work especially on the monologue which he has spent hours on working like an art. While his predecessor Johnny Carson was more laid back, Jay Leno has to work constantly and this show is an earlier version of his previous show. I missed him during those three months. This show is pretty much like when he was on the Tonight Show and thank God, there are no more dramas on NBC at 10pm. I'm getting sick of the CSI and Law and Order franchise. As Jay Leno tried to show off in the first episode against his competition, 98% won't be murders solved. There is too many crime dramas on television as it is. I missed the comedies especially the sitcoms. I yearn for the days when sitcoms ruled television line-ups. Until then Jay Leno Show is a welcome change to the line-up.
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Middle brow at best
ctomvelu116 September 2009
I have just finished watching portions of the first two episodes of Leno's new talk show. I have seen Leno live and he is much funnier than he ever has been on TV. His new show will primarily appeal to older Americans who wouldn't dream of watching a Comedy Central Roast and think David Letterman -- the true king of late night TV -- is too edgy or incomprehensible. I figure the earlier time slot for Leno's new show is for the sake of aging Baby Boomers who are long gone by 11:30. Leno's monologues are tepid, and the whole format strikes me as odd. Maybe he should do a variety show, like Ed Sullivan. Or he could do a revamp of The Midnight Special, only at 10 p.m. If you can stay awake long enough for Letterman, that's the show to watch.
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The Jay Leno Show
Petra_Huber24 September 2019
I like the The Jay Leno Show. Great show, great guests. keep on.
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We're happy Jay is back
interested16 September 2009
Jay's show is a refreshing hour of entertainment. I've read some think it's too much like his Tonight show but we didn't expect Jay to change more than he has. None of the other late night shows are as good as Jay is. Keep up the great work, Jay and please let us hear more from and about the gal who sings each night with Kevin & The Band just as you go to commercial. She's so terrific but we, the TV audience, just get to hear & see a tiny bit of what she does. We'll keep watching and hope to see you feature her in at least 1 number each night! Please make her and the band a regular part of the broadcast, at least 4 minutes each show! They're better than any musical guests! We're so glad they stayed with your show!
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A Very Unique Show.
darcie72319 September 2009
I find The Jay Leno Show to be very Unique and different.

Jay has made a jump from Late night to Prime Time.

He still keeps his popular segments like Headlines and Jaywalking.

The Band is now called The Prime Time Band.

I hope that This show will stay on the air.

Jay is very talented.

GOOD JOB JAY! I hope to go see the show someday.

I think that Jay on early people don't have to stay up until midnight and watch him.

Jay is a very good entertainer and I think this show will do good.
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Jay Leno sucks!
balbindersmith22 September 2010
This show is awful, even worse than the regular Late Night with Jay Leno show and that show was never funny to begin with. Jay Leno is not funny! This show is even worse, with horrible jokes and Jay Leno's stupid cackling, then when it didn't work they took his show back for him. Was Conan O'Brien funny on Late Night? No not really but he was still 20 times better than Leno was on Conan's worst day. Conan also was funny on his show before he took over Late Night so he deserved more of a chance. Leno has been on TV for far too long considering he has never once been funny. He is a terrible hack who should get off TV. The only worse Late Night shows I have ever seen are Jimmy Fallon (that man should be dragged off TV and thrown into the nearest ocean) and maybe Mike Bullard who Canadians will know as the unfunniest Canadian ever put on TV.
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Memo To NBC - You Screwed Up By Not Promoting This Show
DKosty1236 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Memo To NBC - Considering how terrible the rest of your shows are, you might as well keep this on. NBC stands for the Not-ready too Broad-Cast Corp. Jay is the best you got, keep him @ 10. I am trying to watch this now because Jay is pulling out the stops.

On a recent show, Jay actually showed an Unemployment Line in LA, with Jay in it holding cards. The cards read NBC - WTF. NBC really has not supported Jay in this effort very much.

This show is really pretty much the same Jay Leno as was on the Tonight Show for all these years. Trouble is we need improvement & sadly it is not here. I wish it were but the reality is this is no better & no worse than the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. NBC couldn't promote a hooker in a Brothel, & did an extremely poor job promoting this show.

Riddle - How do you tell that a Late Night Talk Show Host is going downhill? Answer - They are telling another lame Sarah Palin/GW Bush joke.

Since every late night host has done this recently, well, no one is any good any more. That is a sad fact of life. Go out & get a Carson DVD set because these folks today don't measure up.

Historic Note - After CHEERS LAST CALL, most of the Cheers cast was on a live Broadcast of The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno from the Bar in Boston the series was based upon.. To me, this was the best episode ever of Jay Leno's Tonight Show and was better than the actual Cheers last call. This to me is when Leno was putting an edge on his shows, but that was in the early 1990's.

Post Script- Leno is back @ 11:30 & TNT will soon feature Conan against him. Leno has had some sharp lines lately. He is right back in his comfort zone. Late night ratings are down though, & I am not sure that adding more shows will help.
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