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A nice little special feature for a nice little film.
MartinHafer7 May 2014
I just saw the film "The Girl Next Door" on DVD and enjoyed it. I also was thrilled that the DVD actually had GOOD special features on it-- including this excellent making of featurette.

The featurette stars Larry Billman (film historian), Drew Casper (USC film professor)and Miles Kreuger (President of the Institute of the American Musical). Along with film clips, the trio discuss the making of the movie, interesting background information and talked about why they like this film. I found all this rather enjoyable as well as surprised when they talked about the Freudian aspects of the film--which I normally notice but didn't because I was so engrossed by the movie. All in all, an admirable film that is worth your time--so don't just watch the film but the three featurettes!
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