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Diego Boneta: Drew Boley



  • Sherrie Christian : I'm a stripper at the Venus Club.

    Drew Boley : I'm in a boy band.

    [long pause] 

    Sherrie Christian : You win.

  • Dennis Dupree : [after Dennis has accepted Drew's band as Arsenal's opening act]  Okay. Call your band.

    Drew Boley : [yells to Bourbon Room employees]  Guys! We're opening up for Arsenal!

    [Drew's band mates drop what they're doing inside the club, run on stage] 

    Dennis Dupree : Doesn't anyone just want to work in the bar industry anymore?

    Drew Boley : Thank you! You won't regret this, we're gonna blow you away.

    Dennis Dupree : Oh, you're gonna blow me all right. Okay, three songs, no covers. I need you guys to be amazing tonight, so start drinking...

    Dennis Dupree : [looks at watch]  NOW.

  • Paul Gill : [after Drew quits the boy band]  Rock is dead!

    Drew Boley : Rock is not dead!

    [Hey Man punches Paul] 

    Drew Boley : Alright Hey Man!

  • Lonny : Drew... what's the name of your band, mate?

    Drew Boley : Wolfgang Von Colt.

    Lonny : ...and you're sticking with that are you?

    Drew Boley : Yeah...

    Lonny : [to audience]  Please welcome to the stage very poorly titled Wolfgang Van Colt!

    Drew Boley : ...Von Colt.

    Lonny : [to Drew]  It's not an improvement.

    [to audience] 

    Lonny : Wolfgang VON Colt!

  • Sherrie Christian : [trying to convince Dennis to use Drew's band as Arsenal's opening act]  And he'll do it for free! Besides, nobody cares about the opening act anyway.

    Sherrie Christian : [turns to Drew]  No offense!

    Sherrie Christian , Drew Boley : None taken!

  • Drew Boley : Paul, I am Wolfgang Von Colt. Not 'Joshy-Z', or the 'Z Guyz'.

    Paul Gill : It's not the Z Guyz, it's 'Z-Guyeezz'.

    Drew Boley : ...Z-Guyeezz?

    Paul Gill : Double the E, double the Z, double the flava!

    Drew Boley : [confused]  What does the 'Z' even stand for?

    Paul Gill : [thinks]  Um... nothing! You're over-thinking it! Look, names that end in 'Z' are very popular among the 14-21 audience. We did a whole focus group on this. Numbers don't lie.

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