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  • "Quantum of Solace"-Director Marc Forster's biography reads like a screenplay itself. It's the story of a boy from the Swiss mountains who at the age of 12 set himself the goal of becoming a film director.


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  • 'Marc Forster - Der Weg zu 007' is not a typical rags-to-riches story. Marc Forsters biography follows a different pattern: from riches to rags and then to riches again. A career seemingly taken from a Hollywood script.

    When Marc Forster is 12 years old, he watches Francis Ford Coppolas war epic Apocalypse Now at the local cinema in Davos, Switzerland. It is then that he decides to become a film director.

    During his time at the film school of the New York University, he can hardly pay the rent for his basement apartment. And even after graduating from school, the young director waits in vain for a first job. His financial status is so precarious that he often has no food for days. Marc Forster tirelessly continues to write scripts and movie concepts. However, no one is interested. Finally, a film studio offers him work as a director, but Forster declines the offer. He would rather make no movie at all than a bad movie. He continues to go hungry and waits for better offers.

    Producers offer him the script Monsters Ball, a Confederate State drama. Forster directs a movie that becomes a huge success with both critics and the general public. Particular praise is given to the sensitive directing of the actors. Now, legendary actors such as Dustin Hoffmann and Johnny Depp want to work with the young Swiss man. Forsters first films and the later suicide thriller Stay reflect the directors biography.

    With Finding Neverland, however, Forster corrects his image of a director only interested in serious topics. In the adaptation of the novel The Kite Runner Forster once again proves his talent in handling actors and, especially, in working with children. Shooting in China is an enormous challenge for the crew. On the set, up to four languages are spoken simultaneously.

    During the post-production stage of The Kite Runner, Forster accepts an offer to direct the next Bond movie. Following the epic drama showing guilt, blame and making up again, Forster is going to shoot an expensive, mainstream action movie. Marc Forster sees no contradiction in this. He is a self-confessed fan of 007 and perceives the choreography of action scenes as a great artistic challenge.

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