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13 Apr. 2010
With an extra spring in their step, Glee Club works on new numbers for Regionals, but their efforts are undermined by Rachel and Finn's romance.
20 Apr. 2010
The Power of Madonna
Concerned that the Glee Club girls are being bullied by the guys, Mr. Schuester challenges the kids to choose Madonna songs as their next assignment.
27 Apr. 2010
When Kurt sets his dad, Burt, up with an unexpected partner, his plan for a nuclear family may backfire.
4 May 2010
Bad Reputation
Will starts an investigation when a salacious list about members of the Glee Club circulates the halls of McKinley High.
11 May 2010
When a sore throat affects Rachel's singing voice, she goes into panic mode. Meanwhile, Kurt tries to change his persona to impress his father.
18 May 2010
Dream On
Will's former high school nemesis, Bryan Ryan, causes trouble for Glee Club. Rachel struggles with a life-long personal issue.
25 May 2010
Will encourages the Glee Club to express themselves using the music of Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Tina embraces her inner Goth.
1 Jun. 2010
Glee Club gets some bad news. Meanwhile, Mercedes helps Quinn connect with her funky side, and Will gets revenge on Sue.
8 Jun. 2010
Journey to Regionals
When Regionals finally arrive, Sue pulls a fast one on the Glee Club, and their chances at the title could be compromised.
21 Sep. 2010
New faces challenge some Glee Club veterans during auditions, while new and old relationships leave some feeling happy, and others sad.
28 Sep. 2010
Brittany has hallucinations while at the dentist and channels her inner Britney Spears. Rachel fears her relationship with Finn could be in peril.
5 Oct. 2010
Grilled Cheesus
Finn believes he sees the face of Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich, and random events have the members of the Glee Club questioning religion and God.
12 Oct. 2010
Will's duet challenge, with a free meal for the winners, causes some relationship issues between the members of the club.
26 Oct. 2010
The Rocky Horror Glee Show
On a jealous impulse, Will decides to stage "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" as the school play, and Sue encourages him for devious reasons.
9 Nov. 2010
Never Been Kissed
Will hosts the second annual Boys vs. Girls competition, while Puck finally gets out of juvenile detention.
16 Nov. 2010
The Substitute
A substitute teacher takes over for a sick Will and wows the group with her unconventional teaching methods.
23 Nov. 2010
Sue plans a wedding where her mom wants to sing; Kurt plans the wedding of his dad and Finn's mom. Will Finn face down Kurt's tormentor?
30 Nov. 2010
Special Education
New Directions face fierce competition against the Hipsters and Warblers. Finn and Rachel and Emma and Carl experience relationship trouble.
7 Dec. 2010
A Very Glee Christmas
Finn tries to get everyone at McKinley High into the holiday spirit. Sue paints herself up as the Grinch to steal back presents.

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