"The Smurfs" Smurfiplication/Gargamel's Miss-Fortune (TV Episode 1984) Poster

Janet Waldo: Esmeralda Fortune


  • [from Gargamel's Miss-Fortune] 

    Gargamel : [after seeing Azrael as a black cat]  Well, it could have been a coincidence, but - I want more proof!

    Esmeralda Fortune : [offended]  More proof?

    [calmly chuckles] 

    Gargamel : Very well. I shall read the bumps on your head.

    Gargamel : [shows his lump on his head]  You want to read bumps? Well, tell me what this one says.

    Esmeralda Fortune : Well, this one says...

    [Esmeralda feels his bump] 

    Gargamel : OUCH!

    Esmeralda Fortune : [rubs it]  Hmm... It seems a rainstorm is headed this way.

    [a shot of Gargamel's place shows clear blue skies] 

    Gargamel : [looks out the window]  A rainstorm? Ha! You took me for a fool. There's not a cloud in the sky.

    Esmeralda Fortune : [determinedly]  Nevertheless, a rainstorm is headed this way!

    [Cohort is shown with a bucketful of water] 

    Gargamel : Bah! It would take weeks before we get any...

    [a huge splash of water pours all over Gargamel and Azrael making them cough and sputter] 

    Gargamel : ...rain!

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