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Gimme more Coffey
Rogue-3223 August 2008
Tabatha Coffey originally reared her haughty head on TV last year on Bravo TV's "Shear Genius" - she was the foul-mouthed, platinum-haired one who was appalled a lot of the time, mostly at how the judges didn't appreciate how brilliant and dazzling her talent for hair design was; eventually they caught on and got with the program, and while she didn't win, she went on to receive the Fan Favorites award, which prompted Bravo! to give her a shot at the big time: her own reality series, "Tabatha's Salon Takeover," which premiered Thursday.

This is a person who grows on you, like a horribly short haircut grows in and you like it better a few weeks after the initial shock wears off. The Tabster is extremely entertaining in her arrogant way - she has wit and she's savvy and she does know her subject; she's got years of experience and her own salon is amazingly popular and booked months in advance at this point, so she does know what she's talking about, it's not just ego and hot air.

The couple on the first episode got more than they bargained for ~ a complete and major makeover of their ridiculously drab salon in Long Beach, CA, along with a superb tongue lashing (in a subtle way, she didn't Gordon-Ramsay them, at least) about how absurd all their "protocol" was - these two had books and books of rules that their stylists were supposed to follow, thereby stifling any chance for creativity. She stood by, supervising as they sadly shredded them. A lot of walls came down, literally and figuratively, and by the end of the time spent, the salon looked chic and the employees looked happy instead of shuffling around like death row inmates.

There was also a very satisfying return visit, which led us to believe the salon was doing much better; I liked that part, and I like this show. Bravo (once again) to Bravo! for seeing the potential in Ms. Coffey.

8/29/08: Upping my rating to an 9 after last night's show, the second of the series. The guy she came in to help this time was a failed real estate broker who bought the salon knowing absolutely nothing about the hair business and he didn't want to learn - he was yer basic ego-crazed, deluded, denial freak, and Ms. Coffey let him know it; at one point in the show, after he'd once again made a complete fool of himself, attempting to cut hair at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and telling the stylist there that she was doing it wrong (!), the Tabster sat him down and called him an egotistical, deluded, moronic f(&^head. You gotta love this woman.

Towards the end, this clown attempted to shape up, but in the 6-week return visit, his design staff (all of whom Tabatha liked and thought were competent) said he was not showing up again, falling back into his old habits. She wasn't surprised, but at least the salon still looked fantastic, thanks to her, and the employees were a little happier.
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Highly Recommended for Struggling Business and Students!
Sylviastel26 February 2010
I would highly recommend using this show as a teaching tool for students who plan to enter the highly competitive field of hairstyling. Tabatha Coffey deserves an Australian medal for her services. Not only is she frank but she's candid, truthful, and doesn't hold back. She's a reality check for a lot of salons. I was watching her in the New Jersey and Long Island salons. She grows on you after awhile. In the beginning, she's hard and rough with the struggling salons. She notices their flaws and doesn't mind telling them. What I found shocking was that this Australian lives in New Jersey and her salon is in Ridgewood, New Jersey. I would never have imagined her as suburbanite. She reminds me more of the East Village in New York City. Maybe that's why she's so tough but not all of it, New Jersey can harden the soul but this business can break the toughest as well. I would recommend this series to cosmetology teachers and students as a must-watch event for classroom discussion.
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This show has value
mwartoad17 November 2009
Okay, first I have some confessions to make. I have never set foot in a salon. Most of the people who cut my hair have stuffed dead animals on the wall and old magazines in the lobby. I would never pay more than $20.00 for a haircut. In my opinion most reality shows are for lobotomized idiots.

So having said this why, has this show grown on me? I really get to see working models of group dynamics. I also like the way that she focuses on leadership as well. I think that a a person could learn more about these two subjects watching this show than many seminars, classes or books.

Sure she comes in boots some ass and is very blunt. Keep in mind that these organizations are in deep trouble and need that approach. She is very firm and to the point. She might be direct but, I have looked closely she is not a bitch. Watch and listen carefully, her criticisms although intense are not personal. Her criticisms are about behavior and not directed at peoples character. It is not some power trip for her it is for a bigger purpose. 95% of bosses in any work place or people in general can't do this. After she get the staffs attention she eases up and builds the team and the owners up.

All and all this show is great in that it some very good value and is not just the run of the mill "reality" this show can teach about the human condition and relationships as well. 10 out 10 for not dumbing things down and modeling (No pun intended) useful methods of dealing with people.
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