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Season 1

26 May 2009
There's trouble in the psych ward when Dr. Jack Gallagher takes the reins.
2 Jun. 2009
A Beautiful Delusion
Dr. Jack Gallagher treats a delusional husband and wife.
9 Jun. 2009
Book of Judges
The famous writer Gideon Graham was struck by a lightning, and since then he is catatonic. Gallagher tries new methods to bring the patient to reality again. Meanwhile, Suarez have to pay for past decisions.
16 Jun. 2009
Manic at the Disco
Jack treats a young boy who is consumed with a video game that exists only in his head.
23 Jun. 2009
Roles of Engagement
The team encounters a movie star who suffered a psychotic breakdown on national television.
3 Jul. 2009
Rainy Days
Jack testifies in court on behalf of a patient.
10 Jul. 2009
Obsessively Yours
Jack and Veronica try to dissuade a patient from having a risky brain surgery.
17 Jul. 2009
House of Mirrors
Dr. Gallagher treats a teen with a dark secret.
24 Jul. 2009
An autistic girl is the only witness to her father's murder.
31 Jul. 2009
Do Over
Jack must connect the past to the present to help a patient find peace of mind.
7 Aug. 2009
Lines in the Sand
Jack's troubled sister returns and the team treats a traumatized war veteran.
14 Aug. 2009
Life and Limb
Things are in limb-o and Jack and the team are taken hostage.
14 Aug. 2009
Bad Moon Rising
A patient who thinks he is a werewolf takes the doctors hostage.

 Season 1 

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