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Season 5

4 Nov. 2012
Resourcefulness 3
Chairman's Challenge - Resourcefulness: Beach challenge with ingredient that did the chefs in from previous battles. Elimination Challenge - Pineapple.
11 Nov. 2012
Chairman's Challenge - Innovation: Elevate international classic food; Banh mi, taco and falafel. Elimination Challenge - White Bread.
18 Nov. 2012
Chairman's Challenge - Simplicity: Reflect the personality of competing chef in a single bite. Elimination Challenge - Cereal.
25 Nov. 2012
Chairmain's Challenge - Transformation: Transform canned food (including mystery cans) into a delicious dish. Secret Ingredient Showdown - Lobster.
2 Dec. 2012
Chairmain's Challenge - Risk: Ingredient auction (rib of bison, cow head, paiche, parmigiano reggiano, ostrich egg and mortadella) using time as currency. Secret Ingredient Showdown - Anchovies.
9 Dec. 2012
Chairmain's Challenge - Fusion: "Marry" two unlikely ingredients into one cohesive dish. Secret Ingredient Showdown - Shrimp on teppanyaki tables.
16 Dec. 2012
Chairmain's Challenge - Transcendence: Transcend bacon as main ingredient in a Las Vegas buffet. Secret Ingredient Showdown - Hershey's chocolates and candies with a holiday theme.
23 Dec. 2012
Passion, Respect
Chairmain's Challenge - Passion: Use an ingredient each judge is passionate about and would like in their last supper on Earth. Kitchen Stadium Challenge - Respect: Heritage ingredients from three Iron Chefs: American Southwest, Mediteranian, Japanese. Use two ingredients from each and create three dishes.

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