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One Word
goanna_384 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Awful. The monologue wasn't amusing except for the Microsoft joke. Lick it for 10???? Awful. Slow jamming the news? Excruciatingly awful. De Niro was funnier and he only said about 4 words. The Set? Awful. The band? Not bad although they didn't look entirely comfortable. But it's not a band show, it's a talk show. This might be a funny show after a bit of time under it's belt (and a comedy injection into the host who appears to have undergone a sense of humour bypass sometime in his youth) but will anyone still be watching it? I might check it every once in a while but on first nights effort I don't hold out much hope for an improvement. Although in his defense he was just as funny in this as he is on SNL. Which was awful. It could have been worse though, they might have gotten Adam Sandler to host it instead. Just as well they didn't because I can't think of a worse word than awful (not one that can be used in a public forum anyway).
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He stinks.
qormi20 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When he's not bashing republicans and laughing at his own jokes, he awkwardly conducts interviews where he basically interviews himself. His weird sidekick laughs at Jimmy as Jimmy laughs at his own jokes. Then, he does that boring thank-you-note routine or pretends he's a singer. The guy just doesn't have it and it's a mystery how he got this gig.He has all the sophistication of an immature teenager with the giggles. And now he's taking over for Leno? How is this possible? He couldn't host a Saturday morning kiddie show. He always claps when a new guest walks on.Then he sits down and claps some more. His interviews consist of unabashed butt- kissing to the extreme.Then he doubles over with laughter and clapping whenever his guest says something remotely funny. He is very childlike and covers his eyes with his hands as he "cracks up".As I am writing this,he is interviewing Andy Cohen and talking about bottling Lady GaGa's urine as a perfume and marketing it. He thinks "Ga-Ga pee", as he puts it,is extremely funny. Fallon's humor is geared to stupid people,like himself.
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more like "late night with jimmy failin"
soldier_of_fortune_28 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i personally don't like Fallon's jokes, 70% of them just blow, they are nothing like Conan's, I've expected better jokes from him given it was his first show, the whole involving the audience in the show is pretty stupid, like why would i wanna stay up to watch a bunch of people licking random house items for 10 bucks???? this is just so lame, and yes Fallon made this for his first show, this is even 10X lamer than Howe Do it, Fallon is also pretty nervous during the show, and his squeaky voice doesn't help his cause, hes interviewing skills are very bad, even during the show he admitted that he put the audience to sleep by talking about trees, i think NBC made a big mistake putting Fallon on id rather be watching Carson daily.
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Oh No You Didn't!!!!
gohurdler14 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
OH MY GOD!!!! Jimmy Fallon as host of "Late Night" was just so horribly painful to watch. I remember watching Conan O'Brien's debut and at least he was funny and used the being in the shadow of David Letterman to his advantage. Fallon basically tried using his high profile guests to carry him through. And no, I am not bashing Fallon because I was a super duper O'Brien fan. I have never really liked Fallon or thought that he was funny. He seems to have this goofball vibe about him, which he tries to use to slide through his performances. I didn't think that he was funny on "Saturday Night Live." Robert DeNiro looked as if he was in pain. The only time that Fallon was truly funny was when he and Justin Timberlake reenacted their famous Barry Gibb talk show skit, with Timberlake carrying Fallon.

I guess Fallon's movie career wasn't rocking and rolling like other SNL alums, so maybe that is why he took the "Late Night" gig. We will probably see as many big name stars or SNL alums during the first month of his debut, but if he doesn't actually get funny, NBC should definitely think about another host. Is Justin Timberlake available?
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Awful Show!
jfern28028 February 2014
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is basically Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with a different name.

I don't even feel like I'm watching the Tonight Show anymore, new theme song that is moronic, the band is awful, and the cheesy jokes are just getting to be too much.

I see a lot of dancing and singing which at time is just too much in my opinion. I feel that if this keeps up NBC is going to have start looking for a new host or just please bring Jay Leno back.

This basically feels like a late night college party show. I'm getting tired of all the SNL people constantly coming on to help him out. Enough is enough with this dancing and singing fool.

Bring back Jay!
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This is supposed to replace Conan????
wmoot59915 March 2009
Let's face it, this just wasn't that good. Although the opening show had it's moments, especially with the slow jam the news segment. After that, the show just fell through, granted DeNiro isn't an easy interview for a veteran, let alone a newcomer to the late night scene. Justin Tiberlake saved it for his segment, but the whole thing just seemed way too focused on Jimmy, and not enough on his guest. His second show didn't get any better. Once again, a lot of potential, but just not enough talent. The facebook status was great, but not for a 5 minute segment. Jimmy Fallon laughs too much at his own jokes, running the delivery for 80 percent of said jokes. Jimmy just needs to get a lot more talented to make this show work.
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So Far, it's Jimmy "Failin' "
roy-wilson-15 May 2009
There must be a reason Fallon's monologues seem to be cut short; that being that he does not yet know how to deliver them. Given time, he might learn, but for now, this is no replacement for Conan! If Fallon does not want to become a late night footnote referred to as "Jimmy Failin'," he will spend some time watching old clips of Carson, Leno, Letterman and Conan, and put some serious effort into learning how to deliver a joke; blurting it out and laughing at yourself may have worked for small pieces on SNL, but doesn't cut it when hosting a show like Late Night. He can still succeed, but not unless he starts paying attention, and begins to realize that the show is about his guests, not about HIM. And please, Jimmy, stop SHOUTING the names of your guests when you introduce them! So far, it's little more than a "Wayne's World" imitation (apologies to Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, who actually did a better job). Hopefully, he will mature; the current insincere sucking up and giddiness is hard to watch.
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Worst Late Night Show, Worst Late Night Host, Worst Late Night Writing, EVER.
troyuselius8 September 2010
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is the single worst late night TV show I have ever had the displeasure to watch.

He has had enough time now to settle in to the job but he has not gotten one bit better! When will NBC admit that this show is a huge fail and just let it die already? Jimmy Fallon should not be on TV.

The monologues and his interviews are simply painful to watch and the jokes and skits he does are all just terrible. What are these people even attempting to do is beyond me and every time I try to watch this show I just end up staring at the screen wide-eyed wondering to myself "how does something this bad actually get put on TV?"

Jimmy Fallon should do everyone a favour, including himself, and get this show off TV for good. It's for his good too because in the long run he'll be remembered as the guy who had the late night talk show that was even worse than Chevy Chase's show. This show and Jimmy Fallon are just terrible.

He was also the worst Emmy host I have ever seen.
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what a waste
mikthemik4 March 2009
What Conan Obrien had on this show was great writing and personality. This is not the case for Jimmy Fallon. I was one of the people that was really excited to see what the Roots could do as a house band and truth be told they're great musically but they sound awkward and out of place much like Fallon himself. He's squirmy and annoying to watch much like he was on SNL. Lorne would've been better off giving this to someone else. RObert DeNiro was nice enough to stop by for the first episode and wasn't able to get a word in edge wise. I realize that its Jimmys show but cmon this is Robert DeNiro shut your mouth and let one of the greatest people to ever appear on a movie screen a chance to say something. Maybe if Jimmy gets less nervous and gets some better writing and doesn't try to just ride Conans coattails this show will be decent but until then i see a brighter future for Craig Fergusons ratings.
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Someone Drag This Man Off TV.....
balbindersmith22 September 2010
Please someone drag this man off my TV, I get the feeling there is no way he will ever leave TV willingly even though it is painfully obvious he has absolutely no talent as a performer, writer or host. Jimmy Fallon is the single worst entertainer I have ever seen, except maybe for the possibility of Chris wait even Chris Kattan is better than Jimmy Fallon because at least he does not laugh at every single one of his jokes no matter how terrible they are. Fallon was also the worst Emmy host I have ever seen in my entire life. The writing on this show is pathetic and Fallon is not fit to conduct any interview with anyone. This show sucks and Fallon sucks!
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as i was busy this week..
Arth_Joshi25 December 2017
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

If anyone could pick off from where Conan left its Jimmy and believe me he is damn good at it and with a great team effort in writing and performing he sweeps away the show.
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Thanks for making late night TV entertaining again Jimmy
Ed-Shullivan21 March 2016
Now that Jimmy Fallon surpassed his 1,000th episode in 2014 it is safe to say that late night TV was never better with Jimmy Fallon hosting. There are a couple of things that I find that stood out on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that helped him sustain the largest late night TV audience ever and which catapulted him to the prime time (earlier) late night spot at 11:30 PM to replace an aging but still very popular Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

Firstly, there is his hip hop/neo soul band The Roots which has been with Jimmy Fallon from his late night show indoctrination in 2009 and who remain with him to this day in March 2016 on the current 11:30 PM time slot the Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon has a natural love for dance and music and the Roots band has seamlessly made Jimmy an even greater entertainer because who doesn't love great music, dance and musical guest stars?

Secondly, if you get a chance to watch any reruns of the defunct 2009-2014 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon you will see how much fun he has with his guests and more importantly how much enthusiasm and fun his guests have on Jimmy's now defunct late night show. (There is no point in even mentioning Seth Meyers because who watches it since Jimmy departed?)

Of course the Late Night show would most likely still be top in its time slot if Jimmy Fallon was still hosting but as success breeds more success Jimmy Fallon was destined to be promoted to the earlier 11:30 PM time slot as host of the Tonight Show taking over the reigns from a then very popular Jay Leno. Too bad, so sad that Jimmy left the Late Night time slot, but his current hosting of the Tonight Show on NBC at 11:30 PM shows no signs of letting up any time soon.
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painfully pathetic
emrebahadir10 June 2009
I don't like to criticize a show by just watching the first episode. So, I have been waiting to see some light, a piece of hope in this show, but no luck. From start to finish, top to down almost everything is wrong about this show. First to say, Jimmy is still not confident about what he is doing, with all the jokes he is delivering (or trying to deliver), his interviews, 7th floor west,... and so on. Because of his amateurish appearance I feel so irritated and tense that after the show I need to take couple of antidepressants. I think the main reason behind this feeling is because Jimmy is a nice, kind guy and you don't want him to be humiliated, but every night is another humiliation for him. And the sad thing is he also gets all the blames on behalf of the so untalented writing team.
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What started out awkward has become a hit!
late-king24 February 2011
Late night with Jimmy Fallon has become my favourite show on TV. I understand why there are many who don't like the show and I can't really blame them. The show started out very awkward and weird. You could tell that jimmy was nervous and new at this but if you've seen any of Conan's early episodes you can only have hope for the bright future ahead of jimmy.

When Conan left NBC, Late night with jimmy Fallon was the only talk show that was left that was kinda Okay. However over the past year Jimmy has matured into a hilarious improviser along with Steve Higgins and their chemistry is amazing. Those two make the opining monologue down right hilarious.

The show itself has also improved with funnier skits, and more A list celebs. And having Jimmy as a host is a great advantage. Unlike other talk show hosts, if jimmy sings with Paul McCartney, or talks about xbox games it comes off as believable. No one currently in this business other than him can pull these things off.

I'm writing this review especially due to this month of February 2011 which has had the best episodes yet. Hilarious and with amazing stars like Adam sandler, Jenifer aniston, Lisa menaly, and the hilarious tech expert Joshuah. Anyway, it sure has blossomed into a great show. Watch it.
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After the first week... I feel let down...
JosephJones849 March 2009
3 out of 10..

Almost awful. In that sad space between bad and awful, nowhere near parody-bad at the bottom...

I looked forward to this new host with some quiet, enthusiastic, optimistic anticipation...

My previous point of view (before watching this)..

  • I could only enjoy Conan in small amounts.. - Letterman i used to enjoy a lot. Now only if a special guest i like is on do I ever watch it.. - JAY Leno --> the KING of late night comedy... I ALWAYS (92.5%) find his show funny, entertaining and a good time

Note: with all of these I usually skip the singing/dancing crap at the other words im there for the ENTERTAINMENT, ie jokes, fun interactions, cool pre-recorded bits..and especially stuff that happens off-the-cuff, non-scripted (sadly very little..BUT BOTH Jay Leno AND Conan are good at that...)

Now...I enjoyed:

  • Jimmy Fallon's nervous but nice personality - His obvious person to person connecting skills (see below for counter-point) - The ROOTS... simply AMAZING! - Jimmy & the band's singing-the-news bit

Sadly... saying that here are the things I really didn't like:

  • Jimmy's *MUMBLING* ...HELLO?!! Am I the ONLY ONE TO NOTICE THIS????

I mean when he interviews guests and when they are going to a commercial break or coming back... its just INSANE the AMOUNT of MUMBLING...

What is this AMATEUR HOUR?????

  • Lick crap for $10 dollars. Not funny...slow motion kinda okay, but wow...

  • The SAME GUY on the show THREE TIMES using THREE DIFFERENT NAMES... you know the phillipino guy (not certain of ethnicity here) wearing the green T-shirt...didn't ANYONE ELSE NOTICE that???

  • A good majority of the monologues this week... This was one of the biggest things for me to make or break the show...

And aside from singing the news.. I cant think of a joke or bit that I laughed at.... So far Fallon's monologue seems to have gone from repeating word for word (you can see his eyes not looking at the camera when he reads the teleprompter) the jokes of a depressed writing team, to falling back on overt praise for President Obama, because he knew that would get some response...

It's sad... OH WAIT actually Friday's back and forth with the announcer guy about whether he's licked anything worth £139 dollars DID ALSO make me laugh..and that was a nice spontaneous moment between the two that was great!

  • But yeah... like another commenter here there were a few times where the guest and Fallon were bantering and then you can see on his face he must go "Oh..Stop. Wait.. the audience dosn't know what we're talking about'..

...BUT THEN what follows is INCOHERENT, bland and vague attempt to explain what they were just talking about, or how the two know each other off stage...

which brings the feeling SQUARE back to:

"Is this AMATEUR HOUR at nbc????"


So yes...from enthusiastically optimistic, and even after watching the first few shows, hoping for better...we arrived at Friday's show...and I find myself at the 40 minute mark of a 45 minute show STILL WAITING for the which point, I turn it off..and walk away...

...THOROUGHLY disappointed in this show..
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ApolloTheWisest6 August 2009
I tried supporting Jimmy fallon only because I was a huge fan of late night with conan o brien since 2004. First impression: really nice set with a very nervous host. Months later I have automatically switched to Craig Ferguson after Tonight Show w/ Conan o Brien is over. While Jimmy may not be as nervous as he was before, as many people have stated about the show, everything about it is just... awkward. One thing I have noticed is that he is trying to turn late night into what late night television used to be by adding in various games into the show along with mediocre (at best) skits.

What has really turned me off about Jimmy fallon is that he comes off as a complete tool. Watch his show for a week, and count how many times he says he "loves this show, or this movie, or that". Most hosts will usually just say such and such is a great film or show etc and only on occasion will they say that they really enjoyed the film. Not every bloody half hour. But what really did it for me was when he was talking how he saw Paul Mccartney play and that he, Jimmy, got the same feeling that Paul got from the people who attended his show. Really Jimmy? You're going to compare your viewers to that of Paul McCartney.. a legend.

The good thing about jimmys show is the band: The Roots. Love the improv bits and the occasional air drummer bits mainly because I'm a an (apprentice) drummer myself.
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Maybe the Single Worst Late Night Show Ever... Terrible Writing
robertboylex5 October 2009
This show is just a huge mess, not for even one lousy second in any of the twenty plus episodes I have watched so far has there been even the remote possibility that what they were doing could result in anything even approaching comedy. The jokes are all so pathetic, desperate and stupid that I imagine this show is written entirely by Jimmy "I Giggle At Every One of my own Non-Jokes" Fallon and his friends who presumably are still in grade nine. I seriously have never seen worse writing in a TV show in my entire life. Absolute garbage is what this show brings day in and day out which maybe could pass for some sort of entertainment with a decent host but when the writing is this bad and the only hope of spinning it into something even halfway decent is Jimmy Fallon you are in for a horrible time. This is easily the worst late night show I have ever seen and I am including Canada's Mike Bullard show in that mix, at least that show had some kind of comedy writing in it, even though it was almost never funny it was sometimes and they were at least trying. This show just goes through the motions every night. They deliberately do weird stuff assuming we will find it funny, well it's not, it's just stupid. They need to go back to the drawing board, get competent writers and probably a new host too. Just an awful mess of a show all around, I can't believe it's on TV, much less a major U.S. network. Someone needs to lose their job here.
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Highlight of My Day
bryn-s24 September 2010
Jimmy Fallon is my favourite person on TV! I do understand that it wasn't as good at the start but I still stuck by and now it's a hit that I can't wait to go see live! Watching this is the highlight of my day so I urge everyone to watch it, 12:35 am. Mon-Fri on NBC. The bits, monologues, audience interactions and on-the-spot jokes definitely make my night. You can really tell that Jimmy loves what he does and when you have a host like that it's hard not to join in on the laughter.

I really like the way he interacts with his guests. Sometimes I don't like a certain guest but when they're talking to Jimmy I find myself laughing and having a good time watching it. So if you feel hesitant because of a certain guest, more times than none you've got nothing to worry about.

Let's not forget The Roots! They're pretty great.

So in conclusion, this show is awesome! I love it and everyone should watch it. Great Job!
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Can he do an entire week without an SNL cast member or a relative of an SNL cast member?
carol-greer24 July 2009
Jimmy's better than the other guys in his time slot, but that's not saying much and he blows Carson Daly out of the water- but then again, a goldfish in a bowl does that.

I've waited to see if he'd get better, and admittedly, he improved a bit, but still... he has a long way to go to actually be entertaining. I DO like the fact that he interacts with the audience, but a lot of his stunts just fail to be funny. The conflict resolution skit usually is pretty good, but most of the others fall completely flat.

One of my biggest issues with the show is that he can't seem to wean himself from the SNL cast. Has anyone else noticed that he's got a disproportionate amount of SNL members (both former and present-day) as guests? And some aren't there because of a project they're hyping, it's just like, "I was walking around the building and showed up on your stage for no apparent reason." I can see at first doing that to help him gain confidence, but if he still needs their support he really doesn't need to be there. or is this more of a "We can't get real celebrities to be on his show... QUICK book SNL cast members!"

To me, Jimmy would be better about 7-10 hours later. He's got a pleasant smile and his humor would work well with people just waking up. I can totally see Jimmy on a morning talk show and being much more interesting than in his current position.

I'll continue to flip through and watch occasionally, but if there's anything else on that even remotely interests me, Jimmy's out.
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I don't understand why people dislike his show...
mkenyon71920 March 2011
I like the show. I never watched it before when he first started because I didn't have a DVR, but now I watch most of his shows. They are all recorded too.

I love his chemistry with Steve. They crack me up. I love how Jimmy laughs at himself and how he gets excited to be interviewing famous people. He was awestruck with Paul McCartney. I remember he was awestruck with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) too.

I like him better than Conan, but I never liked Conan, so that may be biased.

Give Jimmy a chance, people!
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Really Really Really Really Really Really Bad!
theannakostan6 August 2010
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is just about the worst TV show I have ever seen. I don't know when late night TV started getting bad but even in a sea of worse than average late night TV shows Jimmy Fallon easily stands out as the worst late night host/show there is on TV. Letterman used to be awesome but he is getting older now, and then Conan was great but once he moved to take over Late Night he just wasn't as good and eventually got pushed out/quit so Leno could go back. Leno was never funny to me but he is still head and shoulders about the Jimmy Fallon show. Fallon can't interview guests properly, can't deliver monologue jokes, can't do comedy skits, can't do anything! The writing is really bad too but shouldn't they either have good writing or a good host? Why did they have to have awful everything! At least the band is awesome, why are they even on this awful show? Not enough to save the show though, I can't stand watching for more than a few minutes, it's so bad.
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It's Getting There, Give Him Time to Grow
maisely1 September 2010
I admit some of the comedy on this show is stale and not funny, though lets not forget that Conan O'Brien wasn't even considered funny until his 4th year! Jimmy is only on his second for crying out loud. And His monologue may be short, but I still laugh out loud at many jokes he says throughout. His skits are priceless, have me laughing out loud every time. Particularly the "Lost", "Glee" and "Twilight" parody. Though there are some things he needs to work on: Stop laughing at his own jokes. Get some fresh new writers. Get more interaction between The Roots and Jimmy. Get a longer monologue

Other than that Late Night With Jimmy Fallon proudly continues the tradition of the Late Night franchise.
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Don't hate the messenger
Media_guru19 March 2009
I will say right off the bat, this is not as good as it was with Conan, but I do not think Fallon is to blame. The problem with this show is simple, bad writing. When watching this show, I wonder if any of the writing staff stayed on from Conan, especially the later episodes; there was still a lot of unfunny jokes when O'Brien was the host. The difference? Conan can roll with the punches and has a lightning fast sense of humour. I can think of many jokes saved by said humour. As such, one should note that Fallon is a baby, while Conan has been doing this for a very long time. Don't put the blame on Jimmy Fallon, give him some time to hone his skills and let's hope the jokes improve as well. Knock wood.
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Jimmy Makes This Fun
jimjo121618 March 2009
As of this writing, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is in its third week on NBC. I've seen the show criticized many times, but I enjoy it and I like Fallon in this role. It's not a polished show by any stretch of the imagination; there are still some wrinkles to be ironed out. The opening monologues aren't great and many of the jokes fall flat. But Fallon never seems discouraged. The pre-interview segments can also use some work. It's clear that the show has been trying out different things to see if one would stick. Little contests and comedy bits. It's important to remember that the show just started and that Fallon's never done this kind of thing before, so of course there'll be some kinks to work out.

I think Jimmy Fallon is great on this show. On SNL he'd have to play characters and people would get on his case for laughing during sketches and breaking up "the illusion". But on Late Night, Fallon gets to be himself and he laughs all the time. It works here, as he acknowledges the ridiculousness of everything around him. The show is ridiculous, he has to say ridiculous things, there are a slew of technical difficulties, and he sees that and doesn't try to hide it. Like David Letterman, a lot of Fallon's quips are aimed at the show itself. He's not *great* at interviews with people he doesn't already have a history with, but he's new and he's trying. And there's something refreshing about the inexperienced guy, who feels like he's one of us.

Fallon's show is very fan-friendly and he tries to incorporate the audience in as many ways as he can. Before the show premiered Fallon would interact with fans and give some behind-the-scenes insight on his daily video blog. He let the fans choose the show's logo. On the show he likes to get the audience involved. Sometimes they participate in game show bits. Once they elected a President of the Audience from three candidates. One audience member was selected in an experiment to boost his popularity on the social networking website Twitter. The other day a lucky audience member was selected to come on the show and be interviewed like a regular guest. At the end of every show Fallon runs into the audience and gives everyone high fives.

I love the fan interaction on Fallon's Late Night, but I must say my favorite thing about the show is that Fallon always gets the celebrities to do fun things. It lets you see celebrities in ways you've never seen them, out of their element. Amanda Peet did an impromptu green screen-type skit with Jimmy, Justin Timberlake did his John Mayer impression, Emily Blunt was brought two Auntie Anne's pretzels and then gave one to an audience member, Tracy Morgan did the interview in a blue Snuggie, Gary Sinise played bass with house band The Roots, Michael Stipe from R.E.M. recorded a new voice mail message for Fallon's cell phone, and Bill Paxton and the Kardashian girls joined announcer Steve Higgins at an Irish pub for St. Patrick's Day. I love seeing celebrities interact with each other and I think one of the best things about late night talk shows is that the first guest sometimes stays on the set for the next guest. I love Letterman's show, but he never has that.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is a fun show. It could use some work, but in its infancy it shows promise. Jimmy Fallon is a funny guy and a lot of fun to watch and it looks like his guests have a lot of fun too. The audience has fun... It's like one big party.
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love his new show!
fyesdnil24 March 2009
I think he's doing a great job, although his first few episodes had a couple kinks I think his personality outshines any bugs the show might have at this point.It did seem an odd choice to have the most infamously hard person to interview as his first guest,but given the circumstances I think he held his own.I definitely think he get's more comfortable with every episode.Hopefully people will embrace his guy next door sense of humor and casual hosting style.Also I personally think the fact that he just can't keep his giggling and smiling under control extremely endearing.Everyone always feels the need to put new guys through this hazing at first,lest we forget Conans less than stellar reviews his first couple of seasons.
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