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The chattering smarty-pants who ran the U.S. government on "The West Wing" are slow talkers compared with the motormouthed and hilariously imperfect power elite in the brainy British comedy In the Loop.
In The Loop floats above its chaotic world on wave after wave of beautifully profane dialogue.
Intelligent political satire this expertly acted is nothing to sneeze at.
Village Voice
Not to detract from the pleasure of watching the consistently excellent actors, who enhance the dialogue's bite with their body language, but the script of In the Loop is so rich that it could work as a radio play.
L.A. Weekly
Zooming back and forth between London and D.C., In the Loop hasn't any real plot -- it plays like a rather brilliant Brit-com stretched over 100 minutes, a collection of anecdotes and incidents.
Rolling Stone
Laugh you will, loud and often. In the Loop deserves to be a sleeper hit. The whole cast is stellar. And it proves that smart and funny can exist in the same movie, even in summer.
Boston Globe
As a ranking cabinet minister in the brutally funny political satire In the Loop, actor Peter Capaldi unfurls dazzling verbal ribbons of the foulest language imaginable, thunderbolts of vulgarity that carry the force of precision carpet-bombing.
The Hollywood Reporter
Painfully funny satire of British and American bureaucrats in the days leading up to the Iraq War.
Generous with its humor and spares no sacred cows, especially when it comes to the American political system.
The New Yorker
By the end of the film, you just want to get away from these people.

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