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Kaya Scodelario: Effy Stonem


  • Effy Stonem : Why bother?

    Tony Stonem : With what?

    Effy Stonem : Caring about people.

    Tony Stonem : [walking slowly up to her, then muttering in her ear]  You don't fool me, Effy Stonem.

  • Pandora : Your brother is really nice.

    Effy Stonem : He's not nice. He's amazing.

  • Effy Stonem : Love, love, love... what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

  • Effy Stonem : You don't understand, do you, Ton? As long as the phone keeps ringing, she's still there.

  • Madame Deluca : And what emotion have you chosen to depict?

    Effy Stonem : Anger, Jealousy, Bitterness, Tiredness, Hope, Lust, Love.

    Madame Deluca : A veritable feast. So where is it?

    Effy Stonem : It's everywhere.

    Madame Deluca : My dear girl, I'm not sure I understand.

    Effy Stonem : Its conceptual. You just can't see it.

    Madame Deluca : Your saying you haven't done it?

    Effy Stonem : No I'm saying you can't see it.

  • Pandora : Hi, mum. Yeah, we're just picking up.

    [lowers the phone and talks to Effy] 

    Pandora : She wants to know what we're picking up.

    Effy Stonem : Drugs.

    Pandora : [to her mother]  Salad.

  • Effy Stonem : [about Sid]  He wants you back.

    Cassie Ainsworth : Tell him I've discovered the power of pussy.

  • Effy Stonem : [about Sid's drawing]  Loser isn't an emotion.

    Sid Jenkins : It is to me. You think it's shit, don't you?

    Effy Stonem : Yes.

    Sid Jenkins : I used four biros and I bought them.

    [takes them out] 

    Sid Jenkins : Four. You owe me 79 pence.

    [Effy gets up and starts to undress] 

    Sid Jenkins : Whoa, whoa, whoa, Effy, what're you doing?

    Effy Stonem : [while undressing]  I'm going out. You've got 24 hours, Sid to produce something that doesn't look like coursework for GCSE spaz.

    [goes over to her cupboard and takes out a pallet, paint and brush] 

    Effy Stonem : Dip your brush in that and don't even think of leaving this room until you've done it.

    [sits down on the bed in her underwear] 

    Sid Jenkins : Listen, I don't think this is working out, yeah? Right, shall we just leave it, okay? I quit.

    [Effy begins bouncing on her bed and makes groaning noises; Sid realizes what Effy is doing] 

    Sid Jenkins : All right. All right! I'm doing it.

    [begins painting as Effy puts her dress on] 

  • Effy Stonem : [to Cassie]  So. Sid. Any other thoughts?

    Cassie Ainsworth : Tell him I'm on a one-way ticket to Dick City and I love it!

  • Pandora : [running to catch up]  Effy, wait! Madame Deluca says we have to be friends!

    Effy Stonem : I don't have friends.

    Pandora : Great! I don't have any either. Isn't that great? I can do something you can't do!

    Effy Stonem : [stops and turns towards Pandora]  There's nothing I can't do.

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