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More of a parody of the conservative movement
grayner-217 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
As I read the reviews here of the film, I see many comments of the type "I think like that..." which is further evidence of certain aspects of the hard-right mindset than it is about problems with liberals. One can debate about whether something is "funny" or not, I found this film funny for about 5 minutes, the rest was boring and some of it downright offensive. First, as full disclosure, I am a liberal but am NOT a fan of Michael Moore. I agree with much of what he has to say but I think he loses the power of some of his arguments by being overly provocative I also find him unpleasant as a personality. But when we look at this film, we see the basic problems of the conservative mindset, everything is a caricature, everything is so simple good guys vs. bad guys. One could argue that these could be a caricature of the movement itself, but from the reactions here, it would seem that those who liked the movie see it as "socking it to those liberals..."

First let's look at the basic premise of the movie: Mike Malone wants the 4th of July Holiday banned because he, in his heart of hearts, hates America. Um, again, I don't particularly like Moore, but should a caricature not have some remote basis in fact? Watch Sicko, watch Fahrenheit 911, watch Roger and Me. Where exactly is a hatred for America and patriotism? Exactly in which scene does this occur? What does he say to suggest this? In fact, this is the typical reductio ad absurdum strawman that conservatives love to build - so-in-so is bad! He is fat! He hates America, he loves terrorists. Don't listen to him or respect him. Take Moore's last film, Sicko. Moore discusses the millions of Americans who are not give adequate help by the health care system. He touches on cases of people who have none. He compares and contrasts France and Cuba. Now instead of having a substantive discussion, where conservatives say 1) I disagree with Moore BECAUSE.. 2) Moore's point on X is wrong BECAUSE... 3) The facts he presents on health care in Cuba are not true BECAUSE... instead we can engage in these childish stereotypes and name calling INSTEAD of addressing the fact that 46 million people, including children, have no health care in the US. Yeah, let's laugh at the fat man who hates's easier than addressing the issue at hand, some people are literally dying because they got laid off or because their insurance company won't cover them. Thus, the whole premise of the film is so flimsy and ridiculous. To the conservative mind, saying it is bad that millions of hard-working Americans have no health care means you hate America. Objecting to a disastrous military policy in Iraq means you hate America.

And the stereotypes abound from there. Michael Malone is taken through history a la Christmas Carol and shown that it is wrong to hate America...One of my favorite examples is how he is shown by the example of the Civil War that not all war is bad. Now let's dissect this a bit: stereotype: all liberals are against all war no matter what. As stupid as the stereotype that conservatives want war all the time. Fact is, this is not true, many liberals SUPPORTED the war in Afghanistan because the Taliban was housing bin Laden, who was directly associated with the murder of our citizens. But just because you object to the Iraq war, you are against every war in all cases. Yeah, right. The civil war...let's think for a nano-second about that: that war was fought by people opposed to slavery in the Northern States against the conservative South. I won't go into the complex argument here about what each party Republican and others were very different then but I will point of that those "red" states that went Bush in 2004 almost exactly matched the "slave states" during the Civil War. Sure, we are supposed to believe that those very conservative states where they sill want to fly the confederate flag today were the ones who were anti-slavery? Yeah, sure.

And then of course, we have the portrayals of Muslims and Mexicans in the film. To the conservative mindset, all Muslims, be they from Morocco to Iran to Afghanistan to Indonesia, to Sudan, to America and Europe and Turkey are all the same...they all dress the same, all talk the same...all are potential terrorists who hate America.

And everything else is a silly stereotype too. Rosie O'Donnell is a fat lesbian with strong opinions. So therefore, she should be laughed at and ridiculed, not worthy of having an opinion.

And for those who say, "It's a comedy, lighten up"... um, I just found it not funny, from scenes at Ground Zero (real classy) to cheap physical humor (look at that fat pig Moore eat all in sight...) it is light on the humor and heavy on the conservative fantasy

And for those eager to say it is like Airplane, um, no. Airplane was funny because it was completely absurd. There were silly jokes, many groups were parodied in a gentle way. Here it is all about building the strawmen and then trying to build a parody around that. Kind of like making a "liberal" film where George Bush is out on some hunting range, shooting down Muslims for sport....Conservatives would not find that amusing and it would be as absurd as the "Michael Moore hates all of America" premise..

And for those ready to proclaim "typical liberal response", you should know I expect to also pan Oliver Stone's film "W" when it comes out. Although I loathe Bush, it is also a series of silly stereotypes which does not bring the dialogue forward...
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I thought it was funny
GMP16 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, before anyone levels accusations, I have seen the movie and I'm writing this on behalf of myself, not some organization on either side of the political spectrum. Now, that said, here's my opinion...

Is this the funniest movie ever made? No, it's not. Is it your civic duty to see or avoid this movie at all costs? No, it isn't.

I will say, though, that I thought the movie was very funny. In some parts (like the "documentary" about "radical Christian terrorists"), it's both funny and sharply satirical. And, in other parts (like Malone getting constantly knocked around), it's more garden variety slapstick comedy. Either way, I laughed and so did the other people in the audience. And, as noted, there are a couple of scenes that actually try, and do, provoke some thought, mainly the scene at St. Paul's. Finally, when you get right down to it, Malone (the pseudo Michael Moore) doesn't come across as all that awful a guy, even if he is a self-absorbed jerk.

I know that this movie has inspired a considerable amount of controversy and has resulted in heated exchanges. All I'll say, though, is that I thought it was OK and I enjoyed it. And if it does inspire some kind of dialogue about conservatism (or the lack thereof) in Hollywood, so be it.

I will admit, though, it was nice to see a movie that at least tries to show the U.S.A. in a favorable light. That's become somewhat rare.
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What's next for Zucker? Pro Nixon, Pro McCarthyism movie?
Slug-310 December 2009
I loved Airplane! I think it's a staple on the American comedy scene. In fact, I love several of David Zucker's movies, but he seems to have lost his understanding of the American psyche in his last few attempts. An American Carol, for instance, could just as well have been a pro-Nixon movie, released soon after Watergate. I'm sure there will be a few who will find Zucker's portrayal of Michael Moore funny and they would likely find a Zucker portrayal of Martha Mitchell to be humorous, as well. The irony comes in Zucker's failure to realize that most people side with Michael Moore on his opinions, as well as the facts that support his opinions, which Zucker pokes fun at by treating them as if they were untrue.

As a Liberal, I didn't expect to agree with Zucker's political views, and yet, I felt compelled to watch it and give it a fair shake, believing that my difference in politics might not prevent me from finding it funny. Unfortunately, An American Carol ended up being as disconnected from reality as I'd feared beforehand and I can't help wondering what Hollywood genius figured it would be a good idea to make fun of a controversial American political icon, just as the vast majority of Americans were figuring out that his serious accusations were justified. If Zucker were around for the Boston Tea Party, he most surely would have had a blast ridiculing Samuel Adams, and those throwing tea overboard, and I'm sure he wouldn't have spared American revolutionaries for wanting independence, either, because Zucker seems all about protecting the establishment, no matter who it is and what faults it may have.

I may sound motivated by politics, but that's really not the impetus for my harsh review at all. We've all seen funny political humor that was driven by views that we didn't share, but this is different because Zucker is trying to force humor that just isn't there. Michael Moore offers a plethora of opportunities for humor, but there is nothing funny about portraying people as wrong, when in fact, they were right. And if I am wrong on this, then I have a great idea for a satire about Abraham Lincoln foolishly trying to end slavery, which I'm certain will have it's fans as well.
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Better Than I'd Expected
ann-883 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this at the AFR Film Festival in DC this evening. I wasn't expecting much having read a lukewarm online review from someone who saw it when it was screened at the Republican Convention. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised. I doubt this modern day conservative retelling of Dickens' A Christmas Carol will ever find an audience, as it will be ignored/roundly dismissed by the MSM critics, but it is a solidly funny satire and delivered more than its share of laughs (at the expense of Michael Moore, the ACLU, Fidel's Cuba, today's college professors, Rosie O'Donnell, Jimmy Carter, and anyone who frets about the treatment of those incarcerated at Gitmo.) As the "Michael Malone"/Michael Moore character, Kevin Farley not only looks the part but gives a credible and easy-to-watch performance. He actually makes the character likable, even when he's saying or doing something obnoxious. The characterization could have been much "meaner" but Farley walks the fine line between hard edge satire and keeping Malone open to his big screen redemption.

The film even had moments that were unexpectedly moving, especially the segment when Mr. Malone receives some somber "feedback" from the father of his country and when Malone sees "ghosts" in the audience at the end-of-the-film Trace Adkins concert.

Favorite bits: the trailer of Rosie's Radical Christianity documentary and the chorus of college profs singing about the glories of 1968.

If you're an unreconstructed conservative you're going to love this film. Left of center libs (the five or six who actually go to the movie) will walk out of it after about five minutes sputtering obscenities. You'll have to judge whether or not you want to spend your time and money depending upon where you fall between those two extremes.
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It's about time...
bmennen3 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
My friend and I LOVED this movie (disclaimer: we are both conservatives). A David Zucker/Airplane like comedy...wrapped up with good old-fashioned patriotism. The late Chris Farley's kid brother was better than expected, the pacing was fast, and there were MANY laugh out loud yucks.

One of my favorite parts involved the ACLU...but I won't ruin it for you. There was spontaneous applause during parts of the movie and at the end.

One slight correction: when the Michael Moore character visits St Paul's Chapel in NYC and is met by General Washington, he stands next to the pew that the Washingtons used during the 15 months President Washington was in NYC. The pew is shown towards the middle of the church, but in actuality is against the north wall.

With that nit picked, let me say God Bless America, David Zucker, Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammar, Dennis Hopper and the rest of the people that worked on this funny yet important movie.
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I Gave it a Chance; Don't Be So Serious
pfreese3 October 2008
Keep in mind folks, this is just a comedy but it does contain enough messages to anger any ultra-liberal. It won't hurt anyone to watch this movie and even the far left liberals should get a good laugh. You have to admit after watching it that it's a harmless movie and is in good spirit. Those that are left leaning, head this warning, it will bring to light some painfully harsh realities of the problems our American culture is facing within our own borders and how ridiculous some of those ultra left leaning (progressives) are. If you are open minded, do not care about politics and would like to experience the Zucker style of humor, go see it. You'll get to see an angle of things that hasn't come from Hollywood in recent years.
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every emotion will be tested
Worldofgrim3 October 2008
i laughed, i cringed, i smirked, i got mad, really mad, i felt, i almost cried, definitely choked, this was a good film. and so much of it i hated, because it was true. and you all know what i mean.

i am conservative in Hollywood, my friends treat me exactly like this movie. i do feel alone, a lot.

was it entertaining? well, in very few movies do i laugh out loud, and this is one of them. it was so much fun to laugh, yet as the movie went on the burden of truths took their toll on me. thank goodness for the zombie reprieve in the 3rd act, that helped! it will actually take me a few days to recover from the emotions i have, but knowing Zucker and others are out there, in Hollywood, and for them and the companies involved, the actors, and crew, to make this film, is a great thing indeed.

on so many levels, this film did a lot, acting, jokes, sets, story, message, lines, i actually think this should be an option in university & high school viewing! you know, students can choose Inconvenient Truth, any Michael Moore film, or American Carol. After all, we believe in choice.

A great film.
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Playing To The Choir
Scully23 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The only real issue I have with the film is that Zucker didn't go far enough with some of the humor. But other than that, it was a great film.

I'm hoping that this film will get more play and make money this weekend, only so that more conservative, pro-America entertainment will be made in Hollywood.

We all know the plot -- a Michael Moore-type director wants to abolish the 4th of July, and three spirits show him the error of his ways. But the movie has the laughs needed to sustain the less than 90 minute length.

One of the more touching moments in the film is that of the Ghost of George Washington (Jon Voight), where he brings the Moore clone (Kevin Farley) to Ground Zero after it's been bombed by the terrorists. It's enough to get anyone teary-eyed, and if you know the history behind Zucker's conversion to conservatism, you know that it took place shortly after 9/11.

Overall, a good movie, and highly recommended.
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Kudos to the brave souls who made this film
jamesdeansixx4 October 2008
I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Though Mr. Zucker's brand of crude humor is typically not my cup of tea, the pleasure I took from watching so many of Hollywood's "sacred cows" being torpedoed on screen made me giddy as a schoolgirl.

The performances were well done, especially Kelsey Grammar as General Patton. Everyone involved in this project should be commended for having the stones to make a film so contrary to the prevailing culture in Hollywood.

This picture said so many things that needed to be said, yet did it through laughter, instead of venom-spewing. Well done.
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Why Isn't This Movie Taken More Seriously?
boblmc17 October 2008
Uh! Because it's an outrageous lampoon of a group of people who take themselves way too seriously. It's a comedy! The movie is not supposed to be taken seriously. I am amazed at how many people want this movie to succeed or fail because they think that it has some great political significance. This movie is just an outrageous irreverent comedy like Airplane, Hot Shots, Naked Gun, etc. Surely these actors and directors would have been capable of making a serious movie about their politics with serious comments on serious issues if that were their intention. Instead they made a movie that lampoons extreme liberalism with ridiculous characters on both sides of their story. News Flash: Liberals are fair targets for ridicule and humor. You would think that this was a lampoon of a major religion or something the way people are reacting. Look around dudes! There is plenty of conservative lampooning going on out there!

The movie is typical of its type and it is funny. The fact that it lampoons the far left makes it unique and a must see since apparently that type of Hollywood sacrilege is so rare that people don't even know how to react to this movie.

Of course, movies of this type never make a killing at the box office and critics typically hate them. Still there are plenty of warped people (myself included) who love outrageous comedy.

If you are a mad dog liberal you may feel like the USSR is collapsing all over again while watching this movie. If you are a radical conservative you might feel that you are watching a documentary or maybe Best Picture of the Year. If you are a typical American with a warped "Naked Gun" type sense of humor then you are the target of this movie and you will find plenty to laugh at.

I recommend this movie.
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Finally a movie from a conservatives point of view
sjtowns4 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie because it portrays todays issues from the point of view of the right. Some of it is extremely funny, some is so seriously on target that it is almost sad. I hate it when liberals tell people to reserve their opinion until they go and see their ultra-left movie. I will admit that liberals should not watch this movie. I doubt if there are 5 minutes of it they would endure, much less enjoy. All I can say is its great to be able to get my conservative laughs and enjoy the fact that other people understand my principles and agree with them. If you are undecided about how you feel about politics then you might watch this movie as it does attempt to illustrate the absurdity of many ideas of the left with very graphic illustrations.
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I was looking for an intelligent satire... instead I got "An American Carol"
filmaker200230 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Because of the controversial subject of this film, I will start off by saying that I am not a liberal. I am a constitutional conservative and also an Iraq War veteran. That being said, "An American Carol is an absolutely horrible film. Besides the type of low-brow, kindergarten humor that it shares with such films as "Scary Movie", "Meet the Spartans", "Date Movie", and every other modern spoof, "An American Carol" also fails in its attempt to rebut left-wing rhetoric.

I read one user review that said "if you're a Republican you will find this funny." Republicans should find this comment very offensive, as it suggests that a film filled with ignorant and inaccurate information would appeal to them. Any educated Republican should avoid this film, because what it implies about them is almost as bad as the filmmakers are trying to say about the left.

The film presents poorly thought out arguments to debunk supposed left-wing myths. An example of this is when the character of Michael Malone comments that President Kennedy would never have gone to Vietnam. In the scene, Kennedy appears before him and suggests that he would have indeed gone to Vietnam, and as evidence the film quotes a line from his Innaugural Address where he mentions that America will "pay any price, bear any burden". The speech itself makes no mention of the on-coming war in Vietnam, and to use this quote as evidence for his position on that war is laughable. Although Kennedy alludes to being willing to fight a necessary war, there is no evidence to suggest that he would have fought the war in question.

Another example is when Bill O'Reilly and Rosie O'Connel are arguing about the terrorist threat. One of the arguments made by Rosie, which is a common argument made by many liberals, is that Christian terrorism is as big a threat as Islamic terrorism. Any student of international and domestic terrorism will tell you that this is simply not true. And a good way to refute that claim is to show the number of terrorist attacks and subsequent death tolls from both Christian extremist and Islamic extremist and compare them. The numbers will clearly show that in the present time Islamic extremists have engaged in far more destructive acts that Christian extremists. However, that is a point that the filmmakers failed to address. Rather than approach the topic intelligently and in a manner that would educate the ignorant, the film dismisses the argument and responds by pointing out the Christian terrorists don't commit their crimes with the same modus operandi that Islamic terrorists do, and the film attempts to make its point in very juvenile fashion.

The film carries on like this for its entire run time. Its extremely disappointing that a film that is supposed to represent the opinions of the right comes across as a Larry the Cable Guy skit. Any one looking for an intelligent argument about right versus left politics should simply avoid this film. I recommend reading "The Revolution" by Ron Paul instead.
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Very, very odd...
Elvine30 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Is this supposed to make fun of liberals or republicans? When a few of us sat down to watch it we honestly couldn't agree. We then resorted to what Google had to say on the subject, and apparently the director and the lead actors are all republicans wanting to make a statement. But we still couldn't agree - some of us claimed they had to have been fooled by the writers.

The two biggest laughs from us was when Little Timmy hadn't had his leg fixed because Bad Uncle Michael wouldn't pay for it (yeah, socialized medicine is only for commies, we yanks think every child should have the liberty to stay crippled if they fail to choose the right parents) and when Frasier asked whether the "thou shalt not kill" had been shot away from the wall in the court room and proceeding with "never mind, I'll just fire away" (Who are pro-capital punishment again? That's right, right-wing Christians!)

And those were just the most glaring anti-republican jokes. Mostly, the script was more subtle, with the anti-liberal jokes, the racism and the homophobia so clumsily presented they were, in our opinion, most likely meant to make fun of republican propaganda.

Are we overestimating both the filmmakers and their intended audience? Or have we truly understood the deeper meaning of An American Carol? I'm so confused, I don't know whether to grade it one or ten. I'll have to go with five.
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Hilarious stuff!
Binkstir5 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Man, this had some funny scenes in it. The Arabs using a freshly bombed flaming car for a rotisserie killed me and you have to love Frisbees to the head. There were too many hilarious scenes for me to keep track of. The disarming of the bomb by the terrorists in the bathroom stall was one of the funniest things I remember seeing in recent memory. Jon Voight makes an amazing George Washington and Kelsie Grammar is a great General Patton. I hadn't seen Kevin Farley before but being a huge fan of Chris Farley, I was relieved at how good Kevin Farley really is. You can't hear his voice for very long without thinking of Chris. A great cast and massive amount of laughs make this "see again" for me.
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Extremely Funny!!!
Pumpkin_Man4 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this was a very funny movie! Everybody did an awesome job. Kevin really reminds me of his brother, Chris. The film makes fun of Michael Moore and A Christmas Carol. The legendary Leslie Nielsen tells these kids a story at a 4th of July BBQ about how Michael Malone wanted to abolish 4th of July. Throughout the film, Michael is visited by the 3 ghosts of George Washington, General Patton, and John F. Kennedy. They try to get Michael to change his mind and love America again. Some terrorists want Michael to help them make a movie to show how evil America is, but towards the end, Michael begins to show the love! If you love spoofs, and America, but hate terrorists and Michael Moore, you'll love AN American CAROL!!!
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God Bless America! Political truth finally to the public
teenysue223 October 2008
This movie was so refreshing- it said all of the things that people who are true patriots believe and conservative radio and newspapers are saying but the big media groups are not producing. America is a great nation, we need to fight terrorists, war is sometimes necessary to fight evil, the principles that our founding fathers fought for and built this nation upon are being attacked and we need to stand up, speak out and defend them. An American Carol was funny, sobering, deeply moving, thought-provoking, and truth proclaiming. It made me proud to be an American, and I hope many many people will support this movie so similarly messaged films will follow.
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I hate America...
mrannouncer6 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
...apparently. That was what this movie was telling me. But rather than degenerating into the usual argument of left wing vs. right wing politics -- I'm much more interested in addressing the distressingly high rate of prejudiced, bigoted and downright hateful moments in the film...

The first five minutes of the movie (portraying terrorists in Afghanistan) contain a joke that the terrorists are all, apparently, named Muhammed Hussien. Now, I'm not expecting the screenwriters of this flick to have done any research, but this is both completely inaccurate to the sects of Islam in Afghanistan and reductive and lame (The Terrorists are all EXACTLY the same, therefore, easy to hate. Why look at them as human beings at all?) Moments later we are treated to a racist depiction of Mexican immigrants; seen as cheap labor for the terrorists (because, honestly, Mexico MUST have a worse economy than Afghanistan). Joke or not, this is literally the last time anyone who is not white will have a speaking role in the movie, until we meet the slaves (more on that later).

There are no women in major roles in the film, apart from the exceedingly small role of Michael's assistant. Otherwise they are either sex objects for leering; screeching menstruating witches; or butch, angry lesbians. (Sometimes a mix of those.) A conservative female in my viewing group was so put off by the bigoted depiction of women that she spent half an hour muttering to herself and not watching the screen.

Most egregiously, this film is openly hostile to any religion that is not Christianity (and, I'm guessing, Evangelical Christianity, at that). Islam is, of course, shown as being simply the religion of terrorists and no one else. Judaism is given a backhand slap in a scene where Mike is shown the future if we had not fought the Civil War: he, ludicrously, lives in the South and owns slaves. At one point, they begin to serenade him with "Hava Negila." Everyone in my viewing group threw up their hands at this blatant anti-Semitism. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but Michael Moore is Catholic, right? And also, if there were a South that was its own country, I'm expected to believe a LIBERAL would be living there and owning slaves, in direct counter to his beliefs? Nice try, movie... But that still doesn't distract me from wondering why you hate Jews.) Later, American soldiers are shown having a Christian prayer meeting just before going off to fight the good fight -- which is a pretty direct insult to all our brave fighting men and women who do not ascribe to that particular belief system. My best friend, who signed up for the Army days after 9/11, was really ticked off at the flick by this point. And nobody appreciated the slapstick humor set at the site of Ground Zero. Not cool.

I don't mean to be reductive, but this kind of film reflects the low level of public discourse in our country. Suddenly, belonging to a political party has become some kind of moral imperative and some people now act like they are allowed to treat those who do not ascribe to their views with outright hatred -- no more giving those they disagree with the respect they once enjoyed as fellow Americans to state their beliefs and live alongside them. Bob Hope snuck jokes at the expense of Democrats into his movies, but always with the good humor that goes with knowing we are all citizens who love our Constitution and the freedoms we are all entitled to; no matter how we differ on fiscal or social policies. If you are a conservative, I would hope that you have the intelligence and decency to look past the superficial preaching to the choir in this movie to see the irrational hate below; and shun it. And if you cannot do so or, heaven forbid, support the bigotry expressed in this film; I would counsel YOU to either start loving this country and our freedoms, or leave it.

P.S. As a personal note, if somebody who reads this who knows David Zucker, please tell him that if he's going to trash on documentary movies as "not being real movies" over 20 times throughout his flick, he might want to make a movie that looks like it cost more than a hundred bucks. My girlfriend makes documentaries -- you can suck it, David Zucker.
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A different kind of Hollywood movie
sgtmac4 October 2008
How unusual it is to see a movie wherein the best parts are not in the trailer. But that is not what makes this a non-traditional Hollywood movie. It is that the movie is unabashedly anti-liberal, anti-media-establishment, pro-military, and pro-American. This movie has more than its share of stupid, slapstick scenes. What else do you expect from a movie with Leslie Nielsen? All Three Stooges similarities aside, no minority group is safe from being a punchline here. The humor is bold and edgy at times. The point of the movie would seem to be that Michael Moore is a left-wing pinhead, a bloated, self-indulgent fool whose lies are shameful and hurtful to America. But there is a greater message here. Average Americans will bust a gut laughing at the silliness of the slapstick comedy. The more perceptive viewers will enjoy the unique experience of a mainstream movie that is firmly rooted in mainstream American principles that are lacking in most Hollywood movies and broadcast television networks.
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For not having any publicity still quite remarkable
jbushy1416 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A very remarkable movie that I am very pleased was made. There are so very few conservative films that are made it's refreshing to see something that doesn't paint the United States as the bad guy.

I have read some very bad reviews about this movie because it treats people wrong. One scene from the movie shows Rosie O'Connell/Rosie O'Donnell on Bill O'Reily's show. Her new documentary is about Radical Christianity. In it we see people having to go through immense security to board an airplane because of the Radical Christian bombers. This is a satire about all the people in America who say it is wrong to blame those of Islamic Religion for terrorist attacks. (Not all Muslims)are terrorists but those who are terrorists are Islamic. That is the fact.

This movie brought to light how America now is not the America we used to be. This country was not founded on fear or caution. Those who fought in the Revolutionary War and those in the Continental Congress were fighting against the world superpower. And we won. We shouldn't be painting our country as an evil nation. (As Michael Moore's films say) Overall this film is a must see. It is funny and truly shows us how we look when we do such unpatriotic things. For those who say the Ground Zero scene was inappropriate just remember who made a documentary about what they think really happened on 9/11. GOD BLESS America!!
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An excellent and funny film with a message
daneldorado3 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I wasted no time to see "An American Carol" (2008). We were first in line at the first matinée on opening day. We hoped there would be enough humor in it to make us laugh. And I laughed harder than I have at any film in years! It's a take-off on Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." This time, instead of greedy Ebenezer Scrooge bah-humbugging Christmas and eventually seeing the error of his ways... this time it's a famous (if rotund) anti-American film maker. Looks sort of like Michael Moore. His name is Michael Malone, played by Kevin Farley, brother of the late comic Chris Farley... and he is "dead on" as the America-hating film maker.

His conversion begins when the spirit of General George C. Patton (Kelsey Grammar) visits him in a dream. Malone is currently leading a gang of protesters who are hoisting signs such as: "War never solved anything"... but Patton reminds him that World War II ended the Holocaust.

Later, Patton plays his ace in the hole. "How do you feel about slavery?" Malone, of course, hates it. So Patton transports him back to Civil War days, where Malone meets a plantation full of debased and humble blacks, picking cotton... among them David Alan Grier and Gary Coleman, all pleading with their white "Massas" to not whip them any more.

"Well?" Patton says. "Abraham Lincoln led this country in a great Civil War, to eliminate the scourge of slavery. You still think war never solved anything?"

Not certain of anything anymore, Malone just says, "We should all give peace a chance." So, next stop is Nazi Germany, where we see Neville Chamberlain (Oliver Muirhead) conferring with Hitler and Mussolini. The funniest scene in the movie -- for me -- is where we see Chamberlain polishing Adolf Hitler's boots. It's a perfect metaphor for Chamberlain's appeasement policies that handed half of Europe over to the German dictator.

There are dozens of great scenes, and genuine laughs in almost all of them. But the funniest involve a trio of totally inept Muslim terrorists, led by Aziz (the excellent Robert Davi). They aim to blow up everything in their way, but end up only blowing up each other. Interestingly, Aziz was also the name of the head terrorist in the Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy-thriller "True Lies" (1994).

To top it off, there's a line stolen from "Casablanca" (1942), that most beloved of all anti-Nazi films. At the end, when Malone is finally convinced that America is on the right path, he and Patton shake hands, and the general says: "Now I know our side will win."

Good, pro-American comedy that will make you think. It's rated PG-13 for a few curse words, and of course those exploding terrorists.

Dan Navarro (
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So truthful, it hurts
johnvibes23 October 2008
I realize that this film is as politically UNcorrect as it gets and that the hurtful, angry, Anti-American target population about which this movie focus will be very offended and defensive (that's not the radical Islamic terrorists...that's just the liberal left). Since the liberal left in fact controls most of Hollywood, I must give the Zucker, et. al. gang a pat on the back for being so brave and a slap on the knee for being quite funny. Zucker was a democrat until he converted and saw the light after 9-1-1. (Funny how so many young, naive Democrats grow up to be wise, experienced Republicans.) Politics aside, I believe that if everyone just let their ideology down, anyone can find some humor, and great patriotic feelings from this film and some genuine heart warming moments. Excellent cast and good acting by MANY well-known actors (unlike that recognized by the previous reviewer who also had to lower himself by calling them head-injured for expressing their opinions. He better see the film again... didn't get the message (which was a very obvious one). God bless you all and God Bless America.
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An American Movie
bgarrard77773 October 2008
The way you see this movie will depend on how you see politics. My son and I saw the very first showing in our town. We loved it enough to go right back with my wife and daughter to see it again. If you love America and you love someone in the military, you will like it. If you are a liberal then you don't have a sense of humor about liberal things and you will hate it. (See some of the other reviews.) It's not Casablanca. The actors are not Tracy and Hepburn. But I was surprised by the actors they did get to play in this movie. I saw an interview tonight on the O'Reilly Factor with Kevin Farley and Kelsy Grammar. They both agreed that they would be hurt in Hollywood for making this movie. I also heard an interview with director David Zucker, who said that his brother wanted to make sure that no one thought he was in any way involved with this. But some of the other actors were surprises: I had heard that John Voight was conservative, but Dennis Hopper? or Leslie Nielsen? or James Woods? or Robert Davi? The sight gags are mostly in line with other Leslie Nielsen films and the kids are especially cute. Like I said, this is not high melodrama. But real Americans will laugh, applaud and maybe even shed a tear. And they will tell their real American friends to go see this movie.
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Great Laughs, Sudden Tears
msinabottle5 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I note a distinct lack of specific criticisms in the negative reviews, almost as if those hostile hadn't noted a single scene... Curious, that...

The honest humor and sincere patriotism in this film was very refreshing, and one fact--that again, curiously, the hostile reviewers seem to miss--is that it suggests an accurate awareness of our nation's history could lead to the rehabilitation of even... Michael Moore! Ah, well, 'Lord of the Rings' was optimistic fantasy, too... Moore and his disciples will neither understand nor appreciate the compliment Zucker paid them... After all, they're into 'documentaries!'

Kelsey Grammar hasn't impressed me this much since 'Down Periscope.' He actually does humor, exaggeration, sincere and powerful earnestness, and even a turn of action film in the same movie, and he did... not... take... himself seriously for a moment. It was a true, rollicking tour de force by an actor who has earned my respect.

I should mention the cameos... For once, I could stand Bill Riley, and perhaps the only redeeming thing I can say about Paris Hilton after seeing this film is that she can laugh at... herself! Kevin Sorbo was very funny at a vital time. Jon Voight... You forget what the great old actors can do. His scene, which I shall leave vague, brought my laughter up short... and my eyes swimming with tears and reverence for the words he spoke.

Lots of the trademark 'Airplane' humor, and there was a lack of viciousness in the film, which amazes me given a political environment when people daily tear into the President, calling him things that, if they were true, would make them suicidal for having mentioned them! Zucker laughs and points fingers, but there is a sense in this film that the objects might yet see his points, and laugh with him, and us, and remember to rejoice in the nation... It is an optimistic film, to re-iterate.

The scene that got to me the most took place at the final denouement of the concert section... Note the soldiers in the audience carefully. It was nice to laugh so heartily during this dreary election year, for which, I thank all involved with this film.
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mlmeyers34 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't sure what to expect when I went into this movie, but what my husband and I ended up with was laughing out loud through the whole thing. I loved the part with the college teachers doing the musical about how they indoctrinate the college kids with ideas from the 60's. it hit close to home, as a college classroom was the first time i ever watched a michael moore movie (i had never heard of him before that). we both came home uplifted and we want to go back to see it soon! I definitely recommend this movie, it's got a great patriotic message and I believe it reflects how a lot of people feel who Aren't in the mainstream media or Hollywood. That is indicated by the fact that our theater was packed and everyone was cheering through it and applauding at the end. i expected the theater to be empty. we had to sit in the front row cuz it was so packed!!! it's nice to know that others feel how we do
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Finally, a movie where coffee-cafe-communists aren't telling me how to feel.
Gatlinburg7 January 2009
I laughed when I came on here and saw a handful of sheepish shoegazers reviewing this movie. They called it 'propaganda', they called it a 'Conservative brainwashing tool.' Let's be honest for a few minutes. Hollywood is riddled with mind-numbingly moronic 'actors' who tell you how to feel, tell you how to spend your money, tell you how to vote, and tell you how you should live your life. Honestly, how can you 16 year old latte lappers truthfully view this film as 'propaganda'? It just makes me laugh.

Anyway, this film was a nice breath of fresh air. I'm sick of Sean Penn pouring his whining little do-nothing tears all over the television set. I'm sick of Opera sitting on her $6,000 white sofa while crying about every low-life druggy that plops onto the seat next to her. I'm sick of the ALCU grave diggers scouring the globe and looking for the next person who says the word 'black' or spills coffee on their lap. I'm sick of Rosie Odonnell spraying bacon bits out of her loud mouth while she thinks she's daytime TVs answer to all the world's problems. Like I said, this film was a breath of fresh air.

Watching this film I realized that modern day America has no General Patton, we have no war hero JFK, we have no liberty loving George Washington. Modern day America needs public officials that know the price of I know some of you leftist Bolsheviks will laugh at that, but that's only to your demise. Billions of people around the world are suffering at the hands of brutal and power hungry dictators...yet you sit behind your computer, posting your inane blogs, and believing all the answers can be solved with a click of a mouse and a hug. Get a grip on reality and stop living in Candy Land.

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