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Kevin Chapman: O'Leary



  • [Black Dynamite parks his car and enters his home. Inside, he stores his handgun on a bear statue wearing a holster before sitting down and reading a newspaper. Meanwhile, O'Leary and his men sneak into Black Dynamite's house from the back entrance towards the living room. They point their guns, only to see the bear statue sitting on the couch, wearing Black Dynamite's bathrobe. Black Dynamite appears on the other side of the room, pointing his gun at the agents] 

    Black Dynamite : Freeze, turkeys!

    O'Leary : I see you haven't lost your tough, B.D.

    Black Dynamite : O'Leary?

    [Uncocks handgun] 

    O'Leary : The old 'pie in the windowsill' trick. I can't believe I fell for that. That was the same trick you used in 'Nam to save my ass. B.D. took our fatigues and put them on two dead gooks. I remember we circled back and turned the tables.

    Black Dynamite : I guess you forgot about the time you and Bravo company left my black ass for dead, huh? But I remember. I remember everything. I remember Vietnam like it was yesterday. I remember that village in Tainan that we cut down. It was a massacre. All the dead Chinamen we left in our tracks. I remember the faces, the children. This one child I'll never forget. Poor little bastard was still alive. His little Chinese legs were blown clean off! Still see his little shins & feet hanging from the ceiling fan across the hut. He was charred from his head down to his little Chinese knees. He tried to get up, but he fell over when what was left of his right leg broke off. As he laid there, flat on his face, he looked up at me. His little Chinese eyes burned right into my stomach, deep into my soul. He said something to me in Chinese like, 'Boo coo sow!', sounded like some cartoon shit. But I understood it to be a question that he was asking me. And I don't have to know how to speak Chinese to know what that question was. 'Why, Black Dynamite? Why?'

    [Long pause] 

    O'Leary : We're a long way from 'Nam. Look at this place. It must have an eight-track player in every room. What's going on today is a smack problem of epic proportion. Corruption is running rampant and we don't know who to trust. We need you, Black Dynamite, now more than ever.

    Black Dynamite : I know I was the best CIA agent that the CIA ever had, but I thought I told you honkies from the CIA that Black Dynamite was out of the game.

    O'Leary : You're never out of the game.

    Black Dynamite : I've known you for a long time. And there's something you're not telling me.

    O'Leary : Okay. We heard about your brother's death. The last thing we need is you running through the streets creating a river of blood.

    Black Dynamite : Tell me who did it and I'll just leave a puddle.

    O'Leary : We don't know who killed Jimmy. But I do know this. You step out of line, friendship or not, and I'm gonna take you down. Because in case you forgot, when you left the agency, you relinquished your license to kill.

    Black Dynamite : Well, you do what you have to. Just don't get in my way.

  • [Black Dynamite enters the warehouse to confront the mastermind behind the Anaconda Malt Liquor distribution] 

    Black Dynamite : All right, sucka, you drop it right there!

    [Black Dynamite discovers it's O'Leary] 

    Black Dynamite : O'Leary?

    O'Leary : That's right.

    [Telling the other workers while pointing his gun at Black Dynamite] 

    O'Leary : Go ahead, guys, I got this.

    Black Dynamite : O'Leary, you son of a bitch. I should've known it was you.

    O'Leary : You should have. You were too busy saving your precious ghetto and trying to lay that orphan mama to not see what was in front of your face.

    Black Dynamite : You diabolical dick-shrinking motherfuckers! You were the leak all the time. And I bet you were behind Jimmy's death.

    O'Leary : Hey, man, I was just following orders. That's what a good soldier does, follow orders, unlike you. Everything's got to be done the Black Dynamite way. I gave the order on Jimmy! I gave it to James, who gave it to the Don. What good's it gonna do you now?

    [Black Dynamite fakes a bullet hit to his right shoulder and falls to the ground. O'Leary looks up to see if there is a sniper above. Black Dynamite suddenly shoots him in the stomach] 

    O'Leary : The old birthday candle trick from 'Nam! Just when you think it's out...

    [Slumps down dead] 

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