"Primeval" Episode #2.7 (TV Episode 2008) Poster

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Karl Theobald: Oliver Leek


  • Nick Cutter : We're not gonna die. Helen's a lot of things, but she's not a killer.

    Jenny Lewis : You really think she's in charge here?

    Nick Cutter : Yeah. Leek doesn't have the wit to do this on his own.

    Oliver Leek : [Watching them on camera]  He's seen what I can do, and yet he still belittles me.

    Helen Cutter : It's your own fault, Oliver. You're too good at being insignificant.

  • Oliver Leek : You see, people like me and you, we don't get the pretty girls, Connor. We're the nerds, the losers, the uncool.

    Connor Temple : Speak for yourself. I do alright with women. What? I do! I'm just... I'm choosy.

  • Connor Temple : [Abby and Caroline are fighting]  You've got to stop this!

    Oliver Leek : Why? I think it's very entertaining.

    Connor Temple : You are a sad little man, aren't you, Leek? Fine. I'll stop it.

    [Tries to break them up] 

    Connor Temple : Guys, could we just -

    [Takes a rogue punch to the face] 

  • Oliver Leek : [Regarding the predators he's controlled with neural clamps]  I wouldn't bother trying to escape; they'll rip you to pieces before you can blink! My very own Praetorian Guard... they'll make me untouchable!

    Nick Cutter : You really think you can keep them locked up for long?

    Oliver Leek : Well, properly chipped, they're no more dangerous than a car or an aeroplane. A machine designed for human use.

    Nick Cutter : No, that's not how it's gonna work, Oliver. Because one day they're going to escape, and then when they do, they're going to kill all of us. It's the end of the human race you're looking at.

  • James Lester : [Via web cam]  You've had your chance to surrender, Leek.

    Oliver Leek : I still have twelve creatures out there. One command from me, and there'll be absolute chaos.

    James Lester : Oh, Cutter didn't tell you? That clever little virus of his sent us the contents of your hard disk. We've got names, locations, all sorts of useful stuff. We're just mopping up the last of your menagerie now. Oh, and Jenny just phoned. You have... oh, just a few minutes before we join you. Now if you don't mind, I think there's some snooker on the other channel.

    Oliver Leek : [Enraged]  Have you ever seen a man torn in half on live TV, Lester? Call a halt to your men, or I shall order the creatures to dismantle Professor Cutter, joint by joint!

    James Lester : The government does not negotiate with terrorists!

    Oliver Leek : 30 seconds, then they kill him! Your choice!

    Nick Cutter : James, don't do it, I'm not important!

    Oliver Leek : Ten! Nine! Eight...

    James Lester : Unfortunately, I agree with Professor Cutter. No individual's life is worth greater than the safety of the public...

    Oliver Leek : Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two!

    [Cutter short circuits the predators neural clamps, escapes leaving Leak surrounded. The creatures attack] 

    Oliver Leek : Ahh! Arghhh!

    James Lester : [to his staff]  Switch that off, will you?

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