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  • Chuck goes to a corporate office and encounters his ex-girlfriend, Jill. He tries to avoid her but they catch up. Later he gets a flash on one of Jill's associates. Now he must reconnect with Jill to determine her involvement. The Buy More crew must pass CPR certification.

  • Devon Awesome is invited to give a first aid course at the BuyMore. Chuck must sneak out however after flashing at his Princeton ex Dr. Jill Roberts's business associate Guy Lafleur, whose company is suspected of selling biological weapons. Chuck dates her, even after his cover-story as successful ICT entrepreneur is blown by Lester and Jeff. The virus gets released, an antidote must be made urgently.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • We open with a flashback to Stanford University, 2003. Chuck (Zachary Levi), wearing his super-cool Buy More uniform, walks past outdoor games of beer pong (Stanford being pretty liberal, we guess). He stops at a house and yells up to a second-story window. "Jill!"

    A girl who is not Jill leans out of the window. "If Jill wanted to speak with you, she would've returned one of your 28 phone calls," Jill's roommate Shari (Elaine Loh) says. Eventually, the beautiful Jill (Jordana Brewster) emerges. She gently explains it's "over" between her and Chuck. The roommate has harsher news: Jill is dating Bryce Larkin.


    Fast forward to the current day. Chuck is on a Nerd Herd call inside a corporate office when Jill, still beautiful, appears. Her slow motion entrance is positively Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski)-like. Thinking quickly, Chuck hides underneath the table, where he is quickly discovered by his former paramour.

    Turns out Jill had done well for herself, having earned a doctorate in biomedical engineering. Chuck, thinking fast again, claims he owns his own computer company. Jill then introduces her boss ... and Chuck has an INTERSECT MOMENT! Is Jill's boss a bio weapons creator? Is Jill somehow involved?

    Yes and maybe, explains the general (Bonita Friedericy) back at headquarters underneath the yogurt shop. Sarah and Casey (Adam Baldwin) will monitor Dr. Guy Lafleur (William Abadie) while Chuck pretends to date his ex girl for the good of the nation. "Look on the bright side," Casey quips. "Maybe you can get your mojo back."

    Emmett (Tony Hale), meanwhile, implements an "emergency preparedness course" after Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) almost chokes to death on a donut. The teacher: none other than Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin). Chuck quickly leaves the break room, almost glad to be headed for a forced date with an ex who broke his heart.

    Later that night, Chuck and Jill enter a fancy restaurant where everyone -- including Casey dressed as the host --welcomes Mr. Bartowski back to the restaurant at which he has never actually eaten. Jill is impressed by the CIA orchestrated show. "It's like you own the place," she says. Jill is also apologetic about the messy break up some five years prior. She broke up with Chuck based on trumped up charges of cheating from Bryce.

    Chuck doesn't take the apology particularly well. He accuses Jill of too easily believing and then sleeping with lying Larkin. After a threatening pep talk with Sarah -- who Chuck accuses of being able to turn off and on her emotions like a light switch -- our reluctant spy regroups and puts on a happy face. Sarah, on the other hand, remains hurt by her fake boyfriend's comments.

    Chuck's smile doesn't last long. Outside the restaurant, Lester (Vik Sahay) pulls up in a Nerd Herd car and outs our intrepid spy/ salesman. "You still work at the Buy More, Chuck?" Jill asks. Chuck, not thinking so quickly, admits to the ruse. Jill storms off. Way to go agent Bartowski.

    "Emergency preparedness," in the meantime, is going terribly. Captain Awesome tells the group to shape up as they will be taking a written test the following day. "If I wanted to take tests, I would have been boat captain," Jeff (Scott Krinsky) says. No one knows what this means. Emmett is especially not amused. Then again, Emmett is never amused.

    Back to the primary plot, Casey and Sarah are camped outside Jill's hotel in a surveillance van. Chuck volunteers to go upstairs to Jill's room and replace a faulty listening device. Jill, of course, will not let him in her room. So the Chuckster decides it's time for confession (it being good for the soul and all). "I still work at the Buy More and I still live with my sister and I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life," he says. "I guess I just wanted you to think I was someone special ... I knew that I haven't gotten over you, Jill."

    Jill practically melts (confession also being good for getting old girlfriends back, we guess) and opens the door. The two begin talking about Jill's current biomedical engineering project. Chuck drops the bug under the bed and Jill leans in close. The two kiss.

    Back at the van, Chuck is all smiles. "She kissed me," he explains. Sarah seems saddened by the news. Just then, our hero has an INTERSECT MOMENT! A man seen getting in the hotel elevator on the van's monitor is an assassin!

    The assassin enters Lafleur's room disguised as the room service dude. Before you can say "charge it to the room," the man attacks Lafleur. A furious fight ensues, ending with LaFleur flying out the window and landing many, many stories below on the top of the van. Chuck, inside the vehicle, winces at the impact.

    Ouch. Literally.

    A short time later, Casey consoles a weeping Jill inside headquarters. "This is a secret CIA compound," he explains. "We've been watching for days, Ms. Roberts." Jill says her boss found out their company has been selling a biomedical weapon and was planning to heroically reveal the secret during an upcoming conference. Sarah volunteers to give the presentation after Chuck refuses to put Jill in any more danger.

    Sarah, using an Australian accent, takes the podium as an "associate of Dr. Lafleur." Before sexy Sarah can finish introducing her fake self, she takes off running after a suspicious looking attendee. Indeed, it's the assassin in disguise!

    Unfortunately, the killer has left a little something behind in the conference room: the biomedical weapon, a poisonous gas. Casey calls Chuck, who is busy taking the Buy More emergency preparedness test. Chuck is to find Jill immediately and find out if she has an antidote. Otherwise, everyone in the sealed conference room will die. Chuck hightails it out of the Buy More. "I guess someone doesn't think saving lives is important," Emmett sniffs. He tosses Chuck's test in the trash.

    Chuck again shows up at Jill's door -- this time with an entire S.W.A.T. team. He reveals he is a CIA agent and she is suitably impressed. Moments later, Chuck arrives on the scene with Jill. The people in the conference room, including Casey, are barely breathing. Our hero gamely volunteers to enter the room and be talked through the procedure for making the antidote.

    Sarah, meanwhile, has caught up to her prey. She shoots and kills the man -- and then examines his ID badge. It reads: "CIA." Sarah is shocked. What in the name of double agents is going on here?

    No time for that now, however. Back at the Buy More, the boys don't have Chuck to copy off anymore. Jeff takes one for the team by swallowing a pen cap. He begins choking immediately. While Jeff is dying, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Lester copy off each other. Captain Awesome dislodges the pen cap from Jeff's throat just as Morgan and Lester finish their tests. "Done!" they explain in unison. Emmett scowls.

    But wait! Chuck has yet to save the day! So we return to the conference room where Jill's plan has gone awry. Chuck, who was injected with a combination of the antidote and the poison, was to draw his blood with a syringe and then inject it into everyone in the room. But, the syringe shatters when a woozy Casey passes out, sending the syringe falling to the floor.

    Chuck, thinking fast, theorizes the antidote can be passed through saliva. He pulls a protesting Casey close and kisses him with a wide-open mouth. It's not exactly romantic, but Chuck has no choice -- or so he thinks. Jill enters wearing a hazmat suit and says Chuck's theory is "ridiculous." She then produces a spare syringe and Chuck begins injecting everyone in the room. They are saved!

    Outside the conference room, Chuck and Jill hug and then begin making out. Sarah watches from the doorway, her smile fading into a frown. Jealous much, Sarah?

    Back at headquarters, the general explains the team will use Jill as bait to draw out more rogue CIA agents -- without Chuck's knowledge, of course. The Chuckster isn't going to like that at all.

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