Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008) Poster

Steve Blum: Greg Glenn


  • Claire Redfield : [Leon has just saved her from a zombie]  Leon... what are you doing here?

    Leon S. Kennedy : I could ask you the same thing.

    Claire Redfield : You're the one?

    Senator Ron Davis : Is this it?

    Leon S. Kennedy : Yep.

    Senator Ron Davis : Reinforcements?

    Leon S. Kennedy : None, we're getting out alone.

    Senator Ron Davis : Is it too much to hope you at least have some sort of a plan?

    Leon S. Kennedy : We're gonna run across the lobby.

    Senator Ron Davis : Are you insane? The lobby is crawling with those creatures!

    Leon S. Kennedy : It's also the widest area. It's too dangerous to take the long way around.

    Claire Redfield : He's right.

    [the Senator looks at her] 

    Claire Redfield : They aren't fast, we can get by them.

    Senator Ron Davis : Oh yeah? And since when did the N.G.O member become such an authority on the subject!

    Leon S. Kennedy : She's one of the rare survivors of Raccoon City. She has more experience with this kind of hellish nightmare than anyone else here.

    Greg Glenn : [talking to Angela]  Hey, Raccoon City, isn't that where the...?

    Angela Miller : Yes.

    [she looks at Claire] 

  • Greg Glenn : What the hell, man? I shot her point blank! There's no way I could have missed her!

    Leon S. Kennedy : I told you. The only way to stop them is to shoot them in the head. It's their only vulnerable spot. Don't forget it. Otherwise, you'll waste time and ammunition. And that can prove to be fatal.

  • Greg Glenn : We were attacked by two people that I believe were recently infected. But don't worry, we caught 'em. Locked them up in a task force vehicle. But even so, becoming infected by being bitten, ugh, it's like something out of a horror movie. Those creatures rising up out of their graves.

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