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Jake Gyllenhaal: Davis



  • Davis : You must be Chris.

    Chris : You fucking my mom?

    Davis : No, I'm not. We were just sleeping...

    Chris : [interrupts]  She's fucking crazy. If you haven't noticed, she's a fucking pothead. She calls it cannabis 'cause it makes her feel like less of a fucking pothead.

    Davis : You say fuck a lot.

    Chris : So?

    Davis : So you're just not using it properly.

    Chris : The fuck does that mean?

    Davis : That's what I mean. Fuck is a great word, but if you use it too much then it just loses its value and you sound stupid.

    Chris : Fuck you.

    Davis : Exactly. I feel nothing and you sound like an idiot. Have a good one.

    [Davis leaves] 

    Chris : Who the f...

    [thinks about it] 

  • Davis : Dear Champion Vending Company: I put five quarters in your machine and proceeded to push B2, which should have given me peanut M&M's. Regrettably, it did not. I found this upsetting, as I was very hungry, and also my wife had died ten minutes earlier.

  • Davis : Who the fuck drives a station wagon?

  • Davis : What about the boys at school? Is there anybody that you like, that you find attractive?

    Chris : Maybe Andrew White. He's a junior, and we have the same gym class too. We have to get changed together.

    Davis : Do you watch him when you get changed?

    Chris : No.

    Davis : Well then I don't think you're gay, Chris.

    Chris : I have to try not to look. I have to tell myself not to.

    Davis : Yeah, no, that's normal, you know. I mean, you're young and curious, it's...

    Chris : Sometimes I imagine his dick in my mouth.

    Davis : Oh. That's different.

  • Karen : I can't have sex with you. It'd be dangerous.

    Davis : There's that word again. Is Carl really out of town, or did you just chop him up into little pieces and stuff him in your sock drawer?

    Karen : That's ridiculous. I don't have a sock drawer.

    Davis : Well... where do you keep all your socks?

    Karen : In the same drawer as my underwear.

    Davis : What? I just... You know, I just think a woman's underwear is deserving of its own space.

  • Davis : [to Phil]  There was love between us your daughter and I, it's just that I didn't hold onto it well enough

  • Davis : You are one fucked-up kid.

    Chris : You're one fucked-up adult.

  • [last lines] 

    Chris : [in his letter]  Dear Davis, thanks for your letter. I'm recovering slowly but surely. Despite the ass-kicking, I must say, being myself feels good. By the way, mom left Carl, FYI. I have a little gift for you. Be at pier 64 this Saturday at 11:00 A.M. sharp. Trust me.

    Davis : [arrives at the location just in time to see a building demolitioned] 

    Chris : P.S. Go fuck yourself. Warmest regards, Davis c. Mitchell.

  • Dr. Brodkey : [after running some tests]  Davis... not sure how to tell you this. Come on. See for yourself...

    [now pointing at screen with other doctor's watching] 

    Dr. Brodkey : Part of your heart is missing.

    Davis : What? How did that happen?

    Dr. Brodkey : Judging by the bite pattern, I'd say gypsy moths.

    Davis : [suddenly jolts back to reality in the doctor's office] 

  • Chris : [shopping at the hardware store]  Why you buying all this shit?

    Davis : Uh, the tools of the trade, my young friend.

    Chris : What trade would that be?

    Davis : Destruction, devastation. I mean, haven't you ever wanted to just smash the shit out of something?

  • Karen : [on the phone]  I'm sorry again, mister Mitchell. This is so unprofessional.

    Davis : Customer service is a profession?

  • Davis : [his first words on the telephone]  I just dismantled a $2,000 cappuccino machine.

    Karen : Why did you call me, mister Mitchell?

    Davis : Why'd you answer?

    Karen : There's something about your letters. I'm re-reading one right now in my tub. I'm not bathing or anything. I just sit here.

  • Chris : [in his kitchen with sledgehammers]  What are you exactly doing?

    Davis : I'm taking apart my marriage.

    [starts swinging] 

  • Davis : [thinking]  My parents left for Tampa this afternoon, and I stayed at the airport an extra two hours watching people walk back and forth with their luggage in tow. I find I'm suddenly filled with... wait... Overwhelmed by... a growing sense of curiosity. What are in these bags? I wanna know what these people can't do without for four days in buffalo. I wanna go through every one of them and dump their shit in a huge pile.

    Davis : And the national guard guy? I wanna hold his gun. I wanna protect my country.

    [imagines aiming at bad guys] 

  • Todd : [Davis has interrupted his scholarship interview]  Um... lost my train of thought. We won.

    Davis : Oh. What'd you win?

    Todd : Swimming. I'm a swimmer.

    Davis : Ah. Do you swim? You know, I used to do laps at the Y, and then I realized how many people must urinate in that pool on a daily basis, and that kinda ruined it for me. Yeah.

  • Davis : Excuse me, is Karen Moreno here?

    Bucaneer Diner Waitress : Who?

    Davis : Blonde hair, hazel eyes, but not hispanic like her name suggests.

  • Davis : Fuck Phil!

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