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Crude humor need better leading duo
SnoopyStyle26 March 2014
Tucker Cleigh (Trevor Moore) is a loudmouth sex-crazed idiot. Eugene Bell (Zach Cregger) is his straight laced best friend. Cindi Whitehall (Raquel Alessi) is Eugene's girlfriend. They decided to save themselves but Cindi wants to take it to the next level. He promises to have sex on prom night. Then at the prom after party, he falls down a flight of stairs. He wakes up after a 4 year coma when Tucker hit him with a baseball bat. Cindy is the new Playboy centerfold. They take a cross country trip to the Playboy mansion to win her back.

The biggest problem is that the two leads who also co-wrote and co-directed this movie are completely lacking in big screen charisma. It doesn't help that they look like 30 year olds when their characters are in high school. Their age fits a little better after the coma. However the lack of charisma never changes. As for the crude humor, it has its moments. They are definitely pushing the envelope, but everything in between is dreadfully boring.
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I guess we just aren't allowed to have fun at the movies anymore...
danomychowski16 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Obviously, this movie is not for everyone. It makes last years Sex Drive look like a family movie. Because of this, many people will be turned off by the movie. About a third of the people walked out of the theater when I saw it, and most likely the majority of them went home and rated this a One. Being a fan of the Whitest Kids U'know, I was very excited to hear about this back in December. and then very annoyed when they kept pushing back the release date. But finally, It arrived and it was great, in my opinion. Not quite to my expectations but by no means bad. It is true that some of the jokes become incredibly repetitive, and they dragged the lesbians scene out to the point that it was no longer funny. But more often than not, the jokes are hits rather than misses. Many people have given the film poor reviews because of how unbelievably vulgar the jokes are. Which makes me wonder: Why would you see a raunchy teen sex comedy that takes place at the playboy mansion, and was written, directed by, and starring two of the Whitest Kids U'know if you are offended by vulgar humor? Trevor Moore was hilarious as always but I do feel that Zach Creggor's talent was in many ways wasted. He got very few of the best lines, though, one could expect that since he plays the cliché "serious" buddy that is found in all teen sex comedies. Craig Robinson was great, though I thought that his character got a bit annoying after a while. But despite the films dirty charm and frequent laugh out loud moments, there were also a fair number of flaws. Miss MArch suffered from the same issue that the latest Harold And Kumar installment did: Every once in a while they would go just a bit too far. In a film like this you have to walk the line. In many cases, they would take a flying leap over it. Which is fine, to a certain extent. The problem was that the just didn't seem to realize when to quit. Dirty does not always mean funny. If you are trying to decide whether or not to see it, just know that it can either be a laugh out loud hilarious raunch filled comedy roller-coaster or it can be a dull, lifeless, trashy, tasteless, bomb of a movie, depending on your taste, or lack thereof. I personally found it to be the former rather than the latter. But it is most certainly not the type of movie that you should see with your family. 8/10
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Stupid, Moronic, Brilliant.
meatloaf615 September 2010
I think that this movie is a perfect example of the weaknesses of IMDb. You get too many people of the wrong mindset reviewing this movie. Being a huge fan of Youtube's "The Whitest Kids U' Know", I found the humour in this movie spot on. It is MEANT to be completely over the top (with some real cringy bits). Its just what they do, and to be honest, not many could do it better.

Yes, this film may not deserve a reputation for anything other than just another Teen movie, but in my books its darn good, and more than anything else, it made me feel a lot happier inside. Is that a bad thing?

Basically, if you are someone who is going to watch this movie without being able to handle sick, crude jokes, then why review it? it isn't for you. That's quite simple.

So in the words of Tucker himself, I would rate this film "A perfect seven".
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not for all tastes but you might like it
mattkratz18 March 2009
Critics tended to pan this movie. While I'll admit that the movie tended to lean towards gross and raunchy humor at times (especially the sex scenes, the "flasher" scenes, and the lesbian car driver characters) and that it didn't seem to be fit for all tastes or aiming for being a classic, I still enjoyed the movie and thought it was truly hilarious. What else can you expect from a movie that centers around Playboy magazine? My favorite scenes were with Molly Stanton chasing after the best friend after, during a pole dance scene, he instigated her into having a seizure with strobe lights and tried to pry her off of him by stabbing her in the face with a fork. Her chasing after him and getting the fire department to do the same were, in my opinion, the funniest scenes. I also liked the road trip scenes and Tucker's meeting with Hugh Heffner. You might like this movie. It really depends on your taste and "material threshold." Give it a try if you're in the right mood.

** 1/2 out of ****
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Shut Down Your Brain and Start Laughing
claudio_carvalho22 August 2015
Eugene Bell (Zach Cregger) and Tucker Cleigh (Trevor Moore) have been best friends since they were children. Tucker has always had sexual attraction for women having his life driven by sex while Eugene and his sweetheart Cindi Whitehall (Raquel Alessi) do not have sexual intercourse waiting for their marriage. However on the day of their prom, Cindi decides that they should have sex. After the prom, they go to a party and Tucker convinces the nervous Eugene to drink a couple of drinks. Eugene is not used to drink and becomes dizzy, falling in the basement. Four years later, Eugene awakens from a coma and finds that Tucker is the only one that waited for him, since his father traveled abroad and his girlfriend has moved to another city. Further, Tucker is living with the schoolmate Candace (Molly Stanton) and he has atrophy of his muscles and incontinence. Soon they discover that Cindi is the centerfold of the March edition of Playboy magazine and she will be at Hugh Hefner's mansion in the anniversary party. Tucker has a serious situation with Candance and he needs to flee from her brother, who is a fireman. He takes Eugene with him and drives to the mansion to meet Cindi in a road trip full of incidents and confusions.

"Miss March" is among the most moronic and brainless films ever produced and certainly hated by professional critics. The story is politically incorrect since the very beginning. However if the viewer shutdown his brain and watch the movie, he or she will certainly laugh a lot. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Miss Março: A Garota da Capa" ("Miss March: The Girl on the Cover")
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Forgive me but I can't stop laughing!
Ramascreen14 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Please forgive me but I find MISS MARCH Movie to be absolutely hilarious. And if liking this movie makes me a bad person, so be it. Because despite the fact that the vulgar, raunchy jokes are immature and gross, I just can't stop laughing. It's a movie for… us male audiences that still chuckle when we hear words like "doodie". Besides, you kinda gotta give some the two lead actors Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore for both writing, both directing and producing this whole shenanigan even though it probably doesn't take a genius to come up with such a ridiculous tale.

It's a teen sex comedy that centers around two best friends, Eugene (Cregger) who is like Jimbo and Tucker (Moore) who is like Stiffler. Typical characters, right? Really there's not much originality in this movie, it even has a road trip, a bunch of people that don't look like high school kids still playing high school roles and of course, tons and tons of attractive, drop-dead gorgeous, hot lookin' girls of all kinds. And just like any teen sex comedy out there that usually has one or two disgusting bomb shocker, this one has those too. And of course the two leads learn something, a self-realization lesson at the end, whooptidoo.

Some of the humor can get repetitive and some of the characters can annoy you, but for some reason every one of those aspects cracks me up and I was watching it sober. I think it caters to the childish adolescent part of me, it rekindles all the sex jokes that my friends and I used to laugh about back when we were younger before we learned to grow up. So these two guys who are behind the hilarious show The Whitest Kids U Know are only doing their contribution to the society the only way they know how and what I enjoy even more is that it's one of the few immature comedy movies out there that's actually consistently funny from beginning to the very end. Craig Robinson who plays the horsedick dot mpeg rapper is on top of his game. He's not afraid to make fun of himself on screen. Hugh Heffner's cameo proves that he's quite possibly one of the coolest relics that still walks this earth. There are two unbelievable Lesbians in this movie that would go down as some of the most memorable characters in this genre. However, this movie does give pressure to teens out there by putting into their minds that having countless irresponsible sex is a good thing. MISS MARCH is a comedy for the dirty-minded and those of us who can switch the on and off button from serious to filthy-minded in just a blink of an eye.
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I laughed, cried (tears of laughter), and I ate overpriced popcorn
thelatenight_cowboy15 March 2009
OK I just got back from seeing this movie and I got to tell you it was pretty damn funny. If you are going to this movie to see another Shindlers List...leave the car in the driveway. It is not artistic nor is it pretty. What it is...funny as hell!!! I caught the early showing (ok I'm cheap, there I said it and I am sticking to it). There were only about 20 people in the theater. An older couple, a couple of guys around 25, a group of 18 - 20 yr old, and of course yours truly. All different backgrounds and ages. What amazed me is that we all laughed when it was funny, we all cringed when it was gross. We did not have to have the director lead us to the joke like a fat kid to cake, it was just there.

Will you see this movie up for an Oscar...no. Will you see this movie in my movie collection when it comes out...U bet you sweet bippy.
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Miss movie March 43
kosmasp16 May 2017
It's not as gross or as completely bad as Movie 43, so apologies in advance. It does have a knack for toilet humor though, that I reckon you'll find funny (as in gross) if you are into that sort of thing. And I don't mean in your personal life, but just as a means to a really simple joke, if you can call it that.

The writers are also the directors, are also the two main stars. And let's just say there is a reason we haven't really heard from them since that movie came out. Now just judging them by one entry in their film library would be an unfair thing to do of course. But after watching this, some may argue the opposite. Then again if you really set your bar very low, maybe get intoxicated, have some friends over ... I guess any movie can be fun under those circumstances.

There are a couple of jokes that work and I was even surprised that they did include nudity in this. That went out of the comfort zone they established. Also the Russian ladies and their relationship to each other also delivered a fun moment or two. Not enough to save the movie, but enough with a couple of other scenes to save it from being a total disaster ...
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Dumb and Dumb again!!!
elbay-118 March 2009
Whoever went to see this movie and thought: " Hey...it's funny...I really enjoyed this one". Must have been watching Road Trip...because this movie was the stupidest, dumbest and most ridiculous movie I have seen in years. I thought Max Payne was bad...Max Payne was Ben-Hur compared to this movie. The worst acting by both main characters, even worse by the secondary ones(the crazy epileptic gf,crazy firefighter,lesbian Russians,Hugh Hefner,the bouncer with glasses(he should stop doing movies)). I mean will you people stop giving all of these movies 5 stars up here. Fired up was a way better movie than this! And if the directors think we didn't notice a little bit amateur camera work around the motel scenes they are mistaken! Basically this movie sucked! Badly...Meet the Spartans was funnier, Scary Movie 3 was better. Date movie was more appealing than Miss March!
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Shame shame shame
zildjianboy1 November 2009
I will not dignify this film with comments on the plot.. the characters.. the story line for this would be giving it more than it deserves.

Simply put this is one of those movies that you watch because its kind of like a car accident, you know you shouldn't be looking but you can't look away. The acting is so incredibly bad that you actually feel pity and shame for the actors who appear it in it.

It's a bad bad disease, please only watch this film if you watching it for the "it's so bad its good" factor.

Woeful.. awful... absolutely embarrassing for every single person involved. If I served the crew lunch I would want my name left off the credits in fear that this disaster would somehow follow me.
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A Complete Miss
jts040516 April 2009
I was goaded to see The Uninvited back in January by my cousins and when the previews for that movie came on this movie was advertised. It looked mildly funny and starred The Whitest Kids U Know's Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore. From what I've seen The Whitest Kids U Know is actually a pretty funny show and these two are definitely a big part of that. So as a guy that does like comedy, I went to check this out. I was a little taken back with how badly this flopped. The laughs were just not that heavy or that great. The writing really could have been better as well as a lot of things. Craig Robinson, of The Office and Pineapple Express, didn't even make me laugh in this one as much as he did in Pineapple Express. Not a single laugh from me at all. This movie just was a complete waste to make. I know that some people may find it funny and that is fine if you think that way, but in my opinion this was just a complete miss in the comedy genre. This will probably be up at the next Razzie awards.

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What a load of crap
tommywahlman4 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously does anyone think this is funny? Apparently some does, poop, people who are over the top hysterical and so on, this movie can only work in the United States, where ppl in the age span of 18-60 still fins pooping funny. In the rest of the world its kids in kindergarten who make poop jokes. i watched around 25 mins of it and i couldn't help but thinking is this really the mental state of that country? Some say its a sex comedy, but does it really have to be so flipped out whit over spaced ppl? Its utter crap not funny no matter what comedy it now tried to be. There is noway anyone can relate to anything as no character seemed real, to some ppl that is funny, to most its not.
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What a load of garbage
scummieB19 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Can I have my money back please? Awful acting and terrible gags (oh look someone has sh*t themselves again, how hilarious - no hang on, I'm not 8 years old......) make this the lowest common denominator comedy I've seen in a long time, I mean how many times have all these gags been done?

'Oh we're so down on my luck' they say as they are walking along the side of the road...... what is going to happen? Do you think a car containing two hot European lesbians is going to pull over and pick them up.......oh here comes a car....... Christ give me strength.

Oh yeah, someone drinks pee in the movie too - that's fresh writing, not like someone has done that before.

If the guy who played the moron in the beach shirt gets work again then God help the acting world.
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This Movie Sucks
batdave07 August 2009
There are some humorous moments in this movie, but, not enough to overcome how truly horrible it really is. In between the humorous moments is a stupid movie with very bad acting and scenes that look like they were added just to make the movie longer. I'm pretty sure this movie was written in someone's dorm room while they were failing out of everything. How it became a movie is astonishing, but, I suppose Zach Creggor and Trevor Moore deserve credit for selling it to someone. I wish I had the dollar back it cost me to rent it and the gas it took me to get to the redbox. If you must watch it, I suggest you surf the internet or play a game at the same time to help pass the time.
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Patchy at best, but the laugh out loud moments are EXCELLENT
intelearts15 July 2009
I'd give this a 2 or 3 excepting that is has 5 or 6 absolutely laugh out loud and that's more than most movies. None of this is rocket science: two guys head for the Playboy Mansion to find an ex-girlfriend and have adventures on the way. It's all very silly indeed - but if you imagine you're aged 12 - 14 or are 12 - 14 then this is a not bad guilty pleasure. Awful in places, and in others a huge chuckle fest it really is not anyone's idea of a great movie... but darn, the laugh out loud moments are some of the funniest I've seen all year... and had been laughing when i remembered them afterward....
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Miss March is a Solid 9. Laughed till I cried
williamhubbardusa13 May 2009
This movie was wonderful! It far exceeded what I expected because Trevor Moore is a comedic genius. This movie puts a new spin on the teen/party movies, and I welcome it with wide open arms. It is an instant classic with parts reminiscent of "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" and "American Pie" if it were funny. Sure, there is some potty humor, but very little. I usually hate this, but it was done in a tasteful manner in this instance. The movie doesn't take itself very seriously, and it's great that it doesn't. If it did, critics would be slamming it for factual inconsistencies. It almost seems to make fun of itself. If you want a taste of the type of humor, tune in to "Whitest Kids You Know" on IFC. This group of geniuses are behind this masterpiece.
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Raquel Alessi Gets Wasted In The Worst Sex Comedy Film Ever Made
FilmMan4723 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I liked some American pie series and so far many comedy movies aped that including some sexy scenes and loads of comedy but failed the reason why American pie worked because it was in late 90s and world was not into that kind of films however the soft-core films were around from 70s & some of the greatest are from the 90s i can say it because i am a fan of the genre but this movie miss march got me tricked i saw the unrated version of the film on DVD but it was way awful,longer & have zero chemistry between the characters plus the comedy scenes try too hard to make someone laugh it just doesn't work.

The two main lead guys are stupid specially tucker these guys are trying hard to be playboys but fail hard,the only guy i liked was Dot Mpeg who sings some of the funniest songs ever i laughed hard at the music video where he is dancing with women and lyrics of the song are extremely vulgar but hilarious at same time.

The Plot:Eugene & Tucker goes to a cross country trip to find a playboy mansion where Eugene;s former love Cindi Whitehall a.k.a miss march is making an appearance.

This is the basic story which drags for no reason Eugene was 4 years in come after the prom night accident when he was about to be intimate with Cindy now he is not sure what will happen Cindi is now a big model he also thinks that she maybe a prostitute now,i have seen plenty of worst films but this take the Oscar award,and who can forget those lesbian chicks in the car sex scene,the script was missing the spark & the flavor of the true comic timing.

The Cast:everyone is lame here doing overacting specially Trevor Moore trying to ape Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura,but this lady Raquel Alessi is wasted here she got the looks & can also act wonder why she signed this movie up.

Overall Miss March 2009 should be missed but if you like to see Raquel Alessi do watch this at your own risk my rating is 3/10.Skipp It
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A "MISS" of epic proportions...
tombstone8110 February 2010
It's been a long time since I've written an IMDb review but I feel I would be doing movie fans--and humanity--a disservice by not taking a few moments to describe how painful this movie is. It's only slight better than "Son Of The Mask" which I rank as my worst movie of all-time. Believe me...use the 90 minutes to call your grandmother or that old friend you keep putting off because you're "too busy"...or do some exercise...or clean up your garage. ANYTHING but sit on the couch and corrupt your humour glands with this filth.

I am not a prude by any means...I love any kind of smut and filth if it's done properly (i.e. American Pie; There's Something About Mary; etc)...but how this train wreck got produced is beyond me. That anybody in Hollywood in charge of writing the cheques for something like this could read the script and think "yeah, this deserves a budget of $XXXX!!!" makes me fear for the future of moviedom.

In the interest of fairness (what little this piece of trash deserves), I gave it a two instead of a one because I did chuckle--not a genuine LOL, but a guffaw--at least once in the movie and perhaps as many of three times. Certainly not more than that. And the saddest part is, the concept had the capacity to be a decent, poignant, road-trip movie with a decent script and some decent acting. But no, instead we are subjected to a 9-year-old-boy's masturbatory nightmare of degrading and scatological humour.

Avoid at all costs! Or better yet, jot down your own idea for a movie on your cocktail napkin next time you and your buddies are at the bar. No doubt somebody in Hollywood will write a big cheque for it.
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Is the world not ready for Miss March?
roryculkin1516 March 2009
I am fed up with this movie getting bad reviews.

As far as performances go: Zach Cregger was phenomenal. His acting ability exceeds that of the average big name actor in this industry. And if you can prove yourself to be a good actor in a road trip sex comedy, then that's a pretty big accomplishment if you ask me. When he needs to be funny he's hilarious. When he needs to be serious, he's completely nonchalant. Every detail of his tone and expressions are immediately recognized by the audience, and he does a good job of not being cocky about it. Not to mention this is only his second film.

Trevor Moore did a fantastic comedic job. Most critics call him a "Jim Carrey wannabe," which is a joke. For one thing, Jim Carrey never wrote and directed anything I've ever seen. Also, Carrey has the annoying tendency to over act. For some reason he has this idea that the more over the top and exaggerated you act, the funnier your character will be. I disagree. That's just underestimating the intelligence of your audience. It is clear that Trevor Moore has a natural awareness of when to tone it down, and when to raise things up. And of course, he has this signature bug-eyed expression and fluctuation of the voice that will make any line ten times funnier.

When you put the two men together, you get Eugene and Tucker; characters with a surprisingly heart-warming chemistry. Unlike most movies, you see throughout this story that these two friends really, truly care about each other. Sure, they have opposite points of view, and it can be a real chore to have to deal with one another, but they remain best friends through it all. The writers did an excellent job displaying their devotion. Which answers the question that I often ask when I watch movies like "Dumb and Dumber" and "Wedding Crashers," which is, "If they can't stand each other, why are they even friends?"

The movie is oozing originality, which most critics have decided to overlook when they heard the words "two boys" and "road trip." The typical sex comedy usually makes the protagonist the straight man, and his nutty friend tends to have all the bad luck. However this movie has the role of the protagonist shared between both the straight man and the nutty friend. Both characters learn a lesson, both characters develop throughout the movie, and both characters get "the girl." They also did a good job of consistently being a comedy, and not getting lost in the romance, which movies (mainly featuring the "Frat Pack") tend to do. Not to mention, how many times do you see a conservative, pro-abstinent lead in a movie like this? Isn't it usually just two horny boys trying to get laid? The character Eugene, or the "straight man," also rebelled against the stereotypes by not being afraid to look stupid. In most movies, characters like him are lovable, nearly flawless, and hated by almost no one. Here, Eugene was scaring children, pooping on floors, flashing a gas station, and pissing off a famous rapper. FINALLY a protagonist that knows how to get EMBARRASSED.

The movie also makes the audience take another look at Playboy. Instead of viewing it as a trashy magazine that exploits women, it is portrayed as a celebration of how beautiful women can be.

I gave the movie an 8, simply because it wasn't their idea to make the movie about a road trip to the Playboy mansion, and I know they are capable of producing something golden.

I've recommended this movie to everyone I know. It has enough "aww" moments to take your girlfriend or boyfriend to, and enough buddy-buddy moments to take your best friend to as well.

I hope after reading this, movie-goers will give the film a chance, and ignore all the thoughtless, inaccurate reviews that completely bash it.
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Why Do They Still Make Such Terrible Movies?
GirishGowda28 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
By the looks of the trailer last year, I thought it was going to be a fun movie. Still I had my hopes down because these kinds of films don't always reach expectations. I rented the movie a couple of days back and I only laughed at a couple of scenes at the beginning. The rest was boring and not even worth watching, except the last 20 minutes where a 'playmate of the year' comes in the Playboy Mansion. This is the most dumbest and ridiculous movie of the genre I have ever seen. After watching this I wanted to start doing drugs, smoke, etc. Will you guys stop giving such dumb movies 5 stars please? This film makes 'Van Wilder 3: Freshman Year' look Oscar worthy. And I laughed a lot more in Van Wilder 3 (which I found not to be that good) than I did in this excuse for a movie.

Eugene Bell (Zach Cregger) is a high school student who believes that one has to abstain from sex till they find their soul-mate. His girlfriend, Cindi Whitehall (Raquel Alessi) who is also a virgin doesn't believe that and makes a pact with him to have sex on prom night. His best friend Tucker Cleigh (Trevor Moore) doesn't have any respect for women and always trash talking them. However he has a found a girl, Candace (Molly Stanton) who loves him despite all his flaws, but he doesn't even consider her his girlfriend. On prom night, to decrease his fear about sex, Eugene drinks too much, falls down the stairs and goes into a coma which lasts for 4 years. When he wakes up, only Tucker visits him regularly and all the others have abandoned him. And to his horror Cindi is now a playboy model. They go on a roadtrip to the Playboy mansion to find out why she left Eugene.

Apparently Cindi is sexy enough to be a playboy model! I don't care about that, but this is a very disgusting movie. The lead characters are very very unlikeable. One girl is a psycho who has control over the firemen of all the different states under her. I dislike fart jokes, I can tolerate one or two in a movie. But in this they go a step behind and do sh it jokes. They even display it graphically which is vomit-inducing. One time is OK, but they do it repeatedly and cruelly. I only wanted to watch it for the playboy model, she was very hot and the mansion. But it turns out they only play a part in the climax. The secondary characters are downright unlikeable - the firemen, the Russian lesbians, the doctor and the nurse, Horsedick.mpeg (his climax is like, yuck). Anyway, don't bother with this. IMDb users are way too liberal with this one. I have given only one film a 1 rating till now on IMDb, this film deserves even lower than an 1. If you will excuse me, I have to go drown myself now for watching this garbage.

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An embarrassment from start to finish (or at least to middle where I bailed out!)
fotie44410 September 2009
This is one of those films where less than five minutes in you're asking yourself "how the hell did this movie get made"? It's like watching a five year old trying to be funny, but I understand why adults lie and tell them they're being cute so as not to hurt their feelings. How could the filmmakers be so dense as to not realize that during the production...no one was laughing and the cast and crew were uncomfortable with how bad the material was.

I was actually feeling sorry for the two main guys until I looked the film up and saw that they are the writer/directors. Interesting that they managed to fail at all three jobs they had on this "film".

I very rarely can't tough it through even bad films, but this one is a league all it's own.
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Despite being occasionally funny, this film is the about the point the lowest common denominator hits bottom
dbborroughs25 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Zach Credder and Trevor Moore direct themselves and star in a film they wrote themselves. I point this out so that when the posse goes out to get the morons who made this film they know they only have to make two stops. The plot has a guy waking up from a four year coma when his friend smashes him in the face with a baseball bat. He finds out that his ex- goody goody girlfriend,with whom he was going to lose his virginity on prom night,before he fell down a flight of stairs and went into the coma, is now a Playboy centerfold. The two idiots then come up with a plan to get her back. Stupid, vile and vulgar (and admittedly occasionally funny) I kind of threw up my hands at th point where we watch the one of our heroes (graphically) mess not only himself but the floor dues to a weak bowel. I kind of always wondered at what point the lowest common denominator hit bottom and I thought that scene was it until I realized that the weak bowel was going to be a running gag (though thankfully not as graphically as the first time). I admire their striving to push the envelope but they really could have been funnier more often. Actually I would have taken a couple of heroes that I actually liked and felt the filmmakers cared for instead of made fun of. As I said it's occasionally funny, but there aren't enough laughs to warrant seeing this.
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Great funny movie
tchern777715 March 2009
This movie was much better then I expected coming in. Just when I thought that everything had been done, this move came along and blew my mind. The movie has extremely gross stuff done in magnificently creative and funny ways. The setups to the gags were great and the timing was perfect. I laughed the whole way through the movie and was really glad I went. It is nice to go to a movie where you can sit back and enjoy. It didn't take a lot of thought and was the first comedy I have seen in a while where you could tell the cast was having a blast, or at least it seemed that way. I wouldn't necessarily recommend dropping 10 dollars to see this on a Friday night or making this a first date movie, but it is definitely well suited for a matinée, dollar movie, or rental.
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I'm gonna go against the majority on this one...
rutherfo15 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I agree with a lot of the criticisms this movie received. The plot was underdeveloped, the crazy firemen thing (as well as Candace's forgiving of Tucker after a truly lame speech) was a hard concept to swallow, and Cyndi's role in the plot was too large for her to play such little screen time. Nevertheless, I fully enjoyed this movie. Comedy is probably the one genre I can watch and can say to myself "Screw the plot." Obviously, every movie needs a plot, but in the case of comedy as long as there's one there at all, I can focus more on the interaction between humorous characters and the many jokes this movie provided. One criticism I can't wrap my mind around is the acting of Trevor Moore and Zac Cregger. They've been criticized for their performances while I thought they were hilarious. Their opposing personalities made for great conflict and they have chemistry considering the actors have known each other for years. People call this a "bad" movie, but I feel that if a genre succeeds in its purpose (in the case of comedy = laughs), it is good. I feel that people over analyzed this movie and subjected it to more criticism than need be. Anyone who has watched Moore and Cregger's "Whitest Kids U Know" sketches know that the two end many of their skits by breaking the fourth wall, saying something like "we didn't know how to end this skit." Miss March is much more about the laughs and gags than the plot. Sit back, and simply enjoy the movie for what it is. I promise many laughs!
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Worst Movie Ever!
david_grills20 June 2010
How did this movie get made? Why did High Hefner associate himself with this collection of garbage.

This was more a parody of a movie than an actual movie. A collection of targets to offend and very little to redeem it.

Look away! Look away! The gross-out sequences were too gross.

The unrated version had nothing of value and the extras were not worth including.

I fail to see why anybody likes this movie at all.

Bad script, bad acting.

Bad, bad, bad.
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