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  • Seeking to promote herself, Belle has aspirations to become a courtesan, the high end of high class call girls, but being whisked off to Scotland by a powerful director turns out not at all what she hoped it to be, and she misses Ben.

  • After falling out with her agent, Belle meets two women who run a company called Diamond International and after a lengthy interview they invite Belle onto their books. Their call-girls have very few clients but are required to spend a lot of time with them. Belle's first client is the extremely wealthy Mitchell, who takes her to stay in his penthouse, but she has very little to do and leaves both him and the organization. With Ben helping her to find work she will go free-lance.


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  • Sex work is about class, she explains. She's expensive, so she's high class. She meets with one of her high class clients, Mitchell, American, multimillionaire, director. She has the feeling he knows his escorts. Turns out, he does. He asks her if she's familiar with Diamond Escorts. The way her eyes get big indicates she does. He offers to nominate her to join them as a courtesan. You can almost see the dollar signs in her eyes.

    She might be high class, but there's a level above her. The courtesans. They only have a few clients, but they earn a fortune. Even in hooking, there are opportunities for career advancement. She really wants to be one.

    She meets Della. Belle's nervous. Three women sit with her. They look over the samples of her wardrobe that she brought. They ask her age. She says 24. Della tells her clients who want a companion for three weeks want someone who's more mature, has something to talk about. Did she say 24? She meant 27. The woman going through her wardrobe likes one piece. It's the right color for her, unlike the blue dress she's wearing. Judge-y hookers.

    They tell her knowing how to ski, golf and other activities are part of the job. They're not just about servicing the client, they're genuine companions. What they call "lifestyle sponsors." How's that for a euphemism? Belle laughs, and jokes that its all about the sex in the end. Except she uses more colorful, less ladylike language. The judgy hookers scowl.

    She goes to the bathroom. Tells us they spoke to her in French. She took German and Spanish. She comes out and makes a sales pitch, apologizing for botching it so far and saying she's read every feminist literature so far dating back to Simone de Beauvoir and she's very, very good at what she does. They like her.

    She leaves, with new clothes, and leaves an excited message on Ben's machine. She needs his help taking new photos. Something she has to do first. She visits Stephanie, still angry about the bad call she sent her. She tells her she won't be putting up with her crap anymore, using specific, colorful examples. Stephanie glares, but gives her a receipt for Belle's final week of work.

    Ben takes Belle's classy tramped up photos. The more expensive you are, the less flesh you flash. They turn out well. But Ben deletes them from his phone. Can't have the fiancée finding those. They talk about house hunting. "What do you know about real life?" Ben asks her. "You're gonna be an uber-whore."

    Belle visits Mitchell again. He's feeling generous. He says she deserves the best, including the two-story apartment they're currently romping in. She's thrilled.

    Her mom helps her move. Her dad checks out the new digs. He tells her he's proud of her. If only he knew.

    Ben buys her a cactus as a house warming gift.

    At the top of her profession she's now completely in charge. She sorts through the applicants, meeting with them.

    Mitchell stops by. He offers her advice, asking how many men she has lined up. Four so far. He tells her the fewer she has, the more prestigious she is. He asks her to go away with him to Scotland.

    He compliments her, tells her she's capable of a lot more. Not that she wants to be saved from her career choice. Then he leaves on a business call, leaving Belle alone and bored in rainy Scotland, blowing off Ben.

    Mitchell works, Belle wants to be entertained. She tries to play with him, shoving aside his cell phone when work calls. He's not amused. He has no sense of humor.

    Belle calls Della, wondering if the girls ever get together. She's finding being a kept woman isn't as entertaining as she'd hoped.

    She calls Ben over in the middle of the night because she's bored. Once there, he talks to his fiancée on the phone. Belle calls out, on purpose, asking what he wants to drink. Vanessa, on the other end, hears her. Ben points out that of course his fiancée is wondering what he's doing with Hannah at midnight. She knows they're close. At his wedding, Hannah will give her toast and every person in the room will be wondering why he isn't marrying her, Ben says.

    Another day, Mitchell comes by. He's greeted by a note. "I'm sorry Mitch, it's not for me. B"

    Back in her old apartment, she works on a new Web page. She's going to be an independent escort. She doesn't want to be a paid wife. Ben offers to be her security. She asks if that'd be a problem with Vanessa. He's called off the wedding. Don't worry, he doesn't want to marry Hannah. But he realized he doesn't want to marry Vanessa either.

    Hannah's mom calls, invites them both to dinner.

    She brings the season full-circle: "That's the thing. In London you can keep secrets, you can be anonymous, you can be whoever you want. But as long as one person knows you entirely and loves you still, it's the best place in the world."

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