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xredgarnetx28 November 2007
A young girl Melinda finds wandering the woods turns out to be a runaway who also sees ghosts. While waiting to find out who she is and where she's from, Mel takes her under her wing. The girl is being haunted by a boy who died in a fiery car crash and is seeking his parents. Guess where they are. Remember the tunnel? To compound matters, the girl is reluctant to make use of her powers, much like Melinda's mom. The episode drags a bit, and is chopped up by way too many commercial breaks to be able to maintain any suspense. At least the girl is cute and perky, vaguely resembling a teen version of ALIENS' Newt. And guys, Melinda has a new nightgown. The twins look great. We missed them.
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A Multi-Faceted Episode
juanruiz-6567927 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This episode includes elements that expand on previous ones. The young whisperer harkens back to Melinda's childhood and her own problems with dealing with her "gift." Here her role is that of tutor, as she attempts to guide Becca. We get a nice flashback to her own past, and how her grandmother did the same thing for her.

Once again, the principal ghost is a child, an often used trope in the series, starting with S1 E2, and ending with the E5 S22. The actor does a fine job.

The Underneath figures prominently in the climax, and Gabriel returns once again. Of interest is the irony of his name, which in Hebrew means "Man of God," which he certainly isn't.

All in all, a substantial episode.
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