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  • Jared Martin moves next door to the Hansetts, along with his hot motorcycle and eerie, ill-tempered dog. Although everyone else in the neighborhood takes an instant liking to him, Loren Hansett can't get over the bad vibes her new neighbor gives her. She starts to spy on his nocturnal activities and comes to believe that a recent killing might the work of a werewolf who happens to be her new neighbor. Her internet surfing provides a lot of collaborative detail but everyone but her friend Steven dismiss her story as teen-aged fantasy. Fearing for her life, she convinces Steven to take her to a gun shop to buy silver bullets in a gun shop, where their neighbor's supernatural dog attacks. When she dispatches the beast, her actions get the attention of Redd Tucker, a washed-up TV hunting show host to believe her as well. When Steven is attacked by the werewolf and Loren's brother goes missing, she and Redd team up to kill the lycanthrope before he can finish them both off.


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  • A mysterious fog rolls into town the night that a mysterious stranger named Jared buys the run down house down the road from 16 year old Loren Hansett. That night all the dogs start to go crazy and a known sex offender is brutally slain by a werewolf.

    Loren meets her new neighbour, Jared is hot and he rides a sick motorcycle. He is instantly likeable and Loren's brother Kyle adopts him as his new hero, giving Jared a way in, because he seems to be more than a little interested in lauren and in a creepy way.

    Steven is an awkward adolescent who has a crush on Loren but does not know what to do about it. Loren begins to hear a voice epeating the name Melissa over and over in her head, she is suspicious of jared and his large black dog which is part alsatian part wolf apparently. we discover that jared has incredible eyesight and hearing, and that he moves very quickly. Loren is obsessing over jared and he is watching her watching him. She sees him witrh a lady in the house until the lights go down, when she hears a blood curdling scream, which is definitely a woman's. She learns that a man was brutally slain in his house and that a prostitute is missing, who looks just like the woman she saw with Jared. Her friend Angie tells Loren to call the police but they do not take her seriously. Loren later interfere's with Jared's plans and saves another would be victim. Jared thanks her by killing Angie and her poor boyfriend Guy.

    The police return, taking Loren more seriously now that two more people are missing, up until of course, the moment in Jared's house where he gets loren to tell the police that she thinks he is a werewolf, when they believe they have a looney on their hands so they run out.

    Loren begins to research werewolves. she discovers that his dog is in fact a demon familar and that silver and fire are the only weapons she has. poor Steven who desperately wants her to fall in love with him but has no idea how to go about it, ;takes time out from delivering fried chicken to help her fight monsters. This proves to be a bad idea because Jared has revealed that he believes Loren is in fact a reincarnation of his beloved Melissa and that her soul belongs to him for eternity. He looses his demonic dog and Melissa is forced to kill it with some silver bullets and the help of bumbling celebrity big game hunter Redd Tucker who is doing a book signing in the hunting supplies store where they were shopping for weapons. Redd later recants and claims that they were attacked by a cougar for the press, to not ruin his chance for publicity by ranting about monsters.

    Steven gets infected by jared for being silly enough to get in between him and his mate and to replace the pet which was killed. Loren tells steven that they have until midnight of the night of the first full moon after he is infected to kill the creature which infected him and break the curse. Unfortunatelt that night is tonight. On the plus side, Steven who has nothing to lose, finally tells loren how he feels and keeps referring to this whole mess as their first date despite Loren's protestations. Steven changes when the moon comes up, locking himself away while Loren exits stage left, to go looking for Redd Tucker to give him a piece of her mind or get some help.

    When she confonts Redd, he reveal his true self in a moment of great humanity, as he struggles to overcome his inner coward and explains that his whole life is a mess, he lives in this van, he is a nobody and this is his last shot. Loren asks him for his help in hunting the monster because she has seen his shows. Redd reveals that he is just an actor and it was all fake. "Just like you" Lauren tells him bitterly. "Yeah just like me" he says, eyes full of regret, face contorted as he struggles to free the voice within him which tells him he cannot stand by and let this girl face the werewolf alone.

    Lauren puts silver utensils onto crossbow bolts and readies herself to go into the beast's lair. Jared calls her to tell her that he has her brother Kyle held captive in his house and that he will kill him.

    Loren goes to rescue Kyle and runs into Redd, who tells her that he played the part of a big game hunter enough that he is a big game hunter and that he cannot sit by and do nothing while innocent people die. Unfortunatley he is still a better actor than a hero but he does eventuall come through.

    Jared lures Loren into a trap, then disarms her as though her crossbow was a toy, he is inside her head, telling her that her soul belongs to him as it always has. He speaks of them running beneath the stars for eternity, sharing the thrill of the hunt, the rapture of the kill, the carnal pleasure of their lusful howling as they coupled under the moon, Loren who does not seem taken with the whole idea is even less so after watching the transformation.

    Jared infects her, kyle finally comes good and tries to help his sister but fails. The half Steven half wolfman attacks jared bravely and gets his ass kicked. He also chases the fleeing Redd up a tree, from where Redd throws a flaming torch and some buckshot to Loren's aid. Loren does overcome Jared's attempts at hypnosis eventually and she shoots him with two silver arrows. Steven runs him down with a van and when Jared makes the inevitable final move, Loren shoots a silver shotgun barrel through his brain and causes Jared to explode freeing them all from the curse because Redd got scratched on the way also.

    Loren and Steven after going through a near death'eternal life spent eating people experience together finally realise they were meant to be together and kiss. Redd has learned to be a better man( sort of ) and Kyle less of a brat. Everything is alright!!!

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