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The End Of The '333 Stalker' Story
ccthemovieman-119 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well, the "333" stalker story is over, and I'm sorry it is. The writers kept it going, a little here and little there, for the first 10 episodes of the season.....and it was pretty interesting. This final story about who the guy was and why he was tormenting "Mac" (Gary Sinise) was fascinating. It went back to Mac's childhood in Chicago. No sense going into the whole story; you're better off watching it yourself.

One thing for sure: the guy providing all the clues and then almost killing Mac's CSI staff all made the revenge-seeking man pretty damn intelligent. Speaking of the word "damn," I was almost shocked at all the swearing in this episode - by far, the most I've ever heard on CSI: New York. A fair amount of it was done by Nina Kankaredes in her role as "Stella." Sorry to hear, not that it was that offensive but it diminishes some of these characters and makes people Stella appear "hard." Whatever, maybe she was a little stressed out since the villain had some recent ties to her, too.

If you went back and analyzed many of the scenes in this episode, there are a lot of holes in them. You say, "wait a minute; that's impossible to have happen," which is why I don't spend more than a few seconds doing that. It's better just to sit back, watch and react. That's true for almost all the CSI shows in the various cities, because there is no way our heroes could figure out what they figure out in such short periods of time.....or figure it out at all.

Still, all in all, this episode was one of the more intense and interesting ones of the past two years and fun to watch. I am sorry to see the "333" end, though.
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